OM-4 15.00 503. I spray and kiln-dry the glaze layers repeatedly, applying as many as five coats, when working with this glaze. Testing: Untested Neph Sy 45.00 F-4 Feldspar 14.69 Strontium Carbonate 4.55 EPK 25.00 Ball Clay 16.70 Color: white Custer Feldspar 48.90 Yellow ochre 8.00 Custer Feldspar 50.00 Soda Ash 3.00 Totals: 100 %. When the kiln temperature reaches Orton cone 10, I change to a light reduction atmosphere without dropping or increasing the temperature, hold it for 20 minutes, then shut off the kiln. Richard L, the chart clearly shows substitutions you require. 0.085 Na2O    0.003 Fe2O3    0.002 TiO2 Whiting 0.76 Totals: 100 %, Glaze name: Shino GlazeSnowmass Spodumene 22.8 0.02 %    MgO OM-4 17.75 In a gas kiln, I use Orton cones 010, 08, 04, 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Custer Feldspar …. Flint 25.81 Dolomite 30.00 Cone: 10 Glaze name: Green Celadon Cone: 9 10 Color: green potash feldspar 29.15 whiting 30.27 kaolin 20.88 silica 17.42 RIO 2.27 Totals: 100 % . They are ones I used on my porcelain. EPK-3% Richard L., You can probably sub strontium for the barium but it won’t look the same and since there is nothing to back up potter’s fears concerning barium handled in a proper manner I don’t see why you would. Totals: 100 %, Also add: Custer feldspar 44.00 neph sy 38.58 These traditional east Asian glazes can produce translucent colors ranging from soft greens and blues, to blue-greens and gray-greens, to amber greens (like the one shown above). Bentonite 3.00 Glaze Type: Ca K Celadon 4-3-2-1. Dolomite 17.80 Minspar 200 14.60 *apply to leather-hard clay. So, with these considerations in mind, there are several ways to make a cone 6 blue/green celadon: move a cone 10 reduction celadon down to cone 6 reduction; test existing cone 6 bases with varying amounts of iron; use stains to make blue/green celadons in an electric oxidation firing. Comments: Color: Soda Ash 10.00 Custer Feldspar 50.61 Whiting …………… 17.95 Also known as Hi Alumina Matt - This glaze is essentially Rhodes #32 from Clay and Glazes. Totals: 100 %. Bone Ash 5.00 Red Iron Oxide 4.35 – Jennifer Poellot Harnetty, editor. Flint 5.00 Theoretically, this should be simple, but in order to melt a glaze at cone 6 (2232 degrees F, 1222 degrees C), you need to add different fluxes, all of which have different color responses.