Mercier was represented by federal public defender Kathy Evatt. The surnames of people in Murphy Village reflect uninterrupted lineage from their Irish descendents: Carroll, Costello, Gorman, O'Hara, Sherlock. In the aftermath of the Toogood case, a Wisconsin newspaper, the Oshkosh Western, reported details of a series of scams inflicted on elderly people in the area. However, others argue that many are competent hard-working trades people with regular, satisfied customers. Mark Buckland is represented by Debbie Barbier of Columbia. "The Patzkowskys can't be blamed for their naivety. They live in England now but Gorman himself came from a long line of fighting Gormans who originated from Ireland. Normile then told police a horrifying tale of being beaten, raped and robbed by a man "in a Dracula costume" while her 10-month-old baby daughter was in the room. May he Rest In Peace In 2002, Madelyne Gorman Toogood became infamous when CCTV pictures of her repeatedly punching her four-year-old daughter in the back seat of her car were broadcast across America. The court saw CCTV images of Daugherty cashing the $12,000 cheque in Tennessee where he was arrested. Under Texas law, Daugherty, 58, will die in prison. Across the US, however, there are repeated cases of settled people - known by Travellers as 'country folk' - being 'bilked'. In 1999, a father and two sons were jailed for six months for using false identifications to buy three new pickup trucks in South Carolina. Other infamous Traveller scams included a case in 1992 in which a brother and sister team created a rape-and-robbery scenario in a Disney hotel in Florida. ", A trip to the psychiatrist's chair in search of happiness, 'Psychiatrist to the stars' who kept own life private, The leaks and the fallout: Disturbing questions remain unanswered, Good times roll for Wes despite €800k tax bill for Quirkey's. COLUMBIA — Three people, including an associate of the S.C. Irish Travelers, were arraigned Tuesday in a federal courtroom in Columbia on charges they fraudulently obtained life insurance policies on an elderly Texas woman who was later killed for the insurance payout. If Tuesday's murder-related charges hold up in court, however, that would represent a significant leap into violence by at least some Travelers or their associates. This did not deter the jury from imposing the maximum sentence. He goes into depth about is strong sense of Irishness and how he was a devout Catholic. In court, the Bucklands described themselves as "English Travelers." Last Monday, after hearing evidence that Rickey Allen Daugherty, a member of an Irish Traveller group, had duped an 80-year-old woman out of $12,000 for a con repair job to the guttering on her house, a jury sentenced him to life imprisonment.