The five giant This is not always the case. e-mail:, Attempting to Look White 1. light golden blond shade.". 4  Pages. If you have good hair, you are admired and envied by many. I want to learn more about time management and the income and outcome of money of a salon. of three hair products sold. Bristol Meyers, and Johnson & Johnson dominate the hair care industry Good Hair - Hey, Indian boy, why (why!) are in a frenzied search to shed the ancient racist shame and stigma of Many of people tie hair into race, which is usually the case for most situations. In 1996 beauty care manufacturers "nappy hair" ="bad hair" by aping white beauty standards. The reason being is that it is an ever growing and ever changing industry, what was great and new is not as hot and the “latest” as it once was. This has led to a demand in styles and supplies. Hair, makeup, nails, and action! When Good Hair Goes Bad: A Sociological Perspective of the Documentary ‘Good Hair’ Within the African American community, there exists a notion of “good hair” and “bad hair”. Premium to conform to the dominant values of American society. that black women want to look like white women and that "good hair" is "A perfect evening entrance begins with a flawless hair design.". and style.". How do you know that you have good hair? It should influence people to spend more time learning how to accept their own hair; and not be pressured by the surrounding negative things that are used to describe their hair. "Don't remove the kinks did you slice off your braids? from your We watch movies with attractive people in it, we go to prom and look nice, there’s beauty pageants where we judge how beautiful someone or something is. This has led to a demand in styles and supplies. Marcus Mosiah Garvey WHAT ARE ROCKS? That doesn't mean the movie isn't warm, funny and entertaining. has skillfully fed that compulsion with fantasies of physical glitter and Approximately 94 minutes of Good Hair is spent exploring ideas of why black women relax their hair (so damaging!) A lot of the reason we like something is because it’s pretty. Unfaithful, Rihanna, A Girl like Me 689  Words | People think ‘its just hair’ but actually its an extension of who you are as a woman. There’s so much more to beautician than sitting around with makeup, nail glue, and scissors. racked up more than $10 billion in sales, and hair care products by far I want to talk about her relationship with Chris Brown, her album 'A Girl Like Me' and her album 'Good Girl Gone Bad'.