is constantly scouring the best baseball bat sources — and speaking directly to all the new and traditional bat companies — to maintain the most-updated and helpful directory of baseball bat brands you can find. Marucci Custom Pro If you're after a customized wood model, there are few companies who offer more comprehensive options than these guys. That means that a hitter with an aluminum bat can send even poorly hit balls farther and faster than he or she could with a wooden bat. Striker Bat Co., is a manufacturer of wood baseball bats, with a focus on maple bats. Victus endeavors to use only the finest wood available with the straightest wood grain. That was the inspiration for Atomic Bat Company when Landon and Jake, who, with the help of their dads, created the business. From these woods, BWP produces the kind of straight-grained, high density bats that appeal to serious players. The Old Hickory Bat Company specializes in professional quality. East Coast Bat Company doesn’t have the the massive amount of models to choose from like other companies, but it offers a unique duplication and custom ordering. Therefore, Tucci Lumber uses the best wood available. Combat Bats continues to provide top-level performance and soft feel based on Combat’s long-barrel, single wall construction model. 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Named for the popular slang term for a home run, Tater Bats is a family-run, Connecticut-based company committed to building not only a wood bat of superior quality, but also to creating a community of serious athletes who support and aid each other in achieving “the dream.”. Their website states that they are made for “players who BATTLE.” The no-nonsense introduction continues on to say that they know how to make a bat, how to select the materials, and where to pay attention. Chameleon Bats, also known as “C-Bats,” positions themselves as the most customizable wood bats in the industry. Girl is your name baseball, cause I just want to hit it. Maple, Bamboo and the unique Mahogany bats are all available from M^Powered. They claim to offer over 1,000 customization combinations in maple, ash, bamboo and birch. Based in Québec City, Canada, B45 is known for its quality and innovation in the wood baseball bat industry. It is then that they crafted their first bats, made from tree limbs and painted with house paint, that were used in neighborhood home run derbies and pickup ballgames. D-Bats also produce bamboo, birch, and. The wood is then burnished with steel to remove any dents and other imperfections and increase the hardness of the bat. patented “V-Grip” technology. $149) comes in sizes ranging from 26 to 31 inches, with a -10 drop weight intended for use by Little Leaguers. Two ten-year old ballplayers in Indiana wanted to see what it was like to swing a wood bat. They use beech wood over the more traditional ash or maple models. The specific model we included is fine, however. Even by the time the game had become organized into a semi-professional league, players still relied on homemade gear. Today the company boasts over 100 major league players swinging their bats. The word Meridian means peak, or pinnacle, and the mission and foremost objective of Meridian Baseball Company is to help customers reach theirs. in this review, you may contact us, but we cannot guarantee a response, even if you send us flowers. If you believe that your product should be included Bear Valley Bats makes genuine handmade professional grade wood baseball bats, each crafted to precise customer specifications. Annex crafts wood bats that are professional quality without the professional price. Smacker bats are handcrafted from start to finish. Dirty South Bats is one of the only manufacturers to produce composite baseball bats in the United States, hand-making them in their 12,000 square-foot factory in Barrow County, Georgia. Baseball outings are so much fun – the sound of bat meeting ball, the Cracker Jacks, the seventh-inning stretch, the sense of history – that even people who aren't sports fans can have a blast. You (the ball) go to exchange a bill for four quarters, but you only have a fiver (initial compression and loss of energy), the cashier takes your fiver (beginning of the trampoline effect), and instead of giving four quarters and four singles, she gives you five quarters and five singles (initial energy returned plus energy from the batter). free goods, samples, promotional products, or other benefits from any of the product brands featured on this page, except we may earn commissions to The Rawlings Velo ACP (around $199) features a composite end cap that helps balance out your swing, giving you an increase in speed and accuracy. They let the wood dry out for 6-8 months before being used. Rawlings baseball bats have grown in popularity in recent years, as the company that is most well know for their top of the line baseball gloves has increased their presence in the baseball bat market. Skip to the best baseball bat on Amazon. Based in Las Vegas, Rude American Bat Company makes the MOAB – the Mother of All Bats. The mission of Orlando, Florida-based bat maker Mad Dog Bats is to change the way players train and improve their approach at the plate. KR3 is dedicated to offering quality bats to players at all stages in their baseball days. This will also keep the angle and momentum of the swing constant. The Wiki is a participant in associate programs Even with these limitations most aluminum bats will outperform most wood bats, with the noted exception of comparative sweet spots. selections, Marucci Sports does nothing but make baseball bats. Vullo Bat Company is a family-run business that believes in quality over quantity, and making its custom bats one at a time – not mass-produced. It's a crack (or ping in the aluminum world) in the ears and a gripping vibration in the hands that you feel in your spine the way you do when your hand touches something hot and instinctively recoils faster than the signals could reach your brain. For hitters themselves, this is going to come down to swing style and personal preference, but bats with heavier ends are often better suited to power hitters, while lighter bats with more even weight distributions can add speed and control to your swing. If comfort in the bottom hand is a big priority for you, you'll appreciate the soft knob utilized on the Easton ADV 360 (around $459), which helps dampen vibrations and provide the hitter with a greater feeling of control and consistency than others can muster. Manufactured in the USA in the same factory that produces weapon shells, Rude American understands precision tooling and performance standards, and strives to build to the edge of those standards. RockBats were developed in 2002 by a Research Engineer from the USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI. Easton Sports continues to be a leading manufacturer of baseball gear, including high-quality baseball bats for every standard of play. This wiki has been updated 22 times since it was first published in April of 2015. Viper Bats are all hand turned , which allows the company to customize any model of bat. When users buy our independently chosen editorial A BBCOR-certified stick, this relatively reasonably-priced model offers a good deal more pop than most like it. YaYa Baseball is a community of players, coaches and dedicated craftspeople, inspired to create the highest quality, most affordable, best performing bats in the world. Through years of collaboration among its forest engineers and professional players, B45 offers high quality, handcrafted Yellow Birch bats suitable for all levels of play, from recreational leagues through the professional ranks. 150+ Common Baseball Terms. G1 gets their quality wood from Pennsylvania and New York, with each wood billet inspected for quality before prior to the bat making process. The energy of the swinging bat makes up for this loss, and if hit properly in the right spot on the bat, will actually create more energy in the ball than what was initially present.