Giro presently has MIPS helmets beginning at 65 USD with Giro Revel and Bishop. Really happy with this helmet. Both versions come in a ridiculous amount of colors and graphics, including MIPS team editions like Canyon SRAM, Mash, and a supercool white and gold version created for former Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins. This is effectively movable with one hand and considers minute changes in any case. However, whether Giro Synthe or Aether, both are made of quite comfortable material so that the user will experience a better feeling when racing with this helmet. Bought it for the weight and looks (as in it's a fairly normal looking bike helmet, not hardcore aero or race looking). Giro Cinder – somewhat more extensive in the body – tips the scales at 234 grams in a size Medium, while Giro Cinder weighs in at 290 grams. }); $('.ptp-row-id-'+index).matchHeight(false); Giro Synthe has become well known in consolidating streamlined features with compelling ventilation, as well – and Giro Cinder does not exactly have a similar edge. Giro Savant Review As an innovation, this product offers the same interesting technologies with Giro Synthe. $('.ptp-row-id-'+index).matchHeight(false); Streamlined features, weight, and breathability. This higher price is due to additional features in Aether and a more breathable design. It was comfortable and it also felt cool to wear both literally and figuratively.  Giro Synthe - Roc Loc Air Fit System- 26 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS linerBest Price Click Here What else is the difference between the two? Giro Cinder as a Reasonable Alternative to Giro Synthe With Its Aether, Giro Redefines Head Protection, The Hero Helmet is Aero, Cool, and Costs Less, Save 50 Percent on This Staff-Favorite Giro Helmet, Save $86 on the Giro Monza Road Helmet at Performance Bicycle. Price Hitting downhill speed at 45mph and tucked, I noticed the airflow channeling effectively. The inside has EPS sweat absorbing liners, which are removable so they can be washed between rides. Love the design but you'd expect a little better quality for this steep price. Giro Synthe vs Cinder: Adjustment The RocLoc 5 system is a vast improvement over the older systems. Giro Synthe is a gigantically prevalent top but it is not modest, which is the place Giro Cinder helmets come in. You can gauge your medium Cinder at 303 grams. Long Hair Gets Captured It includes Giro’s very own Roc Loc 5 maintenance dial which enables you to minutely click in the right fit for your head making it a ‘skull embracing extravagance’ as indicated by Giro. Light, comfortable, easily adjustable and good looking. Advertiser Disclosure. Small: 20" - 21.75", Large: 23.25" - 24.75", Featherweight Webbing with Slimline™ Buckle, Roll Cage internal reiforcement, Thermoformed SL reinforcement, Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement, Slimline webbing, X-static padding, Giro Indicator Bike Helmet (White/Silver Explosion, Universal Fit) Cycle Gear, Bicycling, Giro Feature (2027GFM) Mountain Bike Helmet, Giro Monza Road Helmet - Performance Exclusive, Bern Brentwood (VM3MBKVLXL) Summer Helmet with Flip Visor, Giro Xar Matte Black Lime Mountain Bike Helmet Size Large, Giro Foray Helmet, Matte Black/White, Medium, Giro Savant MIPS Helmet (Black/White, Medium (55-59 cm), Best Bike GPS for Navigation During Bike Tours. The Giro Syntax MIPS is a well ventilated and comfortable helmet that deals well with all kinds of road riding. Meanwhile, Giro Cinder utilizes Giro’s Roc Loc 5 maintenance framework which is secured at the sanctuaries of the helmet. Each has specific advantages for the users including to bring a good cooling system but still within the allowable safety performance. Note: Make sure the helmet fits with a little room when the fit system is loose, and sits low enough to protect your forehead without hindering your vision. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. The only disillusionment you would probably receive is when you attempt to stuff your glasses into the front of the helmet. Making Aether has a more complete improvement in construction compared with Giro Synthe. Giro Syntax vs Savant Extremely Agreeable Matt grew up riding BMX in the UK and has ridden across Europe and the US, and now he’s putting those miles to use testing road, mountain, and city bikes for Bicycling. Meanwhile, Aether has slightly different material. Some helmets also include a vertical tuning feature that allows you to adjust the fore/aft tilt, for optimal positioning on your head. The company claims that just adding vents doesn’t necessarily increase aerodynamic efficiency, as it causes the airflow to suddenly change direction and increase drag. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 8 Great Bento Boxes for Big Bike Adventures, The 13 Best Bike Saddles of 2020 (So Far), The Best Cycling Shorts for Every Type of Rider, How to Buy a Bike That’s Used, Not Abused. Giro Synthe suitable for those who love a classic design and have limited budget. Furthermore, Aether design brings more cooling power to the user. Never Stuffy and Fast to Alter One tone color will cost cheaper than the combination color. You can feel the air through the wide vents as you ride at speed, and on hot days it really made me feel cooler. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { This elaborate design combines active vents in the helmet's shell with exhaust channels inside the helmet that thrust fresh, cool air over and around the rider's head while forcing heat and stale air out. Giro Synthe and Aether comes from the same brand, Giro. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. It is truly agreeable, in any event in the reasonable estimation, for general fitness and for most riding conditions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, or – Has MIPS It also looks great, and I barely felt any pressure on my head during rides, including long climbs and superfast descents. GIRO Savant MIPS The Savant™ offers authentic race-inspired style and performance with a plush, comfortable fit that’s ready to go the distance. The goal of Giro's Integrated MIPS®-equipped helmets is to reduce rotational forces while enhancing fit and comfort by combining the MIPS slip plane with the helmet's adjustable fit system. If you’re looking for performance, then a single color will bring you an economical price. For those with long hair, this issue could be agonizing or irritating. However, we would like to recommend you Giro Savant over Giro Syntax, if you ever came into confusion between the two choices. The presentation, solace, and worth making it an extraordinary alternative. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Coupled with 26 vents, air circulates more freely around the rider’s head and maximizes ventilation for a cooler, more comfortable ride. See also: Giro Synthe vs Aether. The fit and finish are first class and it is very light yet sturdy.  Giro Synthe - Roc Loc Air Fit System- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS linerBest Price Click Here This helmet is lightweight, has excellent ventailation, looks slick, and extremely comfortable. }); Most likely the speed suggesting red and dark colorway tried here makes a difference. Giro Syntax Review In the end, it's very light and aero. Furthermore, second, you can fit into a medium Cinder yet need to knock up to an enormous Synthe, and normally, you would definitely favor a smaller helmet than a more extensive one.  Giro Cinder - 26 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling- Ponytail compatible- Air-Fx paddingBest Price Click Here. Giro Synthe vs Aether  Giro Syntax - Shell Material: polycarbonate- Impact Foam: EPS- WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.Best Price Click Here From the comparison above, it can conclude that both are the same best option when you’re looking at suitable helmet value for money. This is something that can easily see when people look at the products at the same time. Conclusion While when looking at Aether, it has in mold construction too but added with EPS liner and progressive layering. Great quality. Fundamentally, it is a layer of plastic inside the helmet that decreases the rotational effect of accidents and head thumps. Giro has selected to utilize a Roc Loc 5 conclusion framework. These models are fairly similar to each other and offer a good experience but slightly different and if you are currently choosing which will be the better choice, go check what they can offer below. However, some people still confuse when need to decide to buy a suitable helmet. $('.ptp-price').matchHeight(false); The difference features with Aether. Giro Cinder comes in at 168 USD with MIPS, or 129 USD without – contrasted with Giro Synthe which maximizes at 323 USD. Plus, Aether has six pieces of polycarbonate hardbody shell and aura reinforcing arch. The compact form slips through the air with ease across multiple yaw and head angles, and offers greater cooling power than the Aeon.™. In the event that you need a helmet that offers a great deal of ventilation yet, in addition, has MIPS innovation, this is the one for you. Learn more about MIPS in the video above. This is a fun activity that requires standard safety equipment. $('.ptp-plan').matchHeight(false); Giro Aether Vs Synthe are an ideal choice for road cyclists to stay safe while pedaling but want to ride faster or more effectively as well. The rotational-force damping MIPS system is really well integrated for noticeable gains in cooling and comfort, and the quality is high. You can easily figure out how to press both slimline skull tops and bigger crested merino helmets under the helmet without approaching the points of confinement of its maintenance. Love it, great helmet and fits my small head perfect! Product Comparison: Giro Synthe vs Giro Aeon. Ties were harder to change, maintenance frameworks were disappointing, and there was perceptibly less ventilation. However, Giro Cinder MIPS demonstrates agreeable over a wide scope of analyzers. This price varies and depends on the color of the helmet. Giro says the Synthe is actually more aerodynamically efficient than the Air Attack, even though the Synthe is not designed specifically as an aero-road helmet. So, here are a few reasons as to why you should go for Giro Cinder over Giro Synthe. $('.ptp-cta').matchHeight(false); The goal of Giro's Integrated MIPS®-equipped helmets is to reduce rotational forces while enhancing fit and comfort by combining the MIPS slip plane with the helmet's adjustable fit system. The slim design combines great ventilation from 25 Wind Tunnel™ vents, with the secure feel and convenience of the … X. It is quiet at high speed and stays in place throughout the ride. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Giro Synthe is considered the aero older kin in the Giro helmet line-up. Also, rough terrain riders who like more inclusion, yet do not care for the full inclusion of customary trail helmets may appreciate this helmet. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS IN THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Conclusion $('.ptp-bullet-item').each(function( index ){ Giro is an organization that has been around for more than three decades when its pioneer, Jim Gentes, first turned his enthusiasm for biking, skiing, and snowboarding into a lifelong assembling and selling excellent, modern and innovative helmets.