THIS SITE IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY BICYCLE UNIVERSE LLC. The suspension system is one area where this bike doesn’t shine. How to carry your gear using panniers and backpacks, How you can get cheap cameras for your bike. Specialized Sirrus Sport hybrid bikes – A comparison review. Shimano gear systems tend to be very smooth and easy to operate, as well as long-lasting. Our high-performance lightweight aluminum is continuously cold extruded and butted, and formed into manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight saving. It also offers fast handling and quick acceleration. Price-wise this is a more affordable bike, and with that comes some compromises in the component quality as well as increasing the weight of the bike. This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg). Proper bike fit is essential for best performance and comfort. If you don’t intend to add any accessories, this is a good option. The bike might not be up to all-terrain riding, or harsh technical trails, but its components make it more reliable and useful than average as an all-weather bike. It’s simpler gearing system and straightforward design make it less intimidating than many more advanced bike designs. Trek generally offers a good gear system even on its most affordable entry-level brakes, and we’re pleased to see that the FX 2 is no exception to that trend. Bicycle Universe also participates in other affiliate programs and advertising platforms. Shimano Altus 8 speed, full Shimano drivetrain. What makes Giant Bicycles good, if not great, rests in their location and their history as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). For a detailed explanation of Trek’s collection and use of personal data please see the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. That means that they are relatively light and durable, while also being quieter than your average carbon rims. If you are heavier or are a racer, you might prefer a Trek because of its suspension differences. Most hybrid bikes in this price range are still equipped with a basic level brake. - 6'5.6", 87.0 You may also be considering whether a Giant bike is better than a Trek brand bicycle. Giants focus is more on the quality of their parts while Trek is more into research and development, trying to innovate and make their bikes better looking and feeling. Our 71-page Bicycle Commuting Handbook covers a range of topics, including: Mick White is an Architect from the Washington DC area. Giant offers many more styles of bikes, including mountain bikes, cyclocross, leisure bikes, and even a folding bike and e-bike. They work for commuters as well as fitness riders. The Advanced Pro has storage space that’s perfect for Ironman triathlons. Yes, as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles, Giant bikes are good. Some of Trek’s bike frames even come from Giant. They are less concerned with marketing and more concerned with offering the best product at the lowest possible price. Trek bikes do offer budget-friendly rides, but their bikes, on average, are more expensive to purchase. To find your perfect fit, visit an authorized Trek retailer, where an expert skilled at sizing will help you find the appropriate bike and size for your individual needs. It consistently gets high ratings in its mountain and hybrid bike categories. - 6'1.2", 82.0 - 30.7", 165.0 Giant uses the Maestro System with their exclusive ABP, Re: Aktiv and Monolink systems. The Propel Advanced 0 comes with Ultegra Di2 and the wind-cheating Giant SL1 aero wheel system. - 5'8.9", 77.0 More: Trek Verve 1 Review: Is It A Good Bike To Have? It has a road-style frame, triple chainset, disc brakes, and plenty of gears. In 1997, Giant introduced a road bike with “compact geometry,” which meant it had a sloping top tube and smaller rear triangle. They have reasonable tread but are clearly designed more for speed than grip. Trek Bicycles state that they are “the world’s best bikes” on their website. Giant prides itself on being rooted in both technology and quality. Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 [Review and Buying Guide], The Best schwinn hybrid bikes reviews: Are They good Hybrid bike to Have, The Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000: the Best Entry-Level Gravel Bikes, Discover the Best Mountain Bike Under $200 in 2020, Find the Best Mountain Bike under $300 [Review and Buying Guide], Our Top 8 Best Mountain Bike Stems [Review And Buying Guide]. - 175.0 cm, 5'5.0" Naturally, the first comparison we want to look at is the FX 2 vs the newer FX 3. The FX 2 might be an entry-level bike geared more toward beginners than experienced or professional cyclists. - 37.4". Shimano is one of the better drivetrain manufacturers, and it’s nice to see a complete Shimano drivetrain, including both front and rear derailleurs, on a bike in this price range. The FX 2 and the Escape 2 are incredibly similar bikes despite having different manufacturers. But lower costs don’t mean lower quality. COPYRIGHT © 2020 BICYCLE UNIVERSE LLC. There are more than 12,000 retailers offering Giant bikes, so you are bound to find one close to you. It’s made from an aluminum alloy, which keeps the frame more affordable while still offering good durability and a lighter weight class than most steel bikes. While the FX 2 does have a more limited gearing set than many Trek bikes, and even more limited than many hybrid bike models, they are from Shimano.