Since it is not verified I call BS. Pages 212-213, 285, 312, Shuker, Karl.  =  (function( timeout ) { Pages 205-206. Earlier in her talk, Marian had said fairies and sylphs, small mythological elf-like creatures, were real. I had already heard many stories concerning this large Beaver among the Saulteaux, but I cannot put any faith in them. Sightings of unusually large bears have driven the belief that somehow Arctodus may still be alive. He’s also amazed at how many tales of large snakes — 25-35 feet long — considered an impossibility by experts, because of the cold Canadian climate — that he hears about in his home area, too. Beavercreek, Ohio: Kestrel Publications, 1992. It was a hare the same size as a deer. Pages 47-48, 62, 80-81, 98-100, 138-139, Brookesmith, Peter, ed. ... the black-bear-sized giant beaver … John Warms of Fairford, Manitoba, Canada, is doing just that. Pages 84-93, 103-107, 141-142, 208, 260, 287, Sundberg, Jan. Scientists from Bangladesh Claim that Giant Prehistoric Lizards have been Found in their Country, Weidensaul, Scott. We Always Lie to Strangers: Tall Tales From the Ozarks. There is reason to believe that giant pangolins could survive on some Indonesian islands, because we have fossil remains from nearby islands of 9-foot pangolins that supposedly died out about 10,000 years ago. Pages 81-83, Ellis, Richard. The Beasts That Hide From Man: Seeking the World's Last Undiscovered Animals. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. Then, after noting the shape, the linear design, and the level surface of the top, Page 43-45, 122, Macfarlane, Robert. 50 Feet high and 100 feet wide??? “Lake Powell was an isolated sighting,” he said. Live Giant Squid Caught on Camera, BBC News. .hide-if-no-js { There are even reports of large flying creatures in Canada, with 3-foot wingspans and that only come out at night. The Brookfield Thunderbird, Keel, John A. “I have encountered people in northern Manitoba and along the Alaska Highway who claim to have seen the bear-sized creature,” he said. Africa’s Great Civilization | Passport Pick [11/2], For Whom The “Bel” Tolls: Saranac Lake’s Belvedere Restaurant Keeps Patrons Coming Back, Going “Ollywood”: How A Modern Adirondack Sawmill Produces Old-Time Forest Products, Special Deliveries: Helping Babies Into The World, Adirondack-Style, Winter market to stay open through winter. The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings. For example, if giant monkeys turn out to be real, it is hard to imagine that they'd just be extra-large individuals belonging to any known species. Thanks to all our sponsors for making Curiously Adirondack happen! In Utah, Warms is especially interested in Bear Lake. “But on its approach towards him he perceived it to be one of the Kitche Amicks or Large Beavers.