FIG. A very dark-skinned, large-headed mesocephalic Mediterranean from Beira Altain Portugal, with heavy beard and body hair. FIG. How to do it: Smile, blink your eyes in an exaggerated way right at someone, and nod your head one time. FIG. In spite of all that nodding, the listener is not quite sold on what you're telling them. 4 (3 views). (taps forehead). A Yemeni soldier from the tribe of Khaulan, which goes back his- torically to Sabaean times. This moderately tall, brunet Mediterranean Turk is remarkable for his considerable head length, and espe- cially for the great height of his upper face and nose. 4 (3 views). FIG. But it does imply a skeptical sort of listening, with judgment reserved to the end. The dimensions of his head are small, however; he must be regarded as a mesocephalic, cranially reduced type similar to the Irishman on plate 9. CARPATHIAN AND BALKAN BORREBY-LIKE TYPES. Although one cannot be sure of the head form of this venerable Persian official from Teheran, his facial features are charac- teristically Irano-Afghan. This individual might be a brother of the Luri (FIG. All Rights Reserved. FIG. Reduction of these overgrown races produces a result which is quite un-Nordic morphologically as well as in constitutional type. 2 (3 views). Of much greater antiquity outside of India is a dark-skinned, black- eyed, and straight-haired Mediterranean type which appears with some frequency in southern Iraq and along the coasts of the Persian Gulf. 2 (3 views). A very blond youth from the Senhajan tribe of Ktama, the most isolated spot in northern Morocco. The Alpine territorial distribu- tion is not the result of an invasion or expansion, but of a parallel set of emergences. (Hand wave). Typically, an absent third party is the reference here. The Alpine strain of southern Albania ex- tends down through western Greece into the. This large individual has ahead of full Brunn-Vorreby size di- mensions, but one that is intermediate between the two Scandinavian types in fom. But did you realize that some of the body language you utilize without thinking can be seriously offensive to others from another country? (Warning! Another Alpine Tosc; in this case from Gjinokaster, in the extreme southwest of Albania, bordering on Epirus. one reaches southern Albania and Greece; their northeastern limit of frequency is the Carpathians, and between the Carpathians and the Adriatic, they are usually found in a hybridized (Dinaricized) form. 6 (1 view). Arabia is centrally located within this general territory, and the parts of Arabia lying west and north of the Ruba' el Khali desert seem to be basic Mediterranean territory. The reason for qualification on this score is that not enough Danubian crania have been found and described to make this point certain. Facially he is a perfect example of a refined Mediterranean type; his head length is a little short, his stature a little tall, for the mean. However, that isn’t so simple in German and, sometimes, sarcasm can be lost in the language. Deep-set eyes, long protruding nose, elongated face with a semi-robust or smoother chin are some distinctions to observe. The only aberrant feature of this individual is his blue eyes. FIG.3 (2 views). On the spectrum of expressions and sounds, the utterance "Booooah" is something in between. FIG. of North Asians) to: hbdbibliography AT, On racial homogeneity of the British Isles. LONG-FACED MEDITERRANEANS OF THE WESTERN ASIATIC HIGHLANDS: THE IRANO-AFGHAN RACE. M. Shanklin). An Afghan, the "son of a nomadic chief." FIG. You can see plenty of examples of these gestures and more body language on FluentU, where you can also learn the language with authentic videos! Southern Albania forms an Al- pine nucleus comparable to that in south central France or Bavaria. He represents a characteristic Midlands type. Closer to the standard Mediterranean type of Arabia and North Africa is this senile Agau, a member of a fast diminishing group of Hamitic-speaking aborigines in the kingdom of Gojjam in northern Ethiopia. 3 (2 views, from Zeltner, F. de, " A Propos des Touareg du Sud," RA, vol. The temple/forehead tap = 'What an idiot'. This individual shows some traits characteristic of this element. 1 (3 views). The individuals shown in the preceding plate might be generally classified within the Irano-Afghan branch of the Mediterranean race, the main diagnostic features of which are an extreme vault length, face height, and nose height. A tall, curly-haired, and portly Alpine from the Hirschenberg, near Miesbach, Upper Bavaria; this individual might be considered the quintessence of a Bavarian. Like many Volhynians, this individual is predominantly Alpine, although he shows evidence of Atlanto-Mediterranean or Nordic admixture, or both. An Alpine from the Spreewald, of German, not Wendish, origin. 1) from the opposite end of the Irano-Afghan plateau. A Mohmand tribesman from eastern Afhanistan. A Bashkir member of another tribe of Turkicized Finns living in the Kazan district and the southern Urals. FIG. During the Late Pleistocene North Africa was inhabited by the Afalou men, a race of tall, large-headed, heavy-boned, people with exaggeratedly rugged cranial and facial features comparable to those of the Cro-Magnon-Briinn group in Europe. 4 (2 views, photo H. H. Kidder). In southern Arabia, south of the Ruba' el Khali desert, the popula- tions consist of a Mediterranean upper stratum overlaid upon a non-white racial group whose affinities are with the Vedda of Ceylon, and the curly-haired aboriginal tribes of southern India; more remotely, it possesses strong connections with the aborigines of Australia.. 3 (3 views). Tropical Photo Stores, Khartoum). This individual approaches Borreby dimensions in the cranial vault. If you’re generally happy with something or want to let someone know that you agree with them, in the U.S., we simply give a “thumbs up.” This is done by making a fist and pointing the thumb upward. The old man shown here represents a common type in Turkestan regardless of speech or ethnic affiliation; a mixture between a mongoloid and a long- faced local Mediterranean strain, giving a pseudo-Armenoid appearance. A Turk from Kharput, eastern Turkey. FIG. It's as if the idea you're trying to convey is being sloshed around inside that mouth... like a sip of  wine… not quite sure if it's good yet?… ah yes, there it is... it's terrible, and I'll tell you why. FIG. Even think about how often you use gestures when you speak? FIG. these survivors are often blond; as in Ireland. Alpines are at the root of all or nearly all the brachycephalic racial types throughout this entire expanse of territory. The invasions of mongoloid peoples from central Asia during the millennium from about 400 to 1400 A.D. caused the settlement of some Mongols proper (Kalmucks) near the mouth of the Volga, and the partial Mongolizing of some Finnic tribes, especially those which adopted Turkish speech.