Egregiously nicknamed ‘Boston George’ by his drug compatriots and ‘El Americano’ by his own Columbian determined, George Jung was among the most infamous and notable drug smugglers at the USA, from the 70’s and early 80’s. In the year, he met a cellmate Carlos Lehder who changed his life forever. Mirtha Jung (nee Calderon) became George Jung’s wife in 1977 and the mother of his daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung in 1978. Caption: George Jung and his daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung. She has lived her life away from drugs and has no similarity like her parents. Dort lernte er auch Annette kennen, seine spätere Freundin. About Kristina’s father, George Jacob Jung. Carlos Lehder was a German-Colombian who had been busted for stealing cars. #operationblow was the undercover operation that led to my arrest and the largest cocaine bust at that time. After releasing from the prison in 2014, Jung tried many times to reconcile with his daughter. The publication was based on the escapades of George . 1974 besuchte er seine Eltern, wobei, wie George annahm, ihn seine Mutter an das FBI verriet und er in seinem Elternhaus verhaftet wurde. want to make a good impression ? At one time we had a life together but that’s a long story. [3] His first arrest was by an undercover police officer, for solicitation of prostitution. [3] In search of even greater profits, he expanded his operation to flying the drugs in from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,[3] using airplanes stolen from private airports on Cape Cod[4] and professional pilots. George Jung wurde einer größeren Öffentlichkeit durch das Drama Blow, der Verfilmung seines Lebens, bekannt. When he was serving his sentence at a correctional facility in Texas, his friend Carlos Lehder was also arrested. However, she posts some of her work on her social accounts. [9], According to statements on social media from his current girlfriend, Ronda Clay Spinello Jung, Jung was released from a halfway house on July 3, 2017; thus completing his punishment for his 2016 parole violation. The movie ends with the sad scene of Jung admitting that his daughter was the best thing in his life. George Jung’s family was dysfunctional, and he continued the pattern of dysfunction after marrying Mirtha Calderon Jung, who gave birth to their daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung. All parties using this website must independently verify any and all information. Required fields are marked *, George Jung Daughter, Wife, Net Worth, Now, Death, Son, Today, Wedding, Died, Money. Während seines ersten Gefängnisaufenthaltes traf er Carlos Lehder, der ihn später mit Pablo Escobar bekannt machte. George Jung’s father Frederick Fred Jung, a was a hardworking German American, who never made it to the top. Das Geschäft boomte, jedoch wurde Jung 1972 in Chicago mit 300 kg Marihuana erwischt, weil er von einem Kunden verraten worden war, der sich damit aus der Affäre ziehen wollte. George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed Boston George and El Americano, is an American former drug trafficker and smuggler who was a major figure in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. Nothing could stop us. Mirtha was hooked on cocaine and helped George devote some of the drug smuggling offenses. [8], Two years after his release in 2014, Jung was arrested for a parole violation on December 6, 2016. George was raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts by his German-American parents Erminalia ‘Ermine’ and Frederick ‘Fred’ Jung – he was an avid footballer while at high school, and his friends descri… Caption: The story of George Jung, the man who established the American cocaine market in the 1970s. As a result of her parents’ endeavors, Sunshine had a tough childhood, but eventually managed to reconcile with both of them in recent years. In one of the scenes, George sends his dying father a cassette where he recorded his feelings to him, his love, sorrow and remorse. Diese Bekanntschaft weitete sich aus und er bezog von Escobar das Kokain, das er mit seinem „Importunternehmen“ in die Vereinigten Staaten einführte und damit die erste große Welle des Kokainkonsums auslöste. Before moving to cocaine smuggling, he made $250,000 per month from marijuana that worth over $1.6 million in 2019. Durch einen alten Schulfreund kamen sie auf die Idee, auch Marihuana an die Ostküste der Vereinigten Staaten zu schmuggeln. Later he decided to take it as business and export nationwide, including Mexico. Site by George Jung never knew how his dying father reacted to this tape. George’s father plays an important role in his life. Seine Familie war zerrüttet. Er galt in den späten 1970er und frühen 1980er Jahren als der größte Kokainschmuggler der Vereinigten Staaten. Kristina grew up with her grandparents, Fredrick Jung, and Ermine Jung. George Jung’s father Frederick Fred Jung, a was a hardworking German American, who never made it to the top. There are no reliable sources of Mirtha Jung of her current status. Your email address will not be published. George was married into a teenaged girl named Mirtha. Your email address will not be published. She didn’t had a normal childhood life like most other children. Rumor has it that Ermine’s mother, a stage entertainer Ethel O’Neill who sang in Boston’s music, taked her daughter into the marriage. Wiki: Net Worth, Son, Baby, Siblings, Facts, Now, Dating, Steven Spielberg Net Worth, Wife, Child, Children, Kids, Family, Daughter, Blake Shelton’s Wiki: Son, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Baby, Kids, Child, Where’s Poppy now? Her last public contact was in 2001, when the biographic Blow hit the screens and she gave an interview to a Texas newspaper. George Jung was born on 6th August, 1942, to the late Frederick and Erminalia Jun in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Weymouth. Luckily for Jung, he was offered a deal if he testified against Carlos, then his sentence would be reduced, in exchange for Carlos’s activities. Here’s you need to know the unknown facts of drug lord George Jung.