Tanner will probably not be able to convince them of shit, Conway's head is too thick." Basically, I’m planning on writing a crossover FanFiction of Gears of War and Resident Evil. he said. They can see about as far as ten feet in front of them before it becomes a blurry blob. she said reloading. Luckily we escaped with the goods. RAAM merely walks off silently back to Nexus as the Locusts begin to cut off the tunnels. "I hope they have an original hammerburst." COG-HQ. ", "I'LL KILL YOU!" asked Tanner. She roars in pain and he slams his knife into her back. Mora's eyes light up and she quickly shoots him and catches the gun before he drops it. Press J to jump to the feed. Most of the building are built to the left and to the right is a large field where some grass is growing and livestock is including cows, pigs, and chickens. Now we are to interrogate her, then kill her and we shall be done with her. A new enemy, the Locust Horde dedicated to the extermination of humanity across Sera. But they make up for the poor version with a powerful sense of smell and hearing. How do you guys think a fight between a Gears of War Berserker and a Resident Evil Tyrant T-103 Model would go? Some have the tops open with Troikas or Mulchers placed on stands and made into turrets in them. The streets of Nexus are swamped with Locusts and the occasional Berserker standing out of the crowd. Nightfall is beginning to come and they head to their bunk. A glimpse at a life that could have been. You get shot in battle and almost die and he tells you how much he loves you and can't live without you. In the story, I plan to introduce the Berserker and have it face the T-103 Model Tyrant in a fight. The Therons shrug and keep walking heading over a bridge and into the special Theron barracks entering the main room which bears two large grand stone staircases leading up to a second story, but with hallways to the sides leading different ways and an entrance to a bar north. "Oh my dad is RAAM." She begins to stomp out and Gyules follows. They are both very smart and very capable of destroying whatever is their path. He charges off quickly growing fine after those massively painful hits. ""Wait why!" Buildings made of scrap metal are built into the walls that all extend to the ceiling. "Yes, go fetch me something to wear. RAAM keeps walking until he encounters a group of eight Onyx Therons, his self appointed Onyx Therons. Your kind were rare to come by, and Ukkon will enjoy exploring what you were. RAAM charges out and stabs his knife into a Lambent drone and then grabs another and throws him into a wall. I've been fucking desperate for locust content for years and since none have come out (I'll do it myself) Language: English Words: 1,422 Chapters: 3/3 Comments: 28 Kudos: 64 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 1266 "We had a raven gathering the supplies, our only Raven, and it ran out of fuel and went back after we finished so fuel is not wasted." Reply. Gyules ran through to the place going through many halls and rooms through the makeshift building. "So you are Mora, daughter of Myrrah." Everyone there looks surprised and begins to look at her oddly. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. "Still got your armour or need clothing?". The guys walk in and open the doors. More posts from the residentevil community. she teased as she got dressed. Can one decision alter the course of history, or does it ever only change a person's life? "QUIT FIGHTING YOU TWO! Currently its twenty four years ago and Myrrah has been exciting the Locusts with news of her to be born. "Now now now, you don't need to be so harsh, you just need to give this tad bit of info and you can go. You are nothing special.". Currently, the group is walking to the gate. "No you do not for you are wrong. explained Tanner. said the girl. she shouted at them. said Conway and handed Gyules a special bracelet with a red light. "Completely. "Damn they don't have many Grinders to waste out there anymore. Hell if anything they would not track us for instead they would attack our group as is, rescue her and leave. Support beams are placed in the forms of towers and pillars. "What are you gonna do next Gyules?". She rolls her eyes and looks annoyed. (Read disclaimer!). Plain and simple. "THE TUNNELS!" A community for fans of the Capcom series, Resident Evil, (aka Biohazard in Japan). They see a few Berserkers are getting chained to an area for breeding. ", "You mean Anna? She begins trying to wiggle one and moves it back and forth. "Well the Lambent were weaker then." said Aiden "RAAM was 9 feet tall, flipped cars with ease, broke through walls with ease, and couldn't even be cut with a lancer. I've been fucking desperate for locust content for years and since none have come out (I'll do it myself), https://jessicaavon.tumblr.com/post/626920077718126592. screamed Myrrah throwing a boot at them from the other room. "Is this gonna go into a flashback, or at least someone who would be reading this would see the flashback as you explain a bit just for that said possible reader and then they know and we somehow know also but didn't even see it?" "Sweet!" She falls back and then grabs a retro lancer of a dead soldier and begins to use the bayonet of that as a crowbar. The source is a mystery, but Delta is determined to find it before the Swarm and its Queen do. Nasty Locust stuff......now with FANART I made, Edit- this might as well be where I post random art crap about gears of war my bois. "Indeed. But the one thing he wasn't expecting back in civie life was dealing with children. A few APCs can be seen laying around. Mora gets on top of it and then begins to pry open the hatch. Hopefully you can act as my errand boy." The group ends up capturing one of the most valuable Locust targets of them all: The daughter of Queen Myrrah. RAAM points up and the Kryll begin to flow swirling in the sky forming amazing shapes and tricks, even spelling out a few things in the Locust written language at times as he keeps walking. Thank you love! The group ends up capturing one of the most valuable Locust targets of them all: The daughter of Queen Myrrah. The squad there steps aside and they all look to Gyules. "I am gonna go save Mora. Myrrah is smiling as she watches them cheer for her. "And refuses to hide therefore getting slaughtered by the Lambent and rather than try to negotiate any peace or to work together they chose more violence." We learned that this tunnel was made by the worm when misdirected in an attempt to sink a city so we got in, killed all enemies in the way, and made home. The berserker is a female locust.... so it's probably raping time. Fuck it. Really perfectly, can't wait till she comes and roasts you guys. He shakes them in his fist and rolls them, then examines then. in red paint. Aiden is quickly rushing out from the gate jumping over it and then the rest of the squad follows, Tanner last and handing Mora ink grenades. Isis asked Mora. Skorge seems to be glaring at RAAM as stands there with his hands behind his back and his massive knife sheathed. Gyules ignores him and then gets on his bed and they all go to bed. The Berserker charges and RAAM has his hands out and she keeps trying to charge at him but he manages to hold back the Berserker unharmed. Before she can scream a cloth is tied over her mouth and she is blindfolded then shoved off struggling and trying to yell the whole way. This isn't the Pendulum Wars." We like to tease him over it since he swore he'd never date her. Moragna, daughter of Myrrah. RAAM draws his knife and side steps swinging as done so cutting off the end of a tentacle. said Conway. ", "But ironically she wasn't shot she was hit with a scorcher then had it shoved in her gut and turned on.". "Not this shit again!" said Gyules "Now c'mon." "BRING IT IN!" And he'd been ready to die for Sam since day one.". "Several Palace Guards and Therons, a beast rider driving the cart, two Grinders, and an armored Kantus." She merely looks to the crowd as the Locusts cheer and roar. Seems like everything is red except in the hand of the COG really." said the girl. ", "No no no! gears of war by blackholefart. Many of the drones are drinking while the Theron guards remain are on watch to help in case anything goes wrong or someone is harmed. He shouts and now RAAM's squad is quickly running to it. She hands Mora to RAAM. However, her destiny altered as she made a major difference throughout Sera. "Shit you guys did all of this?" What else will happen to her at such a young age? It goes silent then Tanner breaks the silence. One of the guards points over wandering if any want in. Ashara is the first born daughter of Damon Baird and Marcus Fenix. "We found a Locust cart pulled by a teenage Corpser and inside there she was. Nothing we can do now since she is here but nonetheless she may bring us the utmost trouble and the end of our way of life! They say time heals all things, but time can also distract, entomb, and shroud. Nothing can prepare her for the worst as another a new war emerged from the ground. The guys begin to walk in. Tanner growls and gets off then Mora smiles and gets in. His Hammerburst falls and she runs and grabs it. "Oh but I do, the only time the Locusts truly fought in such a strategic way was under RAAM and he is dead. The Locusts begin to shout chants about Myrrah never dying and that she is a goddess. The Locusts easily train any Boomer into a Grinder as a sort of upgrade." A partially wounded Drone runs in. The Kryll begin digging through every Lambent tunnel and then begin to keep going as the Lambent are quickly defeated and sent fleeing. "You are psychotic." Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just as he says that Conway walks out with Tanner revealing his height to be equal of Gyules. Tanner and Osman are sizing her up. Iirc the Beserker in Gears is blind right? They should end up kissing and making love and then dual wield guns while shooting in the air while Ada shoots lasers from her boobies and those boobies are quite large and full of T Virus. May 21, 2011. myotismononcrack. A gear sat at the end of the table in normal armour without a helmet revealing a clean shaven face and a bald head. "You are tiny." She walks back in holding little Mora and then RAAM and Skorge follow. Go follow their work because I think they are one of the few people to love Damon Baird as much as I do haha. All you gotta do is boil sea water and its just as good." Wooord. Will she find a reason to go on? . We can leak her for any info gradually rather than make her suffer over the extreme emotions each of you seem to always express. She growls and then stops charging and punches him sending him far off. gears by luke112. RAAM despised Skorge for he didn't fight for the horde rather for the pride and glory in which he even cheated his way to High Kantus and spent his entire life trying to gain the position of High Kantus and General.". They all stop and begin to walk off going through the streets. He tosses the clothing at her. FLASHBACK! Skorge looks frightened and begins trying to pry him off. Now, Kara found herself trying to make a difference across Sera that will test her morality, body, and mind while she desperately trying to find her way home. She took some ammo off of the guy's body and laid it out. I really didn’t need that mental image thanks... Basically the only advantage the T-103 would have is based on strength. If the T-103 could sneak up on a Beserker it might stand a chance.