Who says gangsters cannot be funny? Women in these gangs have no status – they are the ‘Property’ of one of the gang members, and can be passed around from one member to the other – with the owner’s permission of course! And last but not least, let’s not forget the Biker Gangs. While fetching the morning newspaper, Rojer finds a sack on the professor's doorstep. Killjoy is on trial for the crime of being too soft and not scary, as he let his last victim, Sandie, escaped from his realm. All the names will make you feel cool and tough. This is merely a gameplay mechanic. They were masters of boarding vehicles and ambushing in groups of large numbers. It’s a dream of every young person and there are lots of successful bikers are there. These names depict an old era now the emerging trend is of being swag in nature and so people prefer by being called by nicknames which depict their swag, attitude, etc. Making a great impression in front of your peers is a great deal. The doll turns into Michael, who constantly begs her for forgiveness, but Jada continues to stab it. You can’t give yourself a gang name you need something to happen to that person or just something that reminds you of them one of my homegirls is “Bestia” because she took a packed edible once and she took it like a beast, another one is “Stoney” cause she has a personality of a rock and my other homegirl’s is” Dimond” cause she is a beauty and she is tough as hell. She recognizes Skid Mark, but can't remember him. Gangsta rap is hip-hop music that is inspired by the violence of inner-city slums in the 1980s. But a cool nickname makes you different from the rest of them. Back in Hell, Beelzebub takes Killjoy to the elevator and takes him to Oblivion, the Final Circle of Hell, an area of nothing, to show him where he'll be for the rest of eternity if he loses. Thus Killjoy was born and began to murder everyone he came across, prone to driving an ice cream truck. Ray-Ray breaks into the house to find a working phone when suddenly, a gunshot is heard and Ray-Ray falls down on the ground with a shotgun bullet in his chest. Sandy continues to laugh at Killjoy while shouting his original name "Furydahn", which after revealing that he is an ancient Babylonian demon of deceit and vengeance, incapacitates him long enough for her to return to the mirror and be transported to her world. Killjoy is completely sadistic as he takes pleasure in the killing others both guilty and innocent alike. If they fail, Killjoy is damned to oblivion, never to return. Cool nicknames are listed for boys in the table below. Erica is the next to fall victim to the mirror, and soon enough Killjoy makes his presence known by communicating with the three students through the mirror, beckoning them to join him in his world. the guy looking for friends on August 20, 2020: Everyone addresses me as Bloody Little L because I can never keep myself clean when we get assigned our jobs.