All you people under 60, ask your parents about this. 30 ideas for cool things to do (free eBook). The responses are indicated by an initial dash below (and are not counted out). Micky mouse, build a house, what colour was his brick? Icker backer soder (soda) crackerDoes your mother chew terbacker? The following is transcribed from a conversation between the informant (CH) and interviewer. (kids answer, e.g Two!) My informant (CH) was born in Pasadena, CA, but grew up in a very French household, learning English as her second language. How in Colombia, in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s usually warm in December. How many pieces do you wish? Completing the MDS is an interdisciplinary team (IDT) process, and nearly every team member is involved, whether it is providing the supporting documentation or writing the care plans. One of my favorites when jumping rope was. Heard this from my father, who grew up in NJ and Cal. Bubble Gum: Eenie Meenie Meinie Moe: Icka Bicka soda cracker: Inka Binka Bottle of Ink: One Potato : One Two Sky Blue ... (Then the person would remove the fist on the word "more" and the game would begin again.) [See Picking Who is IT] But anyway, the counter would take one of her fists and tap everyone's fists (including her own) as she said this rhyme: Bubble gum, Bubble gum, in a dish. But I’ll let you in on a little secret—the bubble gum game was never random for me. Think about it, you can't catch a tiger by the toe, and a tiger doesn't holler. We usually used the "one potato, two potato.." counting out rhyme. The same player may do the counting throughout the game, or the players may take turns doing the counting. I would count in my head and figure out what number I would need to pick so that I knew exactly who would be “It.” ARD selection is a lot like that: although it may seem random to someone looking in from the outside, it requires strategic skills and intimate knowledge of the payment methodology. And then let's blow two times! His was very similar. The counter takes one of their fists and tap everyone's fists (including their own) as they say this rhyme: "Bubble gum, Bubble gum, in a dish. if you didn’t stuff it up you’re my best friend! Remind the children that they should be gently tapping, not hitting, each other’s hands. I lived in a small town in Michigan when I was a kid. How many pieces do you wish?". (NAME)will be there will (her/his)knickers in the air singing O-U-T spells out! My grandmother grew up in the Chicago area in the 1880s – 1890s, over 100 years ago. American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC) But sounds like rough-hewn Brooklyn-type dialect to me. Than bring a picture of your boyfriend’s bum (clap hands together), BiblioWeb: app04 Version 3.25.0 Last updated 2020/11/03 10:20. (note: sung to the tune of Shave and a Haircut.) Okay let's jump two times! Plan your visit with a list of all holiday closures. .hide-if-no-js { It went like this. (count one, two, hands shape the bubble) News Life Media Pty Ltd Copyright © 2020. Counting games like the bubble gum game work best with children who are too young to calculate how it will turn out, based on the numbers they choose. Out. We would play these just for fun more often than we used them to determine who was “it.” It got to be easy to cheat after a while – you can so easily change “yes, no, maybe so” to “yes, no OR maybe so” to get an extra space to count, or, more often, if the loser was the one on the last line, we’d add “today” to the end. Have the children gather in a tight circle and make a fist with both hands. sorry forgot to say where: south of chicago, 80's & 90's. We would sing it while going around pointing at someone in the circle. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. As a child, I can recall sitting in a circle, with legs crisscrossed, singing, “Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish, how many pieces do you wish?” to figure out who would be “It” in our next game of tag. When I was a little girl she taught me the counting rhyme she learned as a child. How many fingers did he use. Bring your own cup of tea and your own cream bun ? Icka bicka boo; Icka bicka soda cracker. Have the children gather in a tight circle and make a fist with both hands. She can wibble, she can wobble, she can even do the splits Last person tapped when spelling the name is out. Bring your own sauce pan and your own bubble gum. Donald Duck (two jumps) We had the Ip Dip rhyme in Australia in the late 70's. Have the player whose hand you tapped during the word “wish” choose a number. There’s a party on the hill would you like to come ? All libraries will be closed on Wednesday, November 11. CA: We had the bubble gum song! Bubble Gum Bubblegum In A Dish Game. We did that "bubblegum" one and some other one that ended with "yes, no, maybe so"(I can't remember the words for that but it wasn't any of the ones posted here) as jump-rope rhymes when I was a kid. Not because they’re dirty Tap the hands again, following the same order, the number of times chosen by the wisher. How many pieces do you wish?” As you work your way around the circle, you may tap a hand for each word or each syllable, or whatever rhythm seems to flow comfortably with the phrase. I haven't been able to find anything similar anywhere, tho it reminds me of the alleged remnants of African words buried in "Iko, Iko."