Of course, you can show it off if you like, but ... Read More. Be careful where exactly you would have jewelry. The overall process is the same as any other tongue piercing. $40 Medusa. Let us mention some of those. In case the piercing is done incorrectly, some tongue nerves could be damaged. As the jewelry is placed close to gums and teeth, there is a risk of scratching and damaging them. Venom Piercing makes you look scary and catchy at the same time. The pain level depends on several factors. You will want to go to a professional who knows what they’re doing. Visit a professional studio. A hollow piercing needle will be used to pierce the marked areas and then the jewelry will be inserted. The most common venom piercing jewelry is the nicest barbell. Multiple perforations involved which make the procedure more painful. You can also try a venom tongue ring, which is another cool modification of a pretty barbell. Avoid spicy and sticky foods, instead, for the first week of healing, take soups, mashed potatoes, smoothies, etc. Why do frogs bite? This piercing is also known as venom bites piercing or surface venom tongue piercing. This type of piercing is also considered as a surface piercing.When you look at it, it appears that you are having two separate piercing on the two sides of your tongue. Avoid spicy and hot food items. A curved barbell is inserted in the tongue in a horizontal manner. I have 2 piercings for 17 years: Earlobe and Madonna. He will hold the tongue with a surgical clamp and make the perforation with a hollow needle. Rinse your mouth every time after eating, in the morning and before going to bed. Jewelry you use may keep slamming against gum and teeth, causing gum and teeth erosion. Ear: $20 Lobe $40 Rook. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Due to its resemblance with venom teeth of a snake, it is also called venom bites. And while there are poisonous and even venomous frog species, no frog delivers or injects poison or venom via a bite. Obviously, not real ones, but looking very much similar. It is sometimes referred to as frog eyes piercing because it looks like the eyes of a frog. Frog eyes piercing is basically a piercing that is located at the front end of the tongue. Getting your tongue pierced is definitely not something your best friend should be doing (unless they are licensed to do so). Do you know how you can get snake teeth releasing venom, right inside your mouth? It will only become visible when you open your mouth to show it. This will help you make the right choice. Somebody finds it scary, others are extremely excited about it. The first thing you think after having a venom piercing procedure is the healing time. The one, which would highlight your boldness and courage? Pinterest. This is a natural desire to have something different. Dead Sea Salt & Botanicals, Sterile, drug-free, and preservative-free, Portable, convenient for travel or on-the-go, Straight barbell (different colors, with or without beads), Double tongue ring having a bead or various shapes. You must not change your initial jewelry until it heals completely. Also, note that the price is just for an idea. Everyone wants to have a unique piercing. It heals quickly. Since this unconventional tongue piercing resembles the fangs of a snake from where the venom is released, it is called venom piercing. What is Venom piercing? So, you can get a cute combination of differently sized and colored jewelry, but remember to choose non-allergenic metals, such as titanium, silver, gold or surgical steel. The barbell will be inserted inside the tongue. Try going into a few different piercing parlors to try and find out more about this piercing. The reason that this is important is that the tongue has veins all around it. It is sometimes referred to as frog eyes piercing because it looks like the eyes of a frog. A curved barbell is inserted in the tongue in a horizontal manner. That is why Piercee was created. Twitter. Healing time mainly depends on how well you follow the aftercare instructions. The best product to speed up healing process. When you see any of the symptoms, stop following the aftercare instructions, and consult your doctor immediately. The total healing time would be 4 – 8 weeks. It is ... Read More, Just imagine the two shiny snake eyes suddenly appearing when you open the mouth. Double tongue piercing, frog eyes piercing, and venom bites piercing are its other names. Gum and tooth erosion. WhatsApp. Such liquid should be used during the entire healing process several times a day. Avoid hot/ spicy food. Migration and rejection. The fact is that each individual has a different level of pain tolerance. Read About Tongue Piercing Aftercare Guide. What should I prefer eating during the healing process? Thereafter a clamp is taken to hold your tongue in place for the piercing. Make sure that the piercer is experienced and has a good reputation. Here are some signs, indicating that you got infected and should visit a doctor as soon as possible: In any case do not try to treat it yourself, as you could only worsen the situation. Therefore, the piercing may migrate to the surface or to the end of the tongue. There is such a variety of tongue piercings to choose from, such as frog eyes piercing, horizontal piercings, midline piercings and so many more. #bellybuttonpiercing #navelpiercing rightpiercing, #bellybuttonpiercing #rightpiercing visit https://, #doublehelixpiercing #rightpiercing visit https://, #doubletonguepiercing #rightpiercing visit https:/, #navelpiercing #rightpiercing visit https://rightp, #orbitalpiercing #rightpiercing visit https://righ, #transverselobe #rightpiercing visit https://right, #sharkbitespiercing #rightpiercing visit https://r. It is located symmetrically on both sides of the tongue and resembles venom bites or frog eyes. The biggest risk of any piercing is the infection spread. There are some of the great products you for you to take care of your piercing. You must be aware of those risks before you decide for frog eyes piercing. In this case, you also risk getting some scars. Venom Piercing procedure starts with finding a professional piercer in your area. Avoid smoking, kissing and having oral sex, Do not remove the jewelry by yourself, as your piercing will close just within a few seconds.