New Fox 38 fork pistachio color - CMYK or RGB Hello there Does anyone know the code for Fox's new pistachio color?? * Use the FORK BUILDER below to see model configurations. Standrohrdurchmesser: It offers the sensitivity and plushness of a coil with the on-trail tuning of an air damper in a stout and good-looking package. Our lower leg channels help alleviate this issue by dramatically increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping. Available optionally is the new Kabolt-X, a lightweight bolt-on floating axle exclusively for the 2021 FOX 38 and 36. I mean - not taking a sample in photoshop from their website photo, but really real cmyk or rgb for that color.. Unless you’ve used their DH forks, it’s unlikely you’ve ever used a floating axle fork. Now for the first time, VVC adjusts compression damping too. …, Modelljahr: Learn how your comment data is processed. Neu Something aggressive riders and ebikers will appreciate. *This product can only ship within the United States* The suppleness and sensitivity are second to none. die Gabel hat 44mm Offset. • Contact Us Only just the fork for 4 months  • Comment Policy It also diminishes small bump sensitivity and responsiveness. The space between those tubes is used as part of the EVOL (EXtra VOlume) negative air spring. The direct post-mount takes a 180mm brake rotor but is compatible with up to 230mm rotors. Kartusche Fit4 Mountainbike Die Gabel ist neu und mit Rechnung. Kashima Coated GRIP2 achieves with the twist of a knob what typically requires the time consuming and complicated task of completely disassembling and reassembling the fork. Hast du bereits ein Benutzerkonto bei, oder - Laufradgröße: 27,5"… Die Gabel ist neu und mit Rechnung. Modell 2020 “Rather than putting preload onto a shim stack or close an orifice, we are changing the leverage ratio of the stack. Neu Spezifikationen: UVP: 1.459,- Learn how to quickly set sag, air spring pressure, compression adjustments, rebound adjust, additional tuning options and more. From elliptical steerers, to lower leg bleeders, we cover all the tech right here…. - Federweg: 190 mm Neu Check out the FOX website for full details on the FOX 38 Performance Elite, Performance and E-Bike models, and the FOX 36 Performance Elite, and E-Bike models. Fox Float 36 160mm Achse Boost 15x110 The Orange is available with 180mm travel only, the Black is adjustable between 160mm and 180mm, while the Pistachio is 170mm only.