Mr Lionel Harwood, (Peacehaven near Brighton). First and foremost your van is where you sleep, so it makes sense to start with the bed! Moans, groans, grumblings and then screeching hurtled forward from the rear bench. The one thing I don’t like is that you need to remove the sheets before doing the bed. Van sofa beds are an excellent accompaniment to any vehicle used to long, wearying road journeys. When we pulled into the driveway at the end of our vacation, my wife looked at me and said “I love going on road trips - but not with that so-called seat-bed. There are two main types of bed designs: the platform bed, and the convertible bed. Not all vans need to be fully constructed, and using less wood will save on weight helping gas mileage in the long run. Questions? RIB Campervan Seats are a product of Scopema, out of France. Like so many things related to campers, our friends in Europe have some more options available, like the RIB campervan seats I came across in my search for a better seat/bed combo. The Scopema. I’d encourage you to try to find a van outfitter in your area. This bench would make a great space saver for someone who also needs an area to sit straight up on the road. Simply throwing a mattress or ground pad on the floor along with a sleeping bag will work nicely. :/. We are going to build our van interior very soon, I think couch or slide bed will be the best option for us. Thinking mainly about service/washboard roads here, but also some highways can be a rougher surface as well. Each model has its benefits depending on your preferred conversion van layout. I bought a 1999 ford e150 hightop a month ago. But don’t be too worried about making the perfect layout; If you find your needs change you can change your layout too! I’m just finishing high school and me and my best friends want to do a road trip up the east coast of Victoria because we do surfing. Thanks! The Chinese Parking Heater is less than half the price and includes most of the installation hardware, we figured it was a good bet. Here's to getting that van done and out on the road! When extended flat, it's about 76 inches long. Want to create a unique van build but don’t know where to begin? Next, we bolted the seat in, installing our underfloor brackets at the same time. These campervan bed designs show creative and practical ideas for your van build. Hi, when pushed back in/assembled for day time/travel, does it rattle at all? Lastly, if you have any questions, post a comment below or reach out on one of our social channels, we would be happy to help. Not everyone needs a perfect square bed, sometimes a different shape will give you the biggest bang for your buck. I choose indoor outdoor carpet due to cost. The couch bed is a common solution for van lifers. All it needs are some cushions and it’s good to go! still plenty of room . These types of beds are convenient if you need a comfortable workspace, or if you want to host more than two people in your van. We also love the bedsheets! If the installation of this is of interest to you please return with your price for all the work I’ve mentioned together with where you’re situated and how long it will take you to build. The downside to convertible beds is that they take some assembly time. Hi. The Flip Bench Bed Design. Our innovative offerings include safe seat beds, embedded L-track floors, clip in single seats & pop tops. A mattress on the floor makes for a very simple, easy camper van bed. Check out some more of our #Vanlife related content Here. Best of luck! Bench Seat Storage Dimensions: Drivers side rear: 39”long x 13”wide x 18”high. We spent over two years living in a DIY camper van and visiting 48 US states. For Murphy bed you can often strap the sheets on and so it’s just a matter of taking the bed down. Your email address will not be published. One of our favorite van builders Nomad Vanz designs these custom seats that can fold down into a bed. Conversion van seating and custom sofa benches will add the comforts of home to your custom Sprinter or Promaster conversion van. Is that possible to build bathroom including bed and kitchen in full size Cargo Van please advice. There are a million advantages to a van that doubles as a camper, but accommodating extra kids is not one of them. You can fit bikes, clothes, water, camping refrigerators, or other adventure equipment.