Klaus Hargreeves Personality Statistics. Her Te comes from a place of preservation of her values and likes, from Auradon to her family. “I just really want her to be proud of me. He is INTJ in both the movie and the musical, and I don’t really understand why people think he is INFP in the musical? He has enough awareness to what is going on around him, and he is a decent detective, from what we see on screen. kidovna . Though he seemingly got better treatment than the rest of his siblings, his childhood shaped him to be a rather unhealthy ISTJ. (a.k.a. JD is an observer, and often watches and analyzes people and their motives, looking for weak spots, and where things click. People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to His father was a great person, so why did everyone leave? Follow. He seems to know exactly what to say in certain situations to get people to do what he wants, or he knows how to force him to do whatever he wants. 24 notes. Listed closest to worst match. Vanya wants nothing more to be considered “special” like her siblings, and feels very emotionally neglected by her father and siblings, yet her Ne gives her the open mindedness to give them a chance. The table shows the average rating the character received for each trait in the survey. Along the way, her Te shows in her assertiveness, and the way she’s able share judgements and make decisions regarding her state, as well as wanting to start a business that will immerse her in the outside world. Profiles for a personality type were computed by averaging together all responses from people who took the test and reported a given personality type and then this composite was matched to each of those profiles as if it was its own character (as was done above). When she finds out that she is in fact special, she does everything thing to remain that so, and she also develops a deep hatred for everyone who made her feel otherwise. He is sure about his opinions, and manages to take the lead when it comes to the future, yet seemed perfectly fine and capable living on his own. Because of the "law of large numbers" So I have rearranged when some of the polls are you to happen. Annabeth’s Ni gives her the ability to plan for everything, and she often thinks about her future, and talks about how she wants to pursue architecture. 24 notes Aug 3rd, 2019. Her father is what inspired her to open a restaurant, and she values her best friend and mother’s supportive attitudes to her restaurant, and doesn’t really seem to care when people judge her for wanting to spend time on her long term goal of opening a restaurant. It is believed that this applies because (1) the use is transformative, (2) only a small low quality portion of the total work is used, and (3) its use does not compete and harm the ability of the owner to financially profit off of their work. “We didn’t choose this life, we’re just living it.”. He uses the cruel things that happen as justification to kill these people, and he also takes Veronica a little too seriously when she talks about Heather. She looks beyond what’s in front of her, and instead looks for motives, opputunities and new information. Of course, this is used to create his plan to kill everyone, and to weave out “special” people like Veronica, who does have a big heart to help him. However, sometimes she can be so focused on the problems on hand, that she forgets to enjoy life, or she falls short in her confidence. His Fi causes him to hold back the information of the apocalypse, in fear that they would get hurt along the way. Klaus Hargreeves is a character from The Umbrella Academy. Mal is motivated by her plans and her goals, whether that be as a daughter, as a girlfriend or as a queen. The 10 most and least similar characters to Klaus Hargreeves based on their crowd-sourced profiles are listed below with the correlation in parenthesis. He believes the only way to make things better is not by encouraging mean people to change, but by taking away the mean people in the first place. Personality types according to various systems can be derived from the character's traits. tuaedit uaedit the umbrella academy five hargreeves tuadaily dailyhargreeves userdiana cinemapix tvedit tua spoilers my edits been trying to upload this for literal hours ugh anyway my boy needs SLEEP. The thing is, he really does want to make the world a better place, even if his actions are cruel. If you take one persons opinion of what a character is like and compare it to the opinion of another person about what that character is like, they could be very different. Five’s whole character arc centers around one goal, and that is, at least for the majority of the show, is to prevent the apocalypse. This order was created by the order the character lists were made. His unhealthy Si also causes him to clutch onto certain aspects to his past, such as the fact he went to the moon for nothing. And sh… yeah, she’s my mom, so I know she loves me… In her own way.”. JD’s actions come from a place of hurt, and come from a set of values. This is why it was so difficult for her to stop her mother. a score of 25 on shorttall is the same as a score of 75 on tallshort). Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, focused on the present (not focused on the future), The survey data used to construct this profile can be downloaded from. Society nods its head at any horror the American teenager can think upon itself. His Te can cause him to be somewhat arrogant and dismissive of other people. His knowledge and connections help him try to figure out solutions to the problem at hand, and his Ni keeps his focus on one future goal. Gold uses his Fi to push forward with his Te and Ni, and uses his love for Belle and Baelfire to justify his actions. “Two people with a common goal can accomplish many things, too people with a common enemy can accomplish even more.”.