Again: Firefighters let home burn to the ground because owners didn’t pay $75 fee; Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Or, as Foster notes, if they’re willing to pay anything once the fire’s consuming their house, why not let them opt in after the fact for a vastly increased fee? Miss Bell, from Tennessee, said the blaze was terrifying - but almost as shocking was seeing fire trucks sitting in the distance and doing nothing to help. While Ruth watched her home and everything she had once known vanish before her. Burns felt a sense of relief and began to relax his muscles. Puck025 - YouTube. It was clearly a child’s bedroom. As he went to retrieve it, he gasped. Mr Cranick said he had forgotten to pay the fee and begged firemen with money to put out the fire but they refused. But as he peered through the unimaginable junk, something caught his eye. He noticed a dark shadow on the white wall. For most of those years, Ruth lived in the house, but she hasn’t been inside for the past few. Trash and feces filled every room. But as he went room to room, the answer to his question seemed apparent. This woman was dealing with so much more than what he had initially thought. Firefighters Let Home Burn To The Ground Because Of What They Found InsideFor copyright matters please contact us at: batlimous2019@gmail.comFirefighters are known for risking their lives everyday to save the lives of others. Still, there was more to it than just mounds of trash. Rural residents who want to be protected by the fire officers in their nearby town of South Fulton must pay a $75 annual subscription. Share on Facebook. Whether you're a boxer, gambler, or matchmaker, sometimes it pays to admit the odds are stacked against you and give up. Which Chicago Neighborhood Do You Belong In. Sometimes, the mark of a true professional is knowing when to throw in the towel. She said it was a “dump,” but, even so, this couldn’t be all there was to it, right? Each time he went, her smile grew wider and wider. Since 2010, the city council of Pana, Illinois has been receiving complaints from concerned neighbors. In fact, she couldn’t even really reside indoors – at least, not in its current state. It took him a couple of days to gather up the courage and ask the woman why she was living in her car when she apparently had a home right in front of her. “I thought they’d come out and put it out, even if you hadn’t paid your $75, but I was wrong,” said Gene Cranick. He had the compassion and kindness to help this elderly woman out of a dire situation. Was this why she was so secretive about her home? Deep thoughts: Can the Senate be un-nuked? In order to isolate the home, the firefighters dug a trench around it that created a ring of fire around the property. It's not for the faint of heart. On this visit, they informed Ruth and Burns that they were part of a program that helped seniors establish new comfortable lives. But Burns knew that this couldn’t be the whole truth to the story because just those two obstacles could be fixed. By Steph Church. Clutter was everywhere, and as he continued to inspect the house and open more doors, there was just more and more. Burns didn’t know that as soon as he walked passed the threshold, there was no going back. Distraught: Vicky Bell managed to escape with her life after her trailer park home caught fire but she lost all her possessions, Carnage: A family had to stand by and watch their home burn because they had not paid $75 in 'fire fees'. Burns’ heart sank every time he heard her talk about what her life was like, and immediately knew he had to something, anything to help Ruth. Not only did Burns have to speak to Ruth right away, but he had to get away from the exposure. Firefighters Let Home Burn To The Ground Because Of What They Found Inside Calls to City Hall officials were not returned to MailOnline at the time of the story being published. On the South Fulton Fire Department website their mission statement reads that 'the mission... is to protect the lives and property of its citizens, and provide good public relations through fire safety education to all businesses and schools'. But still, one thing persisted in Burns’ mind. He needed help and knew exactly where to turn. Lucky for them. But he could never have expected to find such a horrific scene once he entered. She didn’t have insurance for mold-related repairs, and the only thing they could do was call the fire department and see what the next course of action was.