ORIGIN – HUNGARY I hope I'm not going on and on too much, but it shoots great. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 1) They were early manufacture (1937) for prototype / testing purpose. Under German supervision the pistol was marked […] White (+$17.50) German guns are marked “jhv”, the German code identification for this factory. Not a hard time, but it's a little complicated. At top right is the variant of the Model 37 produced for the German military, note that it has a manual safety catch in the same place as found on a Colt 1911 and that it retains the grip safety also. At bottom left is an original Frommer Stop pistol, the design that formed the basis for the later Model 37. This page … It is in Hungarian, but those who don’t speak Hungarian will find it easy to understand because the visual instruction is so clear. WEIGHT – 26 OZ. Frommer 37M Large Detailed Assembly Drawing We buy and sell collectible firearms and militaria ranging from the Civil War to Desert Storm, specializing in WW1 & WW2. There are different theories about the origin of these pistols. A modification of the model 29 designed by Rudolph von Frommer, pistols marked Femaru were made both in .380 and .32 by Femaru Fegyver es Gepgyar, R.T. Budapest, Hungary. Iridescent Ivory (+$17.50) Femaru 29M with cocking grips pinned to the rear of the slide (source) In 1941, Nazi Germany negotiated a contract for 50,000 37M pistols for use by the Luftwaffe. I guess the pilots are like me, they're thinking, this is a great gun. Media related to FEG 37M at Wikimedia Commons; This pistol-related article is a stub. Standard Frommer 37M straight grooved grip is shown on the far left. The design of this pistol is ideal: it's compact and very easy to disassemble. Frommer 37M Disassembly Instructions. A Frommer-type grip lever provided the only safety device. Those guns easily sell in the twenty-five to thirty-five-hundred-dollar range. The Femaru Model 37 is an unusual but interesting pistol that was made in Hungary from 1937-1944. It just gets no respect, no respect, no respect from anyone. The Model 37 is more compact and was favored by air crew members. This is an unissued condition. Standard Hungarian Army acceptance mark located on the left side of the trigger guard. So, they were promoting trade with Germany and Italy in particular, trying to sell goods back and forth and really chose sides by saying we side with Hitler. $45.00. The Model 37 was based on an original design by Hungarian engineer Rudolf Frommer, the Frommer Stop (also known in three variants as the Pisztoly 12M, 19M and 35M). JavaScript is disabled. There's an explanation there, by serial number. - The early pistols had lightening cuts on the barrel that were dropped around 80,000. I think they're a great bargain because they shoot great. Femaru 37M - .32acp - 10rd Extended Magazine, Femaru 37M - .32acp 8rd Extended Magazine. .38 Special firing wad-cutter bullets). Let me show you how easy it is to take the barrel out. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters. Army Green (+$17.50), Triple K Manufacturing Co. 2222 Commercial Street, Copyright © 2015 TripleK. Web Design by, Grips, Wood Grips, Stocks, Buttplates & Parts. more info Quick view Add to Cart. From what I been able to find, the outside dimensions are the same. My gun show partner has a … Ivory (+$17.50) The Femaru Model 37 is one of those guns that you don’t often come across, despite the fact that about 185,000 of them were made. Our goal is to encourage collectors by providing honest descriptions, fair prices, and the best customer service. A different style Hungarian 37M leather holster. These pistols are considered a variant of the P37 and discussed there. CALIBER – .32ACP The 6-digit serial pistols chamber the 7.65mm, have the thumb-safeties installed, utilize German Contract leftover P37 parts and P37 slide legend with the addition of "BUDAPEST" and the 'FFG' shield logo on the slide. All original magazines have the finger-rest. The only change is the finish is a degraded a little bit. 29 Posts . The pistol was adopted by the Hungarian Army as the '37M.' The bottom of the original magazines are marked '37M'. There's the barrel and drop that lever. The Femaru Model 37 is an unusual but interesting pistol that was made in Hungary from 1937-1944. They saw Hitler as a rising star and Mussolini, and so the prime minister there at that time, there were several prime ministers throughout the war period, but the prime minister at that time said, hey, we're going to join the sides of Hitler and Mussolini because they are rising stars, and I think they're really going places. Price: $37.70 Femaru 37M - New 7rd .380 Magazine. Frommer’s original design for his Frommer Stop was for a long recoil blow-back action and the Model 37 retained a blow-back action, but significantly simplified and modernized Frommer’s design.