Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Your welcome. Since the dog may lick away vaginal discharge caused by vaginitis, we need to look out for other signs or symptoms. However, visiting a vet for a physical exam is recommended because it is crucial determining the underlying cause. ©Copyright VCA Hospitals all rights reserved. Many dog owners know that it is important to give their dog monthly heartworm medication. Ectopic ureter is one such defect not uncommon in young Siberian huskies, miniature poodles, Labrador retrievers, collies, welsh corgis, wire-haired fox terriers and the West Highland white terrier. In additional to leakage, you may also notice your dog attempting to urinate frequently with very little fluid discharged. Since pyometra affects the uterus, then it is understandable to think spayed dogs cannot have this problem. Tumors are more common in senior dogs, especially those over 10 years of age. Come join the discussion about breeds, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! The type of necessary tests will depend on the dog's age and the presence or absence of specific symptoms. These structural abnormalities may cause incontinence even in puppies (7). When the dog has an issue with hormone-responsive incontinence, phenylpropanolamine or collagen injections will increase muscle tone and additionally improve controlling the regular urinary retention. This will help to stop the infection from spreading to other parts of the digestive system. Sounds like what Chloe had numerous times as a puppy..She had puppy vaginitis along with a UTI..Her vet put her on clavamox which took away the UTI but the vaginitis stayed with her until she got spayed. It is a common issue with some breeds, including Siberian Huskies, Wirehaired Fox Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, Miniature Poodles, Corgis, Collies, and Westies (8). Intermittent incontinence is common in spayed females and is typically no cause for worry. Hi - I have noticed that after my female dog urinates, she has a white discharge. They may also display some spotting. An intact, or unspayed, female dog, is at risk for pyometra, a uterine infection that occurs when bacteria flourish in the uterine walls when they thicken to prepare your dog for pregnancy. The IHC Group. Don't scold or punish him for this behavior; a dog trainer can give you tips to overcome this. This is an infection of the uterus which means it is not often associated with spayed dogs. Many dogs return to normal within two to three weeks of initiating treatment. It is possible for dogs under the age of one year old to get juvenile vaginitis. (2007). Such attention can also help your veterinarian make a speedy and accurate diagnosis. This article highlights some of the possible problems. Antibodies are specialized proteins, also called immunoglobulins that are primarily found in the bloodstream. Also contact your vet if urinary discharge accompanies redness or mucus near your dog's vagina, if she is excessively licking that area, or if male dogs seem increasingly attracted to her. When the dog responds to medications adequately, the leaking will stop within several days. Could be a yeast infection or vaginitis (both can spread to areas outside of the vaginal area so long as the area has mucus membranes or lots of moisture). An anatomical abnormality, urethral obstruction, or bladder stone. They may also defecate during the birth which can color discharge. Hormone therapy may also be used to empty the uterus. This could be due to nutritional deficiencies, trauma, developmental disorders, an underlying pathology or other causes. However, its presence may also signify a disease process of the urinary tract or reproductive tract in dogs. If you want to know more you can look at other reasons why your dog may pee a little blood. If your dog has not been spayed, it is possible they will become pregnant. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any pus in the urine; this is a sign of pyruria, or an infection, signifying that white blood cells are present.Your dog may also have a stone or tumor in the urethra preventing him from fully emptying his bladder. This mimics the symptoms of a female dog in heat, so she may get attention from other dogs more than usual. I am afraid she might have some kind … The condition usually presents itself as a vaginal discharge of mucous white to yellow or green discharge; other common signs are licking the vulva and irritation of the surrounding skin. Another cause of vaginal discharge in female dogs is due to tumors growing in the reproductive system. While some discharge is normal, it is also a sign of possible infection. A defect and open communication (fistula) between the rectum and vagina may lead to the passage of watery fecal material from the vagina. Hematuria is the presence of blood in the urine. Your dog may also discharge urine when he is afraid, wasn't socialized properly or had a traumatized background. Checking urine and blood, diagnostic tests, and additional screening will help the vet takes a closer look at the problem (9). Vaginitis can appear in any female, spayed or intact, and at any age. Even though the primary cause of a dog leaking urine directly determines the prognosis of incontinence, it's treatable in most cases. Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs - UT Incontinence... Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers (3pack) of... BESTLE Extra Large Pet Training and Puppy Pads Pee... TaoTronics TT-FL002 Black Light, 51 LEDs Uv... Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain... Best Dog Food for Mastiffs: 10 Vet Recommended Brands, How Much Does a Dog Walker Cost? Dogs taking female hormones can also get pyometra. In a case of lacking estrogen, it is necessary to provide hormonal support to female dogs. Talk to your vet about medications and implement other measures, such as doggie diapers, to keep your dog comfortable. - Causes, My Dog Keeps Licking her Private Area - All Possible Reasons, My Cat Is Bleeding From Her Private Area - Causes & Treatment. This is related to the amniotic fluids and placenta which is required to feed the puppies in utero. This is especially the case if your dog has dark, brown, reddish or similar discharge. These signs could … If the primary reason for a dog leaking urine is bladder or urinary tract infection, prescribed antibiotics will quickly solve both the disease and leakage. This article is purely informative. It is very possible that we have to take over care of the litter from the mother in these instances. Hi - I have noticed that after my female dog urinates, she has a white discharge. Certain discharge issues, though, signal a serious problem that requires veterinary attention. Even though incontinence can affect any dog unrelated to their age, gender, or breed, there are some dogs more prone to this disease, including: Whether you have a puppy, senior dog or a female dog with hormonal or other health problems that are causing them to leak urine, there are a few things you can employ to help manage this condition alongside the treatment plan devised by your veterinarian. Tumors on the vagina or vulva can be either benign or malignant, although the latter are rare. Everything You Need to... 8 Essential Blind Dog Products You Must Have. You might see bloody discharge and wonder if it is from the vagina itself or it is in their urine. https://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/urinary/c_multi_pyuria He may also have a benign cyst or tumor; an infection or abscess; or prostate cancer. A month after she got spayed the white discharge stopped. These spot are known as ‘lochia’. Vaginal discharge is the appearance of liquid material (other than urine) from the labia of the vulva (the external female genitals). Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. The vast majority of canine pregnancies will come to term without problem. Adult dogs may benefit from spaying if they are still intact. During certain times of the dog's life or if the dog is in a certain condition, some discharge may be normal. Also, it is not rare that some congenital abnormalities reveal only when the dog grows older. This is why we need to pay attention if your dog is excessively licking their vagina. Another reason for dark vaginal discharge in female dogs that have given birth is the subinvolution of the placental site. The infection will be confirmed with a urine test and likely treated by antibiotics. Vaginal discharge of any type other than the normal stream of urine, Increased urination and/or straining to urinate, A urine culture to rule out a bacterial urinary tract infection, Abdominal radiographs (X-ray) to assess the uterus and pelvis, Vaginoscopy, which is examination of the vagina through a rigid or flexible viewing scope, Intravenous dye study of the kidneys and ureters to identify any abnormalities in the location of the ureters, A coagulation profile if bloody discharge may be related to a clotting problem, Surgical removal of an infected uterus, a vaginal foreign body, or a uterine or vaginal tumor, Surgical correction of any congenital defects of the ureters, the walls of the vagina or rectum, Corrective therapy for any bleeding disorders. You will need to go to the veterinarian to treat canine vaginitis. Coagulation (clotting) disorders that result in abnormal bleeding may produce a bloody discharge that can be difficult to distinguish from. Surgery may be indicated in severe or complicated cases. You may also notice pus in her vaginal area. If you want to read similar articles to My Dog Has Vaginal Discharge, we recommend you visit our Reproductive system diseases category. The most common clinical signs of vaginitis include increased frequency of urination, licking of the vaginal area, vaginal discharges of mucus, pus, or blood (rarely), and scooting or rubbing of the vaginal area. Examples of such therapy include: Administer all prescribed medications as directed by your veterinarian. The dog will be licking their vagina with greater intensity and frequency. German shepherds are prone to spinal injuries or degeneration that can cause incontinence, but it can occur in any dog with a spinal cord issue. clear, thick, non-odorous fluid uncontrollably discharged, unsure if vaginally or urine track. Additionally, some diseases of the urinary tract have brown discharge as a symptom. Juvenile vaginitis may occur in puppies that have not yet reached puberty. Possible causes of brown discharge … Most cases seen before the dog reaches puberty will resolve after the first heat cycle. If this is not the first time this has happened then the dog will need a thorough medical examination to ensure there is no underlying problem. This can continue for months or even years, but is no more than a nuisance if your dog is otherwise healthy. Your veterinarian will develop a precise treatment plan for your pet's individual needs. Vaginal discharge may be clear and watery (serous), bloody, thick and gray (mucousy), yellow/green (purulent), or dark green/black (after giving birth). Balanoposthitis in Dogs - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, Increase in the frequency of urination (although less quantity is eliminated). Unfortunately, it is possible to face progression of primary bladder or kidney infections in some cases. However, while it only occurs the vast minority of cases, spaying may not remove all of the uterus. Exercising your dog is important for their physical and mental health and the best way to do that is to take them on walks.... As much as we’d like to take our furbabies along every time we go on a trip, that’s simply not a feasible option. Infection. It may facilitate healing and accelerate the disappearance of symptoms. Vaginal discharge is a common symptom in dogs with vaginitis, uterus infection, or urinary tract infections. I also gave Chloe and still do, a teaspoon of yogurt in her food daily to help with the vaginitis. He is asserting his dominance or reassuring himself when changes occur, such as when strangers enter the household.