She ended her career as an almost respectable Mexican mule train driver, after being personally pardoned by the Pope (Clerics and religious were tried by clerical courts, and no one could figure out what to do with a badass nun, so they just kept kicking the case to a higher court. Needless to say, it was hard to summon Baal-Peor, because he required the sacrifice of human excrement! Champion of the Conclave and master of the Omnia discipline. They are notable in that–unlike other gaki or rakshasa (“hungry ghosts”), and ghosts in general–they are an endangered species, if one can use such a term in this context. What you probably don’t know, is that five nuns in particular were total badasses. The Israelites worshiped him, in the form of a phallic (penis-shaped) idol. She lived in a way that was considered poverty even in the 13th century, sleeping on rocks, wearing rags, begging, and eating what came to hand. They particularly like creating bad weather (most notably, hail- and thunder-storms) over farms, orchards, and vineyards, in order to destroy crops. She gave concerts and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. : being a good parent, saving a life, etc.). Jikininki are the spirits of selfish, greedy, or ungodly people who have passed on. Allegedly, Pazuzu and Lamashtu were fierce rivals, who would attack each other at any chance. So evil was Lamashtu, that pregnant women and their loved ones would routinely summon the demon, Pazuzu, to protect them. The Pontianak are the spirits of ladies who died during child-birth, and became undead. When she was 8 she was sent to study with a famous abbess called Jutta (who was, herself, a badass: she lived in a tiny room with no doors and had to be fed through the window!) She is often depicted having snake- and/or fish-like attributes. Agares also teaches many languages, focusing on the profanities and ethnic slurs. This page was last edited on 7 February 2020, at 12:53. When the priest ordered her down she said that she had seen Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. His job: To prevent people from fulfilling their moral duties (.i.e. She also said she could smell the sin on people. And when the seed has fallen into its place, that vehement heat descending from her brain draws the seed to itself and holds it, and soon the woman’s sexual organs contract, and all the parts that are ready to open up during the time of menstruation now close, in the same way as a strong man can hold something enclosed in his fist. That means that, yes, Linda Blair’s performance in “The Exorcist” was nothing compared to the wrath of Lamashtu! She died in 2002. Origin: Indonesian mythology Also known as: Kuntilanak, Matianak, or Boentianak. She was beaten and hung by her wrists for a week, spent a year in leg irons and was flung for nine months into solitary confinement in an unlit cell. Ale are also very afraid of eagles…just in case you don’t want to become friends with one. He pretty much threw away the idea of causing mutual mistrust in people, and instead…focused on inventions. Movies, however, rarely scratch the surface of just how evil these former, corrupt servants of God (or many gods) can be. Hildegard of Bingen was born in 1098 to a wealthy family and dedicated to the Church as a nun. He would “suggest” crazy (yet plausible) inventions to people, and then use their greed to his (and their) advantage when they became successful. Add to that the fact that her other hobbies included: Infesting rivers and lakes, killing crops and other plants, sucking the blood of men, creating sleep-disturbances, spreading diseases and illnesses, and bringing nightmares. Because the smell of sin made her sick, she would often fly (yes really – fly) away from people and sit on the top branches of tall trees. Dive into some of the strangest tales ever told! Buy Handbook of Japanese Mythology at! The real evil lies within the architects of these inhuman practices. Christina the Astonishing was born in 1150 in Belgium. She also hid herself in ovens and on roofs. Hildegard became the abbess of the nunnery when Jutta died. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 worst–and/or weirdest–demons in theological and mythological history. What they look like changes with each account; some say they look like ravens, others like clouds or dark winds; many say snakes or female dragons. 1 Named priests 1.1 Alliance 1.2 Horde 1.3 Neutral 1.4 Hostile 2 Unnamed priests High Elf Mage-Priest Eredar Soulbinder Lightsworn … They can pose a great threat to a persons’ mental and physical life; they can even possess you. She is said to menace women throughout and after the end of their pregnancies. Origin: Pre-Slovic and Slovic mythology, and Christian demonology Also known as: plural: Ale. People who advocated crime to a level no one else could fathom. Some accounts state that they are so terrifying to look at, that seeing one would make you paralyzed with fear. He's probably the most evil in my opinion because of his bad decisions as president that screwed up the country and even started a war. Unlike most demons, they actually hate what they are, and are in a constant state of self-disgust and self-loathing. Other accounts indicate that Jikininki can take the form of normal human beings, and can even lead seemingly normal lives by day. Origin: Christian demonology Also known as: Agreas. Origin: Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology Also known as: Dimme. [Image courtesy of Cynthia Large – a brilliant artist who work I strongly recommend you see.]. Lamashtu is usually described as a “mythological hybrid”, with the head of a lioness, the teeth and ears of a donkey, the feet of a bird (complete with sharp talons), as well as a hairy body, and long, sharp fingers and fingernails. He is also one of the–if not the–strangest looking demon on this list. Caterina died following a duel with the husband of a lady she was hot for! At the same time she shacked up with her lesbian lover and released a song “Glory Be to God for the Golden Pill” singing the praises of the contraceptive pill. They are said to be cursed to eat the flesh of human corpses. Apparently her life story was written in 1641 – unfortunately we can’t find the name of the book or its author! They are believed to live in lakes, springs, clouds, unreachable mountains, forests, caves, or gigantic trees. His name means “manah made evil”; in this case, the word “manah” represents “the mind”. She is considered a Saint and her feast day is on September 17th. “But what,”, you say, “separates him from other demons that cause sickness?”. It is also said that they take valuables from the corpses, in order to bribe local law-enforcement officials to leave them alone. He is also said to be one of the demons that controls earthquakes. She is usually depicted nursing a dog and a pig and holding snakes, while standing or kneeling on a donkey! Asag is one of many demons that causes sickness. Wars, killings, genocides, riots, and famines. People who were or are merely believers of occult practices should not be included unless they played a leading or otherwise significant part in the practice of occultism. All the people that died in the wars to follow his rash actions, American or otherwise, I stand by you. These women terrorized many a child with their rules and regulations and an amazing ability to tell whether you had sinned or not. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Sister Caterina de Erazu – Hitman in a Habit, Caterina de Erazu was a run-away Spanish nun turned hitwoman in the early 1600s. When the priest ordered her down she said that she had seen Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Overnight, the Dominican nun was an international celebrity with the stage name of Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile). So evil was Lamashtu, that pregnant women and their loved ones would routinely summon the demon, Pazuzu, to protect them. The world we’re living in has seen many tragedies in many forms. They also are said to like eating children. And, unlike most demons from Mesopotamian mythology, she didn’t answer to anyone; not any god, or man, or any part of any divine hierarchy. And, unlike most demons from Mesopotamian mythology, she didn’t answer to anyone; not any god, or man, or any part of any divine hierarchy. She also said she could smell the sin on people. After her first album none of her music was very successful. Whether you are religious or not, demons have played a large part in mythology, books, movies, and even music. Origin: Zoroastrian mythology Also known as: Akem Manah, Akoman, Akvan. Topics. Pages in category "Fictional priests and priestesses" The following 83 pages are in this category, out of 83 total. He is notable for two bizarre attributes: He is believed to be physically, mentally, and strategically strongest in the month of April, and he either was or is Hell’s/Satan’s ambassador to France. He was first called Baal-Peor, and he was associated with orgies, and other types of lewdness. Films, such as “Paranormal Activity”, “The Exorcist”, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, “Fallen”, and–more recently–“The Last Exorcism”, have made demons something to fear. Follower of the Light, befriended the first members of the, The "Twilight Prophet", former leader of the, The chosen protector of the ancient egg of, Probably an important religious icon to the, Priest who tried to stop adventurers to not free, Cruel witch doctor who uses his dark magic to force the. This nun was so badass that her song Dominque became such a hit that it knocked Elvis Presley off the charts! When she was 17 her parents decided to marry her off – but she had other plans! He is either depicted as a hideous, bearded demon with horns and claws, or a beautiful young woman. I also think that it was extremely disgusting to put Justin Bieber on the top evil … Half way through her funeral she jumped out of her coffin and flew to the ceiling! Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration… Belphegor also played an role in Milton’s book, “Paradise Lost”.