It may create on base ID with randomness, but the question is, do the vacuums or diverters work on base ID or final item ID since they match against a placed item. This is the most obvious, straight-forward method for acquiring an endless supply of junk and scrap materials. Repair the massive generators scattered across the island (there are three of these generators) to open the bunker door. The biggest hurdle for this method is money. Scrap and junk are more important than ever in Contraptions. This method require much less effort, but you’ll need the Far Harbor DLC to access it. I have placed several cages on floating platforms high above my settlements, with conveyor belts that force the animals off of the floating platforms. Tired of running out of resources for your factories in the Contraptions Workshop add-on for Fallout 4? With Local Leader 2, you can establish supply lines and start constructing traders in your settlement. … You should have a base specifically dedicated to it too. It makes things easier if you clear your inventory and just keep duping the one resource you want. On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Start the assembly line with these tips to get your Fallout 4: Contraptions DLC automated factories going strong. Placing junk in your Workshop inventory or into Builders will automatically scrap, so all you need is plenty of junk. Only profitable thing ive found is bottlecap mines, the total cost to make one is 30 caps, and they sell for 60, so you basically make 30 caps per mine. All rights reserved. Place 8+ Junk Workbenches in your settlements and assign settlers to them. Well, I looked at making new toy trucks, but if you buy shipments from the junk trader at Diamond city (Myrna and Percy?) Quickly press ‘Accept’ (XBO: [X] / PS4: [Cross]), Quickly press ‘Store’ (XBO: [B] / PS4: [Circle]). Lots and lots of resources. Inside the bunker, take care of the ghouls and grab the Cranberry Island Supply Shed key. They’ll constantly collect new junk. © Valve Corporation. Caps for settlements are capped at 50/day, with you can hit with like 2 shops in a tiny settlement. In each settlement, construct Water Pumps, Purifiers, or anything that increases your Water Resource. You lose a load of money as you can only sell the trucks for 12 caps and each bit of steel is worth about 4 caps from their shipments, didn't even bother to work out their outrageous screw costs as I already knew I was getting screwed Something I've always wondered, and I could probably answer this myself with a search in the script files, but the shops... particularly the general trader... they generate caps, but do they disperse items when doing so? I have about 5k woth of ingredients but, I don't want to sit there hitting the E key so many times. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Drop the material you want to dupe on the ground. Though, if you really want caps you should just build a lot of purifiers everywhere and literally use purified water as currency. Now you’re totally self-reliant. Cash. If you’re looking for lots of ammo, weapons, armor or miscellaneous trash, you’ll need lots of junk resources. Spectacle Island is your best resource farm. right now i have the first caps collector perk so i can build stores. Keep repeating! You’re going to need lots of it. Definitely the giddyup buttercup then; 3 gears, 5 steel, 4 springs, 4 screws = 177 in caps value, then factor in your charisma/perks. If you use the mine you can ussually pick up about 19-20 bottlecaps so selling them is slightly more profitable than useing them. can i manufacture anything for a profit in this game? I want to be able to make something and sell it for a profit. Cap Collector 1 & 2, Grape Mentats, Barter Bobblehead. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). What the game doesn't tell you is even if you have 100 or so water being produced it actually stops producing as much but with a base dedicated to it you can use a Vacuum Hopper to pull the Purified Water from the workbench and store it seperately so it will just keep producing. so if i have a vault tech lunchbox that is worth 10 most ppl will buy it from me for 5. the manufacuturing is fun but theres really no point unless you manufacture ammo to use.