Chocolate’s Heart of Darkness: Child Labour in Ivory Coast, Frontline Mexico: The Fight Against COVID-19, When COVID Hit: America’s Nursing Home Nightmare, US presidential election still in limbo: Live news, Tigray region alleges bombings in Ethiopia’s ‘unexpected war’, From Ghana to Nigeria: Little pieces of home, Biden edges closer to projected electoral victory: Live news, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. This documentary film takes you back to the establishment of modern Burma (Myanmar) in 1948, when the Rohingya were first recognised as part of the Burmese nation and were registered as citizens. The film explores the roots of increasing violence in the Rakhine State from the side of the Burmese military and the recently-appeared Rohingya military insurgency, known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ASRA).Although EXILED is narrated, we let the characters speak to each other and bring forth their own points of view. I was a news and current affairs producer/reporter with the BBC (UK) and RFE/RL (Czech Republic). Encountering some of those 600 thousands refugees who fled the massacre to neighbouring Bangladesh and Malaysia to hear their individual stories, will explore whether there is any hope in Myanmar. A new documentary provides a historical overview of the situation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. ", I am a Berlin-based composer. Read more His testimony is juxtaposed with the testimony and video evidence provided by Rohingya victims.Drawing out the stories of the perpetrators of abuses, while also putting forward the views of the victims, will be an effective way to emphasise  the horror of the ongoing situation for the viewer. EXILED is the film which puts the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar in a context of a complicated and violent history of this country. We have managed to cover all important dates in timeline of Rohingya persecutions in Burma and exodus. JULY 2018 - Our team has completed most of the field work. I also spoke to Rakhine state politicians. ", "I am studying the International Baccalaureate in my final year at King’s College School, Wimbledon. EXILED is the only film which features former head of Burmese Military Intelligence, General Khin Nyunt, the mastermind of policy of persecution of Rohingya. In 2019, Petro set up his own production company, KinoArtil, which offers production and post-production services to Ukrainian and international clients. The film Exiled , directed by veteran war reporter Shahida Tulaganova, “explores the roots of increasing violence” in Myanmar’s Rakhine State from the perspectives of Rohingya refugees, former Burmese government officials and radical Buddhist monks. Currently, I am working as an adjunct faculty in North South University teaching Business Communication. Having attended numerous events and written a multitude of articles about politics, global affairs and civic engagement, I immediately joined this project from the outset, because I saw the need for the world to fathom how the systematic persecution of the Rohingya people has progressed over the past few decades. In Myanmar, which consists of 135 ethnic minorities, Rohingya Muslims do not officially exist. I have extensive experience working with young people in various schools and non-profit organisations in London. I am passionate about marketing, outreach and fundraising, and have worked as Head of Growth for the UK and Ireland for Combyne, a German technology startup, since 2017. We have victims of rape and victims of torture. Denial of their rights didn’t happen overnight. She traveled to Cox's Bazar herself, negotiated with sellers and gathered a group of volunteers who helped to make our first action together a success - 150 children received shoes and yes, every little helps :). from Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Turkey, and Somalia as well as across the Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia. ", "I have been editing high end documentaries for 25 years and have received 37 national and international awards/nominations.". Working on such an important documentary has opened my eyes to the horrors of this genocide, in the same way that it will open those of its viewers. IN 2007 she produced “How to Plan A Revolution”, a story of young pro-democracy activists striving for change in a dictatorship in Azerbaijan, which won the Prix Europa for best current affairs television program in 2006. :), "I am an award winning producer/director. She was introduced to YBRBD's manager Farin Daulah by the film's Director of Photography, Salman Saeed, and Farin took it upon herself to buy shoes and distribute them in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Bangladesh based  professional video producer/cameraman regularly working mostly with the international broadcasters like BBC, CNN and ABC News, PBS and many more. Her music is featured at concerts of world acclaimed orchestras, such as Berliner Philharmonie, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Berlin Radialsystem, Berlin Konzerthaus, Leishalle Hamburg, Beethovensaal Stuttgart, Stadthalle Heidelberg, Staatstheater Ingolstadt, Uferstudios Berlin, Queen Elisabeth Hall, Barbican Pit Theatre and etc. It has been occurring the last 40 years - since 1962, when the military took power in the country. In fact, it rapidly deteriorated, and culminated in the nation's worst ever humanitarian disaster in August 2017, when, due to ongoing violence in the Rakhine state, more then 700,000 Rohingya Muslims were forced to flee their homes and take refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh. We filmed Rohingya who witnessed the Burmese independence of 1948 (those who were recognised as Burmese nationals), people who witnessed the military coup of 1962, and people who witnessed the introduction of Citizenship Laws in 1982 (which effectively stripped from the Rohingya the right to belong to Burma). Her film about the epic battle during the latest Russian-Ukrainian war, “Airport Donetsk”, won first prize at ArtDocFest festival. Salman has years of experience filming and producing for various UN agencies in the South Asian Region as well as INGOs (Oxfam Australia/World Bank/CSIS/USAids /ADB/Amnesty International and Orbis UK). EXILED is the film which puts the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar in a context of a complicated and violent history of this country. I completed my History degree at Bristol University with First Class Honours and last year was awarded an MA Certificate in Peacebuilding from Universidad de los Andes, Bogota. The film ‘Exiled’ , directed by veteran war reporter Shahida Tulaganova, “explores the roots of increasing violence” in Myanmar’s Rakhine State from the perspectives of Rohingya refugees, former Burmese government officials and radical Buddhist monks. I have a degree in Education & English and hold a masters in Business Management. I was not allowed to travel to Rakhine State, but this doesn't mean that there is going to be no Rakhine villages and their story in this film - we are working on it. We have partnered with Yellow Brick Road, an organisation that provides life skills education in Bangladesh, to collect and distribute shoes in the Rohingya refugee camps - shoes are vital in terms of both safety and quality of life during the Monsoon Season. ", "I am a student in my final year at school in London, and I shall be studying Product Design at Stanford next year. I have created national-award-winning websites and videos in the past, as well as writing a published childrens' book on climate change. We also collected documented evidence proving that, up until 1978, Rohingya were indeed stated as Rohingya in official documents; however afterwards they were stated as Bengalis. It has been occurring the last 40 years - since 1962, when the military took power in the country. ", "I am currently studying the International Baccalaureate programme at King's College School, Wimbledon. Shahida started her career in journalism with the BBC News in 1996 and gained her first experience in documentaries at the BBC Current Affairs Documentaries.