This FAQ will be updated as I continue to play and find the rest of the unlockables. For Evoland on the PC, Sacred Grove Map by StarFighters76. Graphics \u0026 Thumbnail by Jason Gill:!/MillbeefulLive stream: Evoland: a short journey through the history of gaming and watch the evolution of gameplay, music and graphics as you head for adventure. Star #17 There is an area with 2 firepits. There is a hidden passage that leads to a Star. Sacred Grove - Star #15-19 Star #15 Once you find the ladder leading down to the lava area, make your way to the eastern wall. COPYWRITE FUN TIME! Evoland Walkthrough The Sacred Grove There are some rocks in the way, but luckily for us we got the bombs! This is a full walkthrough from beginning to end with as many of the secrets as I could find on my first playthrough. My name is Jon, better known as ArrestedGaming, and this is my first ever FAQ/walkthrough. It is an adventure / RPG game in the vein of Zelda and Final Fantasy, with a plethora of gaming references and tropes that it embraces and pokes fun at together. You can destroy the crumbling wall with a bomb which will then reveal the path to the other Star. Put a good bomb or two down and clear the way. Evoland FAQ Hello everyone! Star #16 The next Star in this room is along the north wall. Evoland :: Playthrough - Part #5 'The Sacred Grove' - YouTube StarFighters76 is a Prolific Image/Map Contributor since 2002, with 3,000+ maps created. Continue to the right to find a Crystal.