Yup, ‘get woke – go broke‘ continues. POLITICAL STATEMENTS RUN VIEWERS AND LISTENERS OFF. By some reports, Disney could pink slip up to 700 ESPN employees as the entertainment giant works to bring the sports network’s costs down more in line with its dwindling reach. Losing your iPhone is worse than losing your job. What started as a tiny central Florida based website and short weekly podcast that provided our audience the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World virtually has grown to the publishing company it is today. Great experience. Maybe they can all go down to the Unemployment office and kneel in front of the building and get another job. disney got greedy why hsould people pay for the samething they watched since spn started for free enough is enoigh. Change ). Another source tied in the potential round of layoffs directly to Disney who already had to let go of tens of thousands of Cast Members across Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. in Writing from Spring Hill College and working in Ft. Myers, Phoenix, and Miami. Will Airport COVID Testing Affect Your Next Disney Vacation? There is Business Sense.. and there is Common Sense.. Business Sense can be learned.. Enjoyed nine great years here. They’ll blame Trump for the layoffs at ESPN! https://t.co/1iaJRSY7P9 pic.twitter.com/4YB6SKwI6V, My time with ESPN has come to an end due layoffs... If the expected budget cuts do occur, it will mark the third time in just five years that ESPN instituted sweeping layoffs and a steep budget-cutting campaign. 28000 layoffs at disneyland CA… facist newsom has beef against disneyland CA this is leftist fighting their own. Add me to the list. The expected layoffs at ESPN started April 26, with the company reportedly set to release about 100 anchors, reporters, analysts and production staffers. From Cold Pizza to First Take to SC I made more friends than I can name. I worked for the mag for it’s entire run and made close to every single cover minus maybe 8 when I took vacation. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ESPN is not alone in losing customers. A few parting words: https://t.co/pBfnewUHIG, I was treated great by #ESPN during my 3 years. Our teevee was turned off March 15. The NBA championship had historically low viewership; NFL and NASCAR audiences are shrinking faster than Biden’s mental dictionary; and now the Über-woke ESPN announces another round of layoffs to stem the financial bleed. Your email address will not be published. I have no plans to retire, Informed I'm among ESPN's layoffs. But totally get it. Also in 2017, the company cut its budget by $80 million. “They’re going after a bigger NFL portfolio,” the source reportedly said. "SportsCenter," the network's flagship program, is expected to to suffer heavy losses, Sports Illustrated said. Made sure it didn’t have an NBA logo so there would be no license fee for them. Let them all leave. LOL! In 2015, ESPN cut 350 employees. For 21 yrs. Like far too many other ESPN colleagues today, I’ve been laid off. ESPN won’t release the names of on-air talent losing their high-profile jobs, according to SN's Michael McCarthy. Virtue signalling hosts, continuous running 30 on 30 (or whatever they’re called)! ITM now consists of multiple writers living near both Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks and around the world. The Left ruins and poisons everything. And very much look forward to continuing my work at TSN/RDS. Even after being laid off today, I don’t regret it. Disney World Guests Wait Over 1 Hour for Disney Transportation, Shonda Rhimes Leaves ABC for Netflix Over a Disneyland Ticket, You May Have to Take a COVID Test to Fly to Disney World, Cast Member Receives Nearly $2,000 After Guest Refused to Tip. I was a huge fan of Archie Manning as a kid (he graduated Ole Miss the year I graduated HS). I’m done with all this, they’ve lost my money each month and they’re not getting it again. The WNBA now has a better argument for equal pay since the NBA’s ratings are approaching the girls level. My colleagues became best friends & I'll cherish that the most pic.twitter.com/YHZeutahTS, An update on my situation: pic.twitter.com/ktnoLHDTZH, After 14 wonderful years my time at espn is over. We cancelled all sports packages from our Direct tv package and it went up.. A nice lady gave us $45.00 off for 12 months tho. Many drivers,owners,crew,coaches & fans, lifetime friends. Debate is over. NFL insider John Clayton is leaving ESPN as part of the sweeping layoffs, according to SN's @MMcCarthyREV. Hope Bubba false hanging loop idiot. So, I am no longer with ESPN, as of today. Bad news morning. I was only at ESPN for 4 years, but they were some of the best of my career. While most of the big-name talent appears to be safe from these layoffs, insiders say that some will be required to take a pay cut. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. MediaPoliticsSportsBlack Lives MatterDisneyESPNJimmy Pitarosocial justice. I’ll tell you something, Walter Peyton was one of my idols, and I had the good fortune to hang with him a few times, One time, the first time I met him, was when my buddy was hired to play the guitar part for the theme song for a professional women’s basketball team, Walter played the drums, but was an amateur, and I went with my buddy to the recording studio. […] The job cuts would come as Disney — ESPN’s parent company — is bleeding money because of the COVID-19 crisis, which has slashed theme park, cruise ship and movie theatre attendance. SportsCenter Anchor John Buccigross tweeted this Wednesday morning in response to a report that he was not being let go: WHAT A DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!!! God Bless! PRIVACY POLICY. At that time, I subscribed to ESPN the Magazine and it ran one of the greatest covers of a magazine, ever, IMHO. 30yrs as host,pxp,reporter in NASCAR,indycar, CFB,& CBB. If Walter Peyton had ever sit on my lap, I’d have been permanently disabled. Was worth it to make a statement. ( Log Out /  They clearly pointed the way to where they were going. #ToTheNextStep pic.twitter.com/ZIBHFvFZeJ. Turmoil in Venezuela? In 2015, ESPN cut 350 employees. A Tampa native back home after earning a B.A. Will Airport COVID Testing Affect your Next Disney Vacation? Maybe if they hadn't got so political they wouldn't lost viewers. Sorry, not feeling bad for any of you. While I feel sorry for the ones behind the scenes that suffered, it’s the high paid on air idiots with all their Social bullshit that have turned off fans and hence ratings. https://t.co/uCI1Ct3FHG, MORE:  Why ESPN is cutting so much talent. 2 yrs flew by @espn. Front Office Sports reports ESPN is preparing for another round of layoffs. Because the earlier ESPN statement said they were going to “mostly” eliminate the politically correct stuff. I have God, my family and friends that will always be there for me. We need to also do this to all companies. The network wants those people to be able to break the news to family, friends and colleagues in their own time and their own way. If the expected budget cuts do occur, it will mark the third time in just five years that ESPN instituted sweeping layoffs and a steep budget-cutting campaign. People are tired of athletes and owners feeling they have the “pulse” of society, and then having to listen to their ridiculous and trash-talked arguments. Talent whose contracts are up soon will also not be renewed, the reports say.