This will reveal the final emblem. Bretman uses the sphere’s power yet again, this time it creates a portal. After the pirate drama, the remaining guests unlock yet another exhibit. 5/7. and the Terms and Policies, The content creators explore an Indian-themed exhibit and contend with Garuda, a bird-man hybrid of folkloric legend. Episode Guide Until, finally they complete it. They then open a portal to Purgatory to save the fallen guests from the Museum of the Dead. The Collector returns to the museum with her most terrifying collection yet and unleashes it on the YouTubers. Joey revealed in an interview that they lost their original filming location in December, forcing them to have to look for a new one fast. Colleen pretty much carries this, she tells Bretman what she think sounds more right. They enter the lamp. They then finally head off to the Ancient chinese exhibit. Joey in the coffin from Season 2. Joey tries putting Egypt, and Bretman, gets it right. The expression on her face is priceless. A reality competition series in which party guests find themselves in an estate in a past era, and must participate in challenges and solve puzzles to get out. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 4; Episodes. The video resurrect a pharaoh once killed by mistake. This Season 2 original was featured in Escape the Night Season 4. Season 4 was nominated for 5 Streamy Awards - Costume Design (. They start reading it out loud. Fifth Death The Man with No Name - Escape the Night S3 (Ep 4) - YouTube 4 They then quickly turn all statues towards the Minotaur’s head. If the Sorceress can’t kill the Collector, who could? Justine appears to be angry in the billboard picture, and the Escape the Night Instagram team responded with, "She is.". During the final challenge Nikita knocks down Colleen's structure. They somehow get by without even getting close to being caught. Season 4 is the only season that has had both a revival and a challenge with no deaths. 2021) Unraveling the Mystery Pt. Originally there were supposed to be two new guests this season both having the plotline of being brought by one of the returning season 3 victors. Welcome to "Escape the Night." The fight between the Collector and the Sorceress continues getting more and more intense. Then the fight continues. Rosanna Pansino now holds the record for most episodes in a row being alive without being in a challenge, 8, beating Eva Gutowski's record of 7. Register Start a Wiki . Go behind the scenes and learn more about various creatures that inhabit the museum. Air Date In an effort to save video makers past from The Collector of the Dead, Joey ventures to her museum. “The last and final emblem, lies beneath the mouth of a once-great beast”. Season 4 guide for Escape the Night TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. They later cross paths with a noteworthy wizard to learn the mystery of the Standing Stone. The gang works to rescue a genie imprisoned in a mystical lamp to secure the next key. Escape The Night. Colleen BallingerBretman Rock, In the new season of Escape The Night, Joey Graceffa ventures into purgatory to rescue his friends, who have fallen in past eras, from the clutches of the Collector. The Collector rises from her ashes, because you cannot kill her in HER museum. This is a dinner party to die for. With no luck of finding anyone. Joey and his rescued friends learn that even though they have been saved from purgatory, a new evil unleashed as The Collector opens up the Ancient Egyptian Exhibit and the vicious Pharoah summons his terrifying mummy. Joey and his friend encounter a mysterious bird in the Indian exhibit and learn that they must collect two blades to kill the bird. Then Lucy and the blue harpie storms in again, but yet again misses them. They recruit Merlin to uncover the secrets of Standing Stone and crown one of them King of Britannia. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. They find a scroll, but while reading it Lucy and the blue harpie comes in and they hide under the table. Joey Graceffa ventures into purgatory to rescue his friends, who have fallen in past eras, from the clutches of the Collector. It was revealed that when Joey pulled the blue crystal off the Carnival Master's chest, it caused Liza's display case to shatter, freeing Liza who finds herself in the Museum of the Dead. They were right, wooo. July 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. There was a behind the scenes video on Joey's YouTube channel, but is not counted as it is not part of the Premium episodes, like in previous seasons. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Season 4 Episode 1 - Collecting the Dead: Part 1. The word is five letters. the others enter the minotaur's maze to unlock an ancient artifact needed to claim the next key. After hearing Liza's pleas for help, the Society Against Evil enlists him, Joey, and Nikita Dragun. Episode 8 will be the second episode of the series to contain the revival of a deceased guest. Sweet revenge is coming. They head into the room with the souls of their lost friends and uses the sphere to set their soul free to the afterlife. He return's in Episode 7 and is seen with the The Unquenchable Fire . Benjamin, Lucy, the blue Harpie, the Vampire, High tower, the guardian monster from season 1, and lastly, the freaking Carnival master! She snuck into a room at the museum where she found a telecommunication network linking to the crystal. They find themselves hunted by a band of pirates. Timothy escapes from his exhibit in the Museum of the Dead, with the help of Joey and Bretman. Fourth Death Category:Season 4 Cast | Escape The Night Wiki | Fandom. The Collector Returns is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Escape the Night. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Once they escape, Colleen had ripped the note from being too scared, so they don’t know where to go, except that it’s something to do with a beast. Right after he snatches the key from her and they run into the lounge. Cookies help us deliver our services. Adding to that, they have to pour the blood over Excalibur once they get to it. Tana Mongeau This is obviously related to the pirates, but the X is in the sands of Egypt. The Carnival master does a chant of some sort. This lists all of the deaths of guests in the show, as well as who was voted into the challenge in each episode and similar information. Joined by Ryu and Jael. They’re confused. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. They head to the area with the dinosaur statues, and look around to find nothing. Joey revealed in a video that on the first day of shooting Season 4, they lost power on set and had to wait an extra hour before they could film the first episode. Escaped It’s a very sweet moment, but they gotta get going. When Alex, Ro, Colleen and Justine get captured, he and the remaining Youtubers encounter the Sorceress, who tells the group that although she's mad at Joey, she is also on their side as she too wants to escape the museum. Sixth Death A genie has been trapped in a lamp and the YouTubers must find a way to free him to get the next key. He return's once more in Episode 10 after seeing Colleen and Bretman escape purgatory he soon realizes Rosanna is dead forever. Season 4 In the end, two guests must be voted in. DeStorm Power Episode 7 was the first time any guest had volunteered to take the place of someone who had been voted into a challenge. Deaths Season 4 finale. Of course they get chased once again. Joey grabs it out, and behold, the sixth emblem. Be the first one to add a plot. Nikita is assigned to retrieving the Carnival Master's Crystal. As of Episode 8, Alex Wassabi now holds the record for the most amount of times voted into the Death Challenge, with 7. They immediately know where to go, but of course, the monsters are the problem here. Don't have an account? Who's fate will be decided tonight? Wikis. THE ALLSTAR GUESTS ARE REVEALED Escape The Night Teaser 2, Escape the Night Season 4 All Stars OFFICIAL TRAILER, All The Voting Scenes! Plus a new sketch comedy series from Down Under, Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! 499 Pages. Bretman being the smart bitch that he is, spots that if you stand on it, it makes an X out of the X on the ground, and light hitting it. The gang stumbles upon a map with the whereabouts of the next key. The Collector’s wrath breaks loose, and she sends out her most frightening exhibit yet! This is the first season to feature guests that died in the previous seasons. In this surreality competition series, hosted by Joey Graceffa, 10 guests are invited from the modern world to attend a dinner at his newly acquired mansion estate, which has been locked in the 1920's; when America was roaring... roaring with madness. Joey and Bretman sneak their way over to her. Only Joey and Bretman Rock make it through before the portal closes as the Crown of Oblivion shattered into pieces due to the amount of power needed to open the portal. Second Death They get teleported back to Matt and Nikita. Colleen is terrified and CANNOT STOP TALKING. Once there, they come face-to-face with the Cursed God once more, and they struggle to unlock his tomb before a dinosaur gets to them first. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Next emblem, next clue. Escape The Night Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Seventh Death After asking Joey to come to save his friends, she is caught by The Collector, who stabs her & takes her soul. “The next one lies where the Emperor once sat to think”. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! The group are realizing that they’re screwed. They head off to the arabian exhibit. Key: The guest died due to the guests betraying him/her. Games Movies TV Video. The lists below contain the various challenges seen in Escape the Night from every season 1 Season 1 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 4 Season 4 Episode 1: Does not contain a challenge. (Guest died by poison without a vote.) They later cross paths with a noteworthy wizard to learn the mystery of the Standing Stone. September 4th, 2019 Rosanna Pansino It reads: “The letters of a land forgotten by time can release me”. Season 4 is the second season to have equality of genders in the final 4. They find excalibur and around it are.. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. The Emperor of China faces the threat of rebellion and invasion if he does not secure a wife and thus an heir to the throne. She makes it out and doesn't feel much remorse. Additionally, Joey Graceffa was behind both of the revivals, joined by Safiya Nygaard in Season 3. “Excalibur calls you. the gorgon returns to the museum and turns one of the members of the group to stone. They’re terrified, understandable, they set off and run off to get away from their past haunting them. Rosanna and Matt hug as they see each other again. Meanwhile, the remaining members of the group head deep into the Minotaur's lair in pursuit of a relic that will help them secure the next key. Later, they must outwit Scheherazade and her thugs to escape the Arabian area of the museum. He grabs Pandora’s box and opens it up. This Season 3 survivor was featured in Escape the Night Season 4. Joey smirks and runs back into the museum. They decide to go for it, and run off to the egyptian exhibit, and close the door on them. Previous Episode And low and behold, it works. What a selfish bitch!