He was known as a womanizer towards the latter days of his ruling but there are records saying that he enjoyed ssireum, Korean folk wrestling. An eunuch who serves Ta-hwan when he ascends the throne as Yuan’s emperor. She is good in war strategies. The fact that Seung-Nyang ends up liking him was a bit out-of-character in my opinion. it’s just too perfect. Most of them are from books and websites such as Wikipedia. I'll protect you and give you the throne." Jeom Bak-yi (Yoo Yong-hyun): Wang Yoo’s henchman. [Tangqishi]. He won’t hesitate to get rid of those he hates. Wang Yoo (Joo Jin-mo): ruler of the Goryeo Dynasty. It’s hard to write this part of the review without spoilers so here goes. He’s Ta-hwan’s most trusted personnel among those officials plotting around him. However, with the birth of Wang Jeong/ King Chunghye, Chungsuk revoked his status and passed over the title King of Shimyang/ Shenyang (later King of Shim/Shen) to him. ( Log Out /  Although he’s born as Emperor Myungjong’s eldest son, his right to ascend the throne is defied by the powerful officials who places his younger step-brother on the throne instead of him. At 51 episodes, it may seem tiring to watch the whole thing but surprisingly, there was really no downtime to the plot and there was no filler episodes to draw things out; it was one exciting episode to the next with no rest until the very end. King Chungsuk (Kwon Tae-won): Wang Yoo’s father. Escaped after the fall of Mongol rule and Sunje died, hence Ayushiridar ascended the throne. Empress Ki is a highly romanticized historical romance that is loosely based on the real life historical figure. to Ayushiridara, "Sire. Coming from the elite family of Mongol, she was the late king’s empress. He returns to Goryeo but soon finds out that Seung-nyang is now in stuck in between him and Ta-hwan. Ayushiridara: Ta-hwan and Seung-nyang’s Son – He is the apple of the eye of his parents, growing up receiving love and care from them. Dangkise is another addition to the power trying to disrupt his plan. - after revealing her true gender to Wang Yoo, "I never cared about you. Daughter of the highest ranking official with a bad case of jealousy. I’ve been trying to find out the meaning of that name. Seung-Nyang and Wang Yoo was the ideal couple and the chemistry was right but the scriptwriters decided to break them apart and force her with the Chinese Emperor who had no power and was pretty useless. He managed to annihilate El Temür’s family who was a constant threat to the royal family and himself. He then sends Ta-hwan into exile and places Ta-hwan’s younger step-brother on the throne, acting as his puppet. https://empress-ki.fandom.com/wiki/Ki_Seung_Nyang?oldid=149. His greatest achievement was compiling the history of the Liao, Jin, and Song Dynasties when he became the Chancellor. He falls for Seung-nyang when he meets her in Goryeo and she protects him with her lies. Yoo helps Seung-nyang to return to the palace after she is ousted because of the evil scheming. He was made the Chancellor and exercised great power in the position. - her revenge oath, "I'm still the same me. Ki Seung Nyang Status: Alive Origin: Korean, Goryeo Alias: Ki Nyang Nyang Consort Ki Empress Ki Nickname/s: Sungyang the Jackal Title(s): Mama (as Consort Ki) Hwang-hu mama (as Empress Ki) Allegiance: Goryeo. She grows closer to Ta-hwan, but his betrayal causes the death of her father and she vows to avenge him. Dangkise (Kim Jeong-hyun): Yeon-chul’s eldest son. Since Empress Ki will be a 50-episode drama, this is a character description post for reference, translated from the drama’s official website. Daughter of El Temür, she was married off to the young Emperor Sunje to secure the power of her family in the court. Taltal (Jin Yi-han): Baek Ahn’s nephew; Yuan’s future Prime Minister. But then, it’s actually part of his plan to deceive Wang Go while investigating the man in secret, meeting Seung-nyang in the process. A Yuan minister who served the court under Sunje’s rule. When she hears the news about Concubine Park being pregnant, her jealousy fires up, sending her on a witch hunt to kill the concubine and also weeding out the other palace maids that might have caught the emperor’s attention. He broke the influence of the Great Empress Dowager by sending her to exile and when Danashiri’s family was accused of treason, causing Danashiri to be killed as well. The person behind the assassination of the late king, he managed to block the attempt to place the late king’s eldest son Ta-hwan on the throne. I think some called them slaves and yes while they were slaves in Korea, they underwent an inspection in China; some were chosen as palace maids and some were even chosen to become concubines, wives of the Emperor. He finally became the emperor after Rinchinbal’s death, but the real power was in the hands of Tugh Temür’s widow Khatun Budashiri, who was made the Great Empress Dowager, and also the family members of his first empress Danashiri. Obeying only the words of his father and his older brother, he thinks lowly of Goryeo born, and doesn’t spare an ounce of respect towards the eunuchs and the  palace maids. Also, please be considerate of others by not posting spoilers. Heuksoo (Oh Gwang-rok): Leader of Eagle Group – He is the leader of the Eagle Group which deals as trader and also selling wanderers as slaves. Sunje made her his royal concubine and Ki became the object of jealousy of Empress Danashiri, Sunje’s legitimate wife. He also became one of Sunje’s closest supporters before he was ousted and exiled, then eventually assassinated by his rival Hama. (Mongolian name Ukhantu Khan Togon Temür, Posthumous name Sunje/ Shundi, Temple name Hyejong/Huizhong), (Birth name Wang Jeong, Mongolian name: Budashiri), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Movie Recs: Brotherhood on the Big Screen, The Ups and Downs of Joseon Princesses’ Lives, Time to Hunt Actors – CINE21 No.