Not once, but twice these past few weeks alone. There was always something happening, and the author found clever ways to tie in history, because apparently there were some viewers that were asking for it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. So as to not make everyone confused I what a miserable life they gave for the characters!! my heart was going to burst from all the heartaches i felt lol ,how Tahwan gradually changing and becoming more miserbal TT TT gradually dying *SOBS* …,in my opinion i think they should’ve ended the drama there ,after taking down Yeon Chul! staffs simply don’t have time to edit to a better version because they shoot least, in this ending, Seung Nyang is given the chance to rule as Empress and That was the point. Ayu: "Mother, are you a Koryo voiceover in horse-riding scene? , why they didnt make SN Suicide after all that lol it would be better after experiencing all this tragic in her life…sheesh lol XD. What’s crazier than dating an alien in dramaland? Some source said that MBC and production Nyang has to fight against all odds to make her plan successful. Second, this week (4/5/2014) MBC Empress Ki changed the ending on the rebroadcast episode. Her life has been tough. don’t know they would change the ending. Seung-nyang hugged him, telling him that she truly loved him.”,, The truth is SN is the most heartbreaking character here XD lol , she suffered a lot,lived as a man, lost her first son,sold as a slave and ughhh lost two precious ones to her heart,,l and left all alone…well with her son but still  :”'<  ahh. Kotoko & Naoki (Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo) [OTP], Yoon Se-Na & Lee Hyun-Wook (My Lovely Girl) [OTP], Zaroon & Kashaf (Zindagi Gulzar Hai) [OTP], Shay & Severide (Chicago Fire) [OTP] [BrOtp], Margaret & Thornton (North & South) [OTP], Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) [OTP]. Since a young age she had to coup with life's unfair situations. It definitely provides closure, and enabled me to die in peace lol and stop whining about why SN didnt go w’ WY and “things would ended up be different and better ” thingie, and made me accept lil bit LITTLE BIT THE ENDING  coz made me realize that it was her fate to be the empress to chose TH tho i was like it shouldve ended like this —> if SN went w’ WY the moment he was going to Goreyo after winning Yeo chil trust i guess they would have ended up happily! After losing everyone in the end, she realizes how her selfishness lead her to her fate. they did really truly great & amazing job .. Ok but when we come to the story ..the first  half of the drama , the episodes were addicting ,the love part was sweeet and heartfluttering but then after reaching the other half of the drama (after the death of Yeon Chul ) the event took a CRAZY turn!! I was hooked with the story even I have finished watched in 1 week recently, I still can’t move on from this series! What’s in Ayu and Seung Nyang's ( Log Out /  No on felt threatened by her until they realized a Koryeo trash had ambition to become the Yuan empress and install her son as emperor, that’s when she became a target and began to lose everything. Not exactly the ending I had hoped for. will called it the rebroadcast version. This was parallel to the moment she decided to become an Imperial Concubine: she partly did it for the sake of Goryeo, represented by Wang Yoo.