His family has asked for memorials be sent to the UNT College of Music Keith Johnson Graduate Trumpet Endowment Fund; the New Hampshire Music Festival , PO Box 64 , Plymouth, NH 03264; or to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Bass was the first guest on The Carlos Watson Show which will run on OZY and YouTube. As Bass has emerged as a potential vice presidential pick, Republicans have seized on Bass’ history of visits to Cuba. Emilia Bass-Lechuga Death – Dead: Emilia Bass-Lechuga Obituary, Cause of Death. we got to know about this through the news posted across social medias earlier today. He was selected by the International Trumpet Guild to receive the Award of Merit for service to the trumpet profession at the ITG Convention in 2012, and in the summer of 2013 was presented a Distinguished Service Award by the New Hampshire Music Festival for fifty years of service as co-principal trumpet of the Festival Orchestra. Our words were different. Be the first to comment . Ark … The 66-year-old chair of the Congressional Black Caucus has been fighting for social justice since she was just 14. The daughter and son-in-law of state Assemblywoman Karen Bass were killed in a car accident on the San Diego (I-405) Freeway near La Tijera Boulevard in Westchester early Sunday, October 29th, officials said. Polling that his university does with AdsMovil, a Hispanic advertising company, shows that a large share of Latinos who support Trump are solidly Trumpists and about 55 percent of Cuban Americans say they are pro-Trump. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Bass, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, said she's working on a proposal with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus and the Native American women serving in Congress for targeted intervention in their communities to address COVID-19. It is with incredible sadness and heavy hearts that we announce that our friend and colleague has passed away. “When I was growing up and in my late teens, that’s the way we worked. Recent polls show President Donald Trump is lagging there. Income : $946,505,775. I’ve belonged to one party my entire life and that’s the Democratic Party and I’m a Christian,” Bass told NBC News. Stephen Terrell Death – Dead: Stephen Terrell Obituary, Cause of Death. Name . In 2015, his son Beau died from cancer. Though she's not fluent, she knows medical terms. "We raised them together. When the cameras were off, she was with the community. He played Baroque trumpet with the Dalls Bach Society, Fort Worth Early Music, the Orchestra of New Spain, the Texas Baroque Trumpet Ensemble, the San Francisco Bach Choir and Orchestra, Texas Camerata and the New York Baroque Orchestra. Bass’ former husband, Jesús Lechuga, was Chicano and a leader in the Chicano Movement, she said. The group also worked on health care and police reform with Latino organizers such as Antonio Villaraigosa, who later became mayor of Los Angeles. In 1990, while working as an emergency room physicians assistant, Bass started the Community Coalition organization, which she said she formed “consciously” as an African American and Latino group to address health needs amid the crack cocaine epidemic and provide alternatives to the government’s punitive response to the issues. They have nothing to say, so resurrecting the ghost of Joe McCarthy and George Wallace is their best game right now.”. She also said on the talk show, that the idea that people would discuss her in the context of potentially being the next VP is “very humbling.”. She said the GOP has more material to work with because Bass did accompany President Barack Obama to Cuba when he normalized relations with the country and she traveled to the country several times starting at 19, when she went to build houses. They met on her first trip to Cuba; Bass changed her name to Bass Lechuga while she was married. var playerInstance_5330991 = jwplayer( "jwppp-video-5330991" ); "How do they explain the fact that the economy dropped to its lowest point in U.S. history? Loading the player... Prior to UNT, he was Professor of Trumpet at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. His students hold playing and teaching positions in orchestras, bands and universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, England, France, Spain, Germany and Romania. Follow NBC Latino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. News Out-of-state organizers went … The congresswoman and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee says that the most difficult thing about losing a child in public office is that you 'don’t have an opportunity to grieve privately'. He died on July 30, 2020. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Next. For every start of a journey, there must be an end. Celebrate his life, leave a kind word for him. His journey has sadly come to an end on earth. Renteria said that “in the lead up of getting to know a candidate, it’s really validating to say who this person is. Joe Biden is expected to announce his highly-anticipated VP pick in just days. The youngest one, about a month ago asked me to formally adopt her because of her son," said Bass. Keith Johnson cause of death is still unknown. Renteria said Bass has this experience as a member and later speaker of the California Assembly, the first African-American woman in that position. It's an overture to the significant segment of Cuban American and other Latino voters in the swing state of Florida who have backed Republican candidates over their hardline stances against the communist country. “The most difficult part of it was, and it was the same with (Biden), is when those accidents happened, both of us were in public life,” Bass said, “So you don’t have an opportunity to grieve privately.”. People who associate socialism with violence in countries they or their families or others were forced to flee are associating violence in protests during Black Lives Matter demonstrations with the turmoil of the countries they fled, ideas that are fed by local media coverage, Gamarra said. He also performed with the symphony orchestras of Dallas, Shreveport, Kansas City, Cape Town, the Mexico City Philharmonic, the Mexico City Symphony, the Solistas de Mexico, and the Orchestra of the Mineria Festival (Mexico City). He performed with the Dallas Opera, the Fort Worth Symphony, the New Hampshire Music Festival and the Sundance Brass Quintet. “How do they explain the death rate in Florida? Bass said. Amanda Renteria, Hillary Clinton’s national political director in her 2016 campaign, said Democratic candidates are forced year after year to respond to Republican accusations that they are socialists or soft on communism. “I know dueles (hurts),” she said. “The Latino population is often painted as only being interested in immigration, and the black population is painted as only interested in race. playerInstance_5330991.setup({ To help get the word get out, please consider sharing this link with your friends and on your social media! He was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Trumpet Guild, and for eight years was music review editor for the International Trumpet Guild Journal. I don’t think any of those are true,” Bass said. How do they explain the fact that COVID is completely out of control in the United States?" In her 14 years with Community Coalition, Bass said the group fought California’s anti-immigrant Proposition 187 and helped undocumented students “before the word Dreamer existed." Watson, an award-winning journalist, and entrepreneur launched OZY in 2013. News. READ MORE: Rep. Karen Bass emerges as possible running mate for Joe Biden. He is the author of two highly acclaimed books, The Art of Trumpet Playing (Iowa State University Press/Gore Publications) and Brass Performance and Pedagogy (Prentice-Hall), and published more than forty articles on brass playing as well as a method book entitled Developing the Upper Register. Bass worked at the public hospital in L.A. County where she said she often had to use Spanish. The focus on her Cuba record has diverted attention and headlines from what Bass said is her almost five decades of work with Latinos, first as a community organizer, then in the California Assembly and as a congresswoman representing a Los Angeles district that is 39 percent Latino, 25 percent Black, 25 percent white and 8 percent Asian. “I don’t need to be vice president to work on this,” she said. Friends, Family and loved ones are extremely sad and currently grieving as the news of his death was announced. US Representative Karen Bass of California is emerging as a front-runner for the coveted slot of the vice-presidential pick to run alongside Joe Biden. Bass told Watson that the trauma of losing her beloved family members made her feel like, “nothing else can happen to me.”, She also compared that pain to the traumatization that many Americans are experiencing under the Donald Trump administration.