Although not every combination of prefixes and suffixes will sound right, usually only a minor change is called for. If you’re looking for elf names, this elven name generator is built to be a starting point! Non-English Lord of the Rings Book-Dialogue, Non-English Fellowship of the Ring Movie-Dialogue, Non-English The Two Towers Movie-Dialogue, Non-English Return of the King Movie-Dialogue, Elvish Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-Lyrics, Elvish The Return of the King Soundtrack-Lyrics, Simplified Pronunciation Transcription System, Old English (Rohirric) Pronunciation Guide. For his novel Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien constructed many Elvish languages. (By this time, Tolkien had designated the elvish language Quenya as used primarily for either poetry or ritual, in the same manner as Latin.). Tolkien's fantasy world originally developed from his interest in languages. This page is not an official publication and is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by the estate of J.R.R. A very small amount of the Sindarin language is quoted here under fair use. Anenfel could mean “The Hand of Autumn’s Lake,” “Lake of Autumn’s Hand,” “Autumns Hand,” or just “Autumn Lake.” Don’t worry about two names sharing the same meaning or having two definitions for one name. According to The Complete Book of Elves, the elven language is so full of subtlety and nuance that only native speakers fully understand it. The fact that the names can often look like random letters can be a double edge sword. Feel free to change any or all of the options. If you can’t make a particular name work, try one with a similar meaning. These formal House names would be used for ancient noble houses, usually of Grey or Gold Elf Descent. Or if you think that generators are fun and all — but that you’d rather create your own elven name? In the case of a three or more syllable name, try dropping one or more of the definitions.Above all Remeber that these names can be a mixture of two naming conventions and may not truely reflect a personality of the name but the Mix of both Personality and Traditions, Roll once on Table 2 and twice on Table 3, Roll once on Table 2 and once on Table 3 for a first name, then once on Table 2 and twice on Table 3 for a second name, Roll once on Table 3, add an apostrophe, then roll once on Table 2 and twice on Table 3, Roll once on Table 4 and twice on Table 5. The extremely limited quotation of Tolkien's works is in no way intended to harm or undermine the market value of those works, rather to encourage fans to engage with and seek out those works. If you didn’t like “Reithar,” try a name that means “Bear-Sister” instead. They are considered mature at around 100 years old and can live for over several hundreds of years. If you are looking for elf names for any kind of character like, gaming, username or christmas elf names.If you are using it manually, it’s too hard to find names. You can combine other similar suffixes to get equally valid names. Sindarin and Quenya are two of the major languages spoken by the Elves. Copyright © 1999 — 2019 Emma Davies and Saxon Bullock, Queries? Considered one of the best archers in the entire army. They usually also share similar naming traits, which are usually melodic, somewhat long, and sometimes hard to pronounce. That means no random syllable games being passed off as Tolkien’s languages. This is awesome! They can be quite long, especially from a human point of view. Each name is computer-generated and we encourage you to do further research on naming traditions and meanings for your exact region. Silvermoon, Whitefox, and Pineroot are good examples. Although not every combination of prefixes and suffixes will sound right, usually only a minor change is called for. We bear no responsibility for the consequences of using someone else's name. Tolkien wrote a fairly significant dictionary and grammatical rules for the Goldogrin language, and used it when writing the earliest stories relating to Middle-Earth's history that were eventually collected together into The Book of Lost Tales. The information contained in this site is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or timeliness. Elves prefer names that flow off the tongue like wind through the trees. Here you will generate 20 elf names with first name and last name at a time and category wise (Male and Female). Enjoy! Elf designed by Ddraw. The purpose of this name list is to give you a close Elvish translation of your name, without being long, unpronouncable, or "non-Elvish-sounding". Left he city he was born for a more untamed region due to certain bad financial mishap. This is awesome! Female High Elves are considered to be equal to men, both in their general abilities, magic, and fighting prowess. Then be sure to save them to your Saved List which can be viewed again from the same computer! Males have names which often end up with “-ion”, “-nil”, “-dil”, while Female names end up with “-ielle”, “-ya”, and “-nde”.