Gemma Johnstone. Instead, each city or area had its own Egyptian gods, which is why there are so many. Not all of these tombs and cemeteries contained human remains. Seisi: a occupational title for the superintendent of a granary. He is also called “yesterday and today”. When it comes to the domestic pets of ancient Egypt, most people naturally think of the cat who is often depicted as a god-like and revered creature. Cats most certainly have their place in ancient Egyptian mythology and culture, but the dog also played a large role in life and religion. For example, historians are still stumped as to the purpose of the Imiut fetish: a symbol associated with Anubis. 5 Egyptian Dog Breeds Learn about the ancient breeds with Egyptian origins. Anubis’ image was also likely borne as an interpretation of stray dogs and jackals that had the tendency to dig up and scavenge freshly buried corpses. The Origins Of Anubis, The Egyptian Dog God. In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that the heart was where a person’s emotions, intellect, will, and morality were contained. She has been involved in the Pet Industry for over 15 years. Interestingly, the god’s name “Anubis” is actually Greek. we were looking for dog names for fun and we found the name hazel and we really liked it so then we had no idea that the next day we were going to the pet store but we did and we bought a dog and named it hazel. A copy of the Book of the Dead on papyrus. By doing so, he created the famous Egyptian process of mummification and was from then on considered the patron god of embalmers. As such, a symbol of Anubis includes the color black and those objects associated with the dead like mummy gauze. The fetish was an object, formed by tying a headless, stuffed animal skin to a pole by its tail, then fastening a lotus flower to the end. So, we have plenty of Greco-Roman names that came from Egypt. Some owners feel deep connections to ancient Egyptian mythology because they work in the field, enjoy Egyptian inspired entertainment, or have a general thirst for knowledge of all things Egyptian. The Egyptian god Kepri, Ra as the rising sun, was also often depicted as a scarab beetle or scarab beetle-headed man. Nephthys supposedly disliked her husband, instead preferring the powerful and mighty Osiris. Several domestic dog breeds, both extinct and extant, have strong ties and possibly came from Egypt. If you’re looking to use the Egyptians as inspiration for your dog’s name, you’re in luck. Egyptian statue of Anubis in his jackal animal form. Sometimes he assists people into the afterworld, sometimes he decides their fate once there, and sometimes he simply protects a corpse. Aker: an earth-related deity that symbolizes the two horizons. Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead and the Underworld. When Isis found out about the affair and the innocent child, however, she sought Anubis out and adopted him. He had the head of a jackal. Written by. Now that you know more about the Egyptian god of death, Anubis, read about the discovery of this ancient tomb filled with cat mummies. Here they would recite the Negative Confession, in which they declared their innocence from 42 sins, and purged themselves of evildoing in the face of the gods Osiris, Ma’at, goddess of truth and justice, Thoth, the god of writing and wisdom, 42 judges, and, of course, Anubis, the Egyptian jackal god of death and dying. Geb: for lack of a better description, this deity is “Father Earth”. He had the head of a jackal. As you’ll read, Anubis takes on many roles in the process of dying and being dead. Metropolitan Museum of ArtEgyptian statue of Anubis in his jackal animal form. If the heart was lighter than the feather, the person would be ferried to the Field of Reeds, a place of eternal life that closely resembled life on earth. Strange that a civilization known to worship cats should come to personify death as a dog. Mountains are said to be his bones. Updated 02/26/20. Aset: also called “Isis”, this name translates roughly to “The Throne”. He is the god of the afterlife and guides the dead to their destination. Anubis is shown next to the golden scales. Egyptian statue depicting a worshiper kneeling before Anubis. Anubis is often depicted as a large and powerful god with the body of a man and the head of a dog. Instead, he took over as Egyptian god of death, replacing his son, Anubis. Read Later ; Print. Anubis is one of the most recognized Egyptian gods and symbols today thanks to his appearances in several books, movies, and television shows over the years. In movies such as Stargate, the image of Anubis is used as one of Ra's, the main villain, henchmen and executioners. Remove Ads Advertisement. Check out some of these popular options: The Egyptians have many, many deities, called “Netjer” in their language. Which Egyptian Dog Name Did You Choose Unfortunately, Set also found out about the affair and in vengeance, killed and dismembered Osiris, then flung the pieces of his body into the Nile River. Sobek: the crocodile god who is seen as a deity of protection, healing, and vengeance. Metropolitan Museum of ArtAnubis weighing a heart against a feather, as depicted on the walls of Nakhtamun’s tomb. These animals were thus tied to the concept of death. Wepwawet or Anubis: the “opener of the way”, this deity was a guide of the dead. Anubis is shown next to the golden scales. 5.0 out of 5 stars 7. At the same time, these mythical creatures in a form of amulet were also common in mummification and funeral processions. However, unlike those of the other gods and goddesses, most of Anubis’ temples appear in the form of tombs and cemeteries. Historians believe the idea of Anubis developed some time during Ancient Egypt’s Predynastic Period of 6000-3150 BC as the first image of him appears on tomb walls during Egypt’s First Dynasty, the first group of pharaohs to rule over a unified Egypt. Ultimate List of the Top 500+ Country Dog Names – Southern, Western, and Redneck Puppy Name Ideas, The Best Dog Food for German Shepherds | Reviews and Ratings of the Top Wet and Dry Brands, Phoenix: mythological bird that rose from the ashes, Benipe: iron. He’s also often confused with the earlier jackal god Wepwawet. Looking at these names is a great way to get some inspirations for your new dog’s moniker. Because of this, Anubis lost his status as the king of the dead and his origin story was rewritten to subordinate him to the green-skinned Osiris. Bat: a deity of cows, the sky, and fertility. His body is dark-skinned, and his head is black with long pointed ears. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. They served a roll in hunting, as guard and police dogs, in military actions and as household pets. Wesir or Osiris: A deity of the underworld who is the husband of Aset. image: Wikimedia Commons. While we know quite a lot about Anubis, some things remain mysterious to this very day. Dog owners can name their dogs anything they want, regardless of breed, size, or color but there are some considerations owners may want to take when choosing the Egyptian theme. Her name means “truth”, though she is also associated with order and judgment. Bast or Bastet: a cat deity whose name means “devouring lady”. Wikimedia CommonsEgyptian statue depicting a worshiper kneeling before Anubis. Eventually, Heka became synonymous with “magic”. Naming a dog is an important custom for many people and not one taken lightly. Hannah McKennett is a Dublin-based freelance writer that is dedicated to traveling the world while writing about it. His form and function changed over the course of Egyptian history, though he is typically considered a deity of rulers and the sky.