gear | Close the gate along the backroads. This project creates local employment opportunities, and serves as medium for community involvement; recreational opportunities help to support the community and the economy. Know your vehicles capabilties, bring another rig along when possible & always have a tow strap and a few good maps. The long term benefit will be there for us all. B-Road is the artery from which all the tributaries making up the recreation area begin. My comments to each of the entities was that I think it is a very bad idea to invest in an OHV economy,  the dream of the Adventure Trails project. Susan Greenleaf - 3/29/17, I am in favor of approving this grant that creates signage @ maps for the Buttermilk/Tungsten areas. 2WD vs. AWD vs. 4X4 - know the difference. The areas here are vast and personnel few-the agencies are badly underfunded and unable to protect and maintain our public lands. Especially on holiday weekends or summer months, crowds are common in California. Snow patches can be decieving. However, no matter how many signs, maps or well designed trails there are, there is a percentage of OHMV riders who will carve the landscape at their whim. The BLM and Forest Service will need all the help they can get to maintain roads and trails. Know your cars limits. with Dirt Roads in California. Additional signage & maps in the Poleta area will also be valuable & encourage people to do the right thing. CBD is keeping a close eye on the situation. It will help provide guideline for users, provide guidance for users in selecting routes to their abilities. To find out more about membership in the association and our clubs, visit this link this link Placing tires on each side of the trench, to prevent unbalanced driving. Fire Danger: Your catalytic converter can cause a wildfire if you are parked ontop of dry brush for more than a few seconds. Almost every OHV entering the Buttermilk area will be from the Buttermilk Road entrance. beaten path & find that perfect meadow, waterfall or creek Why do they want to map and promote a loop that isn't legal? ads | Well signed trails that are properly maintained with available maps will encourage users to stay on the approved trails and reduce off-trail excursions thus improving the recreational experience for all users. SUV or 4x4 may be required for some roads. But we have all seen signs of damage where dirt bikes go off into the brush, which is clearly not on any route. I recall that the Inyo Forest Supervisor sent a letter to these guys a couple years ago stating that proposed Adventure Trail routes on USFS land were not permissible in the absence of environmental impact statements. We don't mind our neighbors doing what they want with the vehicle of their choice, but we resent very much their invitation that hordes of others come and join them. to such scenic interest as meadows, waterfalls, indian pictographs, great - Forrest Findsen - 3/24/17, I support this project because trails support communities and healthy lifestyles. I hope to see more of this each year for many many years. amzn_assoc_asins = "1934838071,0899974139,0966497643,0966497651,1930193246,1934838195,1930193203,0929591496,1930193238"; Indeed, the best roads in California are dirt! Additional signage & maps in the Poleta area will also be valuable and encourage people to do the right thing. Also because of the great biking trails that you have built up for us to all enjoy! I am a Modoc and I think that my family has watched non natives walk, ride and destroy our beautiful area. Straddle a deep rut in the road. They are all allowing A.T. to take the lead in this million dollar aggregate request and, to my knowledge, all except Death Valley are winking at this situation. I walk on public lands every day and I am continually distressed by ongoing illegal motorcycle riding activity and damage done to public ecosystems. And it only takes a few to make permanent scars on arid land, not to mention the destruction of plant and animal habitat. We are not going to rely on the good nature of the people who will be riding over our sacred lands. The ATV community is actively pursuing ways to upgrade training, signage and proper maps of our... and I stress 'our' recreational areas. Or at least get dirt on the Subaru. Many backcountry roads can be accessed by passenger cars, but use wise judgment when entering unfamiliar territory. These scenic areas listed on this page likely have small, narrow, unknown back road and remote highways. The adventure trails program is a way to insure OHV access to areas in the Eastern Sierra. The concern is that the centerpiece of A.T.s request is Buttermilk Road. Our/their interest is in managing these areas to provide a long lasting and enjoyable experience to all who come here to recreate. I do have some concern about the "loops" that will be signed. Nay sayers that want to take the easy way out by completely blocking off access to trail riding are just wrong. Without these projects, our trails would fall into disrepair and become unsustainable. The more vehicles we have, the more damage we will have, even it is a small percentage of users who don't follow the rules. It's too beautiful an area to turn into a motor track. Cell Phone Coverage: Remote areas of California and most forest back roads have NO SIGNAL (digital or analog). But it also tangentially concerns every agency who has applied from Inyo County except the Death Valley. B-Rd is closed to OHVs. Bob Hollander - 3/24/17, I see this as a backdoor and possibly illegal attempt to expand the pilot Adventure Trails project into USFS lands, notably the Buttermilk area. DanaMite's extensive list of California Back Roads. When two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither can pass, the vehicle facing downhill must back up until the vehicle going uphill can pass. Every meadow, every deer sighting, the clouds, the breeze. Lois Alexander - 3/22/17, I support this project because trails support communities and healthy lifestyles. But motorized vehicle recreation is the only form of recreation that is absolutely incompatible with any other. They have an understanding of the local needs and impact that is created by area visitors. Stream crossings is also a concern, as the stream side environment is already being degraded. RIGHT OF WAY See DanaMite's favorite forest service roads in California by number! journey | Standing still helps the connection if you find one. The outdoor toilet over in Poleta air also a great thing, this grant should help assure its future viability & continued maintenance. Great Areas High clearance vehicles, 4x4s & all. There some excellent opportunities for recreation, stewardship, and educational activities to learn about the geological history of the area, spectacular photographic opportunities as well. Get to know the real California landscape. This is an excellent project to enhance the recreational opportunities of this area of our state. Please stop, and respect us please. Use this directory to find a club in your area. The pre contact areas of the eastern sierras is Modoc Land. Thank you - Dan Connor - 4/3/17, Hi Marty, my name is Sharon Connor. How then can they now propose to sign additional routes on Forest Service land? B-Rd is not one of them. Patrick Woods - 3/28/17, The Adventure Trails proposal of mapping and signing 3 OHV loop trails in the Tungsten/Buttermilks area is a problem because the biggest loop, on the Buttermilk Rd., is mostly not legal for OHV use. So there needs to be a very significant buffer zone between OHV's and other forms of recreation. I and those of our neighbors who are paying attention are concerned that proposed new route maps will draw increasing numbers of riders right to our community, adversely affecting our quality of life and property values. Please respect the private lands along these roads & help keep the cattle in their place. I don't mind money for parking lots and bathrooms but I would like the trails decreased- not just better signage. The best scenic drives in California are often so crowded with tourists and traffic, that one can barely concentrate on relaxing. A patch of snow on a dirt road in spring/summer may look harmless, but there is guaranteed thick mud underneath. Glenn Clark - 3/9/17, I like to off-road in one of the areas proposed and think signage would help make for a funner experience, as well as protecting areas not meant for off-roading use. Thousand of miles of California backroads are awaiting your vehicle. Do not even amzn_assoc_title = "Off Road California"; I understand that the Forest Service has a multi use mission. This road is heavily used, without shoulders, and visibility is often poor. Mike Johnston - 3/28/17, This grant proposal should be approved and fully funded. They give lip service to such in the grant application but there is a culture of reckless use here. It is time to quiet the mind & take it all in. Eastern Sierra The Eastern Sierra is the remote east side of the Sierra Nevada region of California.The desert-like yearly rainfalls compete with small streams draining down from the snow-covered … lodge | This program will create a place for deep disrespect to the first people of this country. view points & most of all, seclusion. The handicap toilet ("porta-potty") at the Poleta parking lot is not just a simple convenience to visitors but is essential to maintaining the environmental (and health) quality of the area. The grant application greatly exaggerates the presence of land agency officials and their ability to provide stewardship. More signs/maps will help alleviate this important issue and make the area better for us all. The owners, a young couple with an infant, spent the last 5 days trying to dig out the RV with buckets and pots after their … In my travels thru these 2 highly visited areas, it is often difficult to actually determine if you are on legal trails or not. Tyler Frasca - 3/24/17, First off I'd like to thank you all for helping make the trails in the Eastern Sierras phenomenal. I don't feel that riders are responsible. In my travels thru these 2 areas it is often difficult to determine if you are on legal roads or not. Backroad travel leads to a full menu of Eastern Sierra locations. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! when venturing off pavement to dirt roads. recreation | Thank you Raul Hidalgo - 3/9/17, I believe that this grant will help enhance the existing roads and trails in the Tungsten Hills and the Buttermilk areas. I think this is a very good project to help people recreating in these areas. You can see lights thru bushes easier than a dark vehicle. Thank you for your time. It is a mistake to promote increased OHV use in this area until such time as promoters and users demonstrate shifts in attitude and focus.