"Origin of the idea of race." That said, it is factually that she was a daughter of the chief of the Powhatan tribe. The King of England formed and granted a royal charter to the London Company and the Plymouth Company (Interesting.com) to found a colony. Have you ever heard of the colony “Early Jamestown?” If you never heard of the colony or you don’t really know anything about it, then here’s some background information. The environment of Jamestown was also affected due to many settlers dumping their waste in the water thinking it would flush away, but in reality it would just sit there, causing the water to become fester and making people sick. Plymouth faced many hardships and aimed at producing profit for investors because its population was disgruntled people from Holland (radford, n.d.). The London Company—later known as the Virginia Company, originally founded Jamestown when some 100 English colonists under the command of John Smith, set out to settle in Virginia. Therefore, when they drank it, their salt intake was extremely high. Colonists would dump their trash and waste into the river, but the tides from the Chesapeake Bay pushed the trash and waste back into Jamestown instead of away from it. On other occasions, encounters between the colonists and the tribes turned violent, and the Native Americans occasionally killed colonists who strayed alone outside the fort. This leaves only 90 colonists left after the May of 1610. What do you think of when you hear the name, “Pocahontas”? This was all because of the environment, the diseases they were unprotected to, and the absence of rainfall. Living in Jamestown was tough for the English colonists as they encountered Powhatan’s Indians, whose ancestors had lived on the land for centuries. The final result of the conflict favored the English who, nonetheless, were forced to make appeal to the force of the American colonies in order to defeat the French. Also, the settlers arrived right in the middle of a horrible drought. Many Europeans viewed America as the New World. Manifest Destiny existed in the European mindset even before the phrase was coined. By 1611, 400 of the original 500 colonists had died. Old World : ("Massachusetts Colony") Among these were the Puritans, who wanted to purify the Church of England from harmful doctrines that were too similar to Roman Catholicism.…… [Read More], Slavery the Civil War and the Preservation, Slavery, The Civil ar and the Preservation of the Union This qualification, although…… [Read More], (Winthrop) The Indian tribes electing such life style were centered in present day Mexico City and by the time that this area began to be explored and settled by Europeans the farming life-style of these Indian tribes had been…… [Read More], Randolph Smithers December 30, 1676 ... The Virginia company traveled through the Chesapeake Bay and up the James River to an island. In conclusion, it seemed that the water, the skills, and the Indians were equivalent causes in the deaths colonists, and although the lack of effective people and the rivalry with the Patawamekes were plenty to have nearly destroyed the colony, I believe the number one cause was the brackish water.