As the first generation wasn’t perfect, the brand continued to optimize this engine in 2008 and created TSI EA888 Generation Two, which was produced till 2015. The Cheapest, Most Reliable Mercedes-AMG Cars Ever, Period! I am aware EA888 is just the name.of the engine series and specific model used in the golf R. The only known issues i found via my research is the early turbo Failursled (like no longer an issue) and engine oil starvation on the track (is possible if you push hard). Meanwhile, CPKA and CPRA are the prevalent motors in the American and Canadian markets. He knows everything about internal combustion engines. But that is also a very vague sign that could be the result of a lot of things. The more so that approx 20%-25% cars with gasoline engines after 2008, it is 1.8 TSI. any support will be so thankful. Oil filter housing: Nine times out of ten, 4-wheel drive automobiles feature CJSB engines. While the 1.8 TSI / TFSI engine generation does not always match the car’s production year, defective engines were completely removed from the offer by 2015. If you take care of the motor, it will serve you for 150,000-200,000 miles (250,000-300,000 kilometers) and even more. That being said this issue is only cause under extreme conditions. Identical to other turbocharged motors with direct injection, this one demands oil and fuel of good quality, periodical and efficient service. There are a ton of options out there depending on your budget, the look or style, and material type. All rights reserved. Loss in performance is a sign that this might be happening. This is a very time-consuming task or expensive if you have a shop do it. Thank you for reading our article and hope you enjoy it. The cheap gas has less cleaning additives that don’t help this situation and shorter drives dont allow the engine to heat up enough to burn off anything that might build up on the values. If we take into account the risk of adding from $780 to $2600 for the car, when there is a problem with taking oil, it makes it clear that this version is simply not worth buying. Disclosure: we may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post via affiliate links to products. I am not able to say clearly what you should choose, because it depends both on your budget and the purpose of the car. However, we are all a bit spoiled and don’t want to give up any power. It is worth noting, however, that a large group of cars from 2012–2015 already have improved engines. This information is not an official recommendation by the manufacturer. If your car does not use more than 0.2 liters of oil per 1000 km, it is only worth checking the timing chain and cleaning the unit from carbon deposits every 100,000 km.