It was a proper emotional rollercoaster.”. We look to resolve issues you are faced with, but to also shout about your successes and achievements. We rolled out OneDrive and Teams right across the organisation, and we moved to a cloud-first approach so that, if this ever happens again, we won’t lose all our files, “Of course, all that had a financial impact and we had to use money that had been earmarked for other projects, but it was the right thing to do. I like to be out and about all the campus’s interacting with you all, getting to know you and letting you get to know me, and I am not a person to be sat in an office! I have loved my time at college and feel passionate about students having a positive and valuable student experience. My main aim is to bring people together! Dundee and Angus College Science Department. On MyD&A you can view all announcements, update your personal details, view your timetable, check your attendance records and see when your next bursary payment is due. “The attack happened on Friday, 31 January and we had to send everyone home. Together, they form the Student Congress along with the Lead Representatives for each department across the college. Hewitt and the team realised that the cyber attack, devastating through it was, provided a unique opportunity. They demanded a ransom of exactly that amount, which we were never going to be able to pay.”. It was far from a simple process, however. We do not expect to delay the issue of work for more than 60 minutes unless in exceptional circumstances. We managed to convince the board to shift the budget forward to implement those planned changes immediately. “There is a digital strategy in place, so we knew the direction of travel over the next two years. Carbon Management Plan A Carbon Management Plan was produced in 2010 committing to a challenging 25% reduction in CO2e within 5 Years. If you forgot your password and are unable to reset it using one of the options above then staff at the College Help Points are on hand to reset the password on your behalf. Contact: Gardyne students can take their work (paper, disc, pen) to the department and discuss their requirements with the staff, who can offer advice on obtaining best value for money. Hewitt remembers feeling very emotional before he addressed them all that morning. I would love to make us more of a community where you leave college feeling like you were part of something really special and valued as a student! Ransomware attack: how one college pulled together to rebuild and recover, University leaders come together for new digital strategy framework, Forget on-campus vs online: the future is blended, say universities, Jisc supports the University of Buckingham to launch ground-breaking degree that truly embraces technology, New APC-free open access agreements test alternative funding models. “I had to get up in front of hundreds of staff and tell them what happened, to tell them that all their files, everything, had gone. For further support download our helpful guides below. But it was, again, a wonderful testament to the college culture.”. I promise to promote and support your voice across the College as a whole. After working through the weekend and telling students via social media and the college website that Monday classes were cancelled, all staff were called in for a meeting. The Elected Student Officers of Dundee & Angus College Students’ Associaiton include one full-time president and three part-time Vice Presidents who are specific to each of the three main campuses. As of 2013, it merged with Angus College in Arbroath, to become Dundee and Angus College (D&A College). Last year as President, I worked tirelessly to make sure that every voice, no matter how little, was listened to! “There was definitely a feeling of ‘we're all in this together’ which really shows the value of the college culture. To hear more from Simon Hewitt, sign up for Jisc’s security conference, free to attend online from 3-5 November 2020. “The cyber attackers had managed to get access to our bank account and knew how much money we had in it, which was the budget for the whole year. Kingsway and Arbroath students can come to Gardyne or submit work to Print Services at the Administration Office on campus. It is hugely important to me that we work continuously to be fully inclusive in providing what the students need, as individuals, as classes and as an entire college. For all your computer, mobile device, password, network and systems support contact ICT Help email: Hi, I’m Crianne. Environmental Science (with Dundee & Angus College) BSc (Hons) Environmental Science and Geography MA (Hons) Environmental Science BSc (Hons) Environmental Sustainability and Geography MA (Hons) Environmental Sustainability MA (Hons) European Philosophy MA (Hons) European Philosophy with French MA (Hons) European Philosophy with Spanish MA (Hons) If you have a mobile device or laptop within the College you may want to connect to Eduroam – our free wireless Wi-Fi service. College Email. To book your 1:1 appointment with us, email: says Hewitt, who, at the time, was vice-principal in charge of ICT and responsible for the technical restoration. So, with a small army of people working initially off a to-do list of Post-it notes, the rebuild process began over the weekend, but not on a like-for-like basis. I will listen to the students and make sure that you are involved as much as possible. We are implementing recommendations from that now and one of the last pieces in the jigsaw is to recruit for a dedicated cyber security role.”. I plan to do this by asking questions, listening and being active in finding solutions. We take feedback, concerns and praises to the decision makers, those who shape our education and experiences here at D&A College. It was incredible,”. We’ve got Cyber Essentials Plus now, but I think it’s easy to get caught up in certifications and to become complacent. With all of you behind me, we really could make Dundee & Angus College the best place to study for students no matter what your background! Little did we know a pandemic was coming, so it turned out that, from that point of view, the cyber attack was a blessing in disguise.”. “There were people who wanted to keep the cyber attack under wraps and limit what we said about it, but the team was clear that we needed to be honest and up-front. Please like this page! Your College email account will only remain active for as long as you are a student with the College. I remember that at 02:20 on Saturday morning it dawned on me that, in a digital sense, there was no college; everything had been wiped. I have a commitment and dedication to keeping students at the forefront of everything we do at the college. Contact: He says: “It didn’t seem to affect anything that was still live and transferring data, so while we lost all the file servers, and the front end of the VLE, we found the database behind the VLE was intact and so was the student records database. • Organise and promote activities to help build confidence, support mental health and offer additional opportunities to add to our learning experience and our CV's. Then, once email communications were restored, they were quickly inundated by offers of help from staff and, as word spread locally, from the wider community, too. That was tough.”. “I'm a heart-on-the-sleeve kind of guy and this experience has been brutal; it’s probably been the most challenging time of my career, but I think that, like everyone else at the college, it has underlined what's important and that’s doing the right thing for the students, no matter what.”. All lecturers will use this page and Moodle to communicate important information to students. You cannot use credits from your print account balance in Print Services, all work must be paid for via cash, chip and pin or contactless payment. With my creative nature I like to find new and fun ways of engaging with students. Please note that due to ongoing restrictions access to these services is currently limited. For example, the University of Dundee offered to send a team and helped us rebuild a lot of the laptops. “Before our attack, we thought we were pretty robust about cyber security,”. As a student of Dundee and Angus College you are automatically provided with a College email. Please contact us on for further information. Our cross-campus ICT Help service is here to help with any computer-related queries. Certain projects managed by Dundee and Angus College are supported by European Funding. SC021188. You should check for email correspondence on a regular basis to be sure you don’t miss important information. Eduroam is accessible at most college and university campuses throughout the UK and will give you free access to the Internet whilst you are a student at the College. “No amount of training or documentation prepared us for how people reacted,”, “People with usually cool heads panicked, while others unexpectedly emerged with skills we needed. Additionally if working off campus simply click the Forgotten my Password option when logging into the system. Dundee College is the city's umbrella further education college, which was established in 1985 as an institution of higher education and vocational training. Disability Services provides a range of services for University staff: Disabled Staff - confidential advice and support; Advice and Guidance - including advice on making reasonable adjustments for disabled students and staff; Staff Development - training on a range of disability-related issues. Our student body has people from many different backgrounds and cultures, with varying support needs and personalities. We use cookies to give you the best experience and to help improve our website. We are now in the process of drafting … Cyber security in FE: what are the threats and how do we deal with them? I've been a student at Dundee and Angus College for 3 years, studying in the Hair and Beauty department at the Arbroath Campus. My aims as Vice President are: To connect to Eduroam whilst on campus, select Eduroam from the WiFi options of your device. Their support throughout was outstanding. Accessing MyD&A and other College Systems. Amy has studied in the Hair, Beauty and Complementary Therapies at the  Arbroath Campus before being re-elected into her role last year. Let’s make you shine! All you need to know about our Elected Officers. With great teamwork, we rebuilt the digital element of our college in just less than five days. © Copyright 2018 Dundee & Angus College. The cyber attack certainly offered a few lessons, not least to the IT team. Phishing and social engineering: still the top threats to cyber security? Your username will be (where studentID is your student number eg 1000056). “Nothing had prepared us for the crisis we headed into,”. I'll never forget the gasp - the intake of breath. “By Sunday afternoon, we had a list of priorities with communications at the top,”, “And even if we had nothing new to say, we continued communicating to the staff via a new temporary portal and to the students, local media and the wider public via our website and social media.”.