This banner features 18 returning SSR characters.

To fully awaken Fusion Fighter Protecting the Earth Gogeta you will first need 35 Gogeta medals from stage 2 to awaken him to TUR. This means that if you pull a summonable unit that requires medals from a story event you won't be able to awaken them if you don't have the medals already or the event is available.

Skill Orbs can only be applied to units that have reached the UR status or higher. God-Level Intensive Training! damn, im a one day legends player just trying ro play dokkan since everybody said it was good time to play, but man after i join this is the most detail post i've ever seen, kudos to you my guy sorry but i can only upvote this post, i think i got pretty good start from 243 stone i got aniv vegito, aniv gogeta twice, eternal rivaly goku and vegeta, otherworld super warrior goku and vegeta.

Other than that complete as many missions as possible to acquire more stones. From level 11 of the returning event Dragon Ball Super: Broly we can recruit SSR STR Last Resort Gogeta. Currently there are not events that drop treasures so you don't have to concern youself with this for now.

This thread is the first part and the second part will be followed up in the comment section. Blazing Potara (all dokkan events are currently open daily) we can recruit SR STR Overflowing Power Vegito. We already mentioned different coins so let's take a look at different Banners. Medals required for the Extreme Z Awakening can be obtatined from the the Extreme Z Area event that will become available in part 3. 5th Anniversary Transdimensional Login Bonus! Sometimes units can be obtained by completing certain events or missions, exchanging treasures in Baba's shop or they are given out as rewards. This are not the same units but they share the same base name, Vegito. more information will follow as the banners and discounts are revealed. Upon clearing the first 30 levels you obtain all the necessary Z-Awakening medals to Z-Awaken the character. I'd say it's easier if you make another post part2. Better visibility. The formatting was really challenging and still it didn't turn out as I wanted it to, as well as there being a few errors there and there. They can only be replaced with new skill orbs but that will destroy the one previously equipped.*.

Make sure to clear this events and collect as many potential orbs as possible to strengthen the hidden potential of your units. You can use 4 support items but Continues are not allowed but you shouldn't waste dragon stones on continues anyway. STR Jiren - Basically similar to LR Jiren, though he's significantly weaker.

There are 12 featured SSRs and 21 summonable LRs from the general pool on this banner. See how far you can go. Because this is quite a lengthy guide I made a table of contents that will make it easier to navigate. A special banner where where you only obtain Elder Kais by summoning. These awakening medals can be obtained from their corresponding Dokkan Event or Story Events. There are currently 3 sets of 10 levels to challenge.

I apologize in advance.). Gogeta's Banner (only new units and LRs are highlighted), Vegito's Banner (only new units and LRs are highlighted), All those LR units are DFE and I'm pointing them out because they very rarely appear on banners so it's great if you can grab any of those. WARNING: an extremely challenging End-Game Content. The Missions reward you for clearing each stage as well as the whole level and encourages using units from specific categories with bonus rewards.

Hopefully thise guide helps them out a bit. This can also be done for any other units you are missing and haven't prefarmed the medals needed for their awakening. Same process can be done with SSR STR Fusion Fighter Protecting the Earth Gogeta. I hope the information provided has proven to be useful to you even if just a little. This is part 2 of the Beginners Guide. This can be done under* Team-Hidden Potential Tab. You can check which medals a unit need and where to obtain them by inspecting the unit and click on the Growth tab in the top right corner or from the home screen, Team-Dokkan Awaken tab. We can use different cards that share the same name to increase their SA, however it's not that simple. During the week, each day a different event is open where you can recruit a different member of the Bardock Squad. Challenge events on the other hand are much more challenging and are, for most part, considered Late- to End-Game Content that provides awards in form of in-game resources upon completion. Each Level has 3 difficulties so there are a lof of stones available. Save our Kais for LRs or our favoruite units? However, this banner is a bit different. Upon your first login during the anniversary you will recieve a God Stone. Authors Comment: Avoid summoning on this banner as I don't think it's worth it. The orbs and units come in five different types, Blue Agility (ALG), Green Technique (TEQ), Purple Inteligence (INT), Red Strength (STR) and Orange Physical (PHY). What grind you might ask? The lower difficulty drops 3-6 awakening medals, while the harder one always drops exactly 7. 5 TIPS AND TRICKS Check out some of the cool tips that you might not have realized in the game. Here we have 3 stages, but the principle is the same. Don't get discouraged by the amount of enemies, it's an example of quantity over quality. If you summon with stones it is like a usual banner where a multi summon guarantees an SSR character in the last spot. Story Events are a retelling of certain events in the Dragon Ball Universe. ), Based on the Saiyan Kids Guide by u/Shiny244. With the Global version of the game celebrating it's 5th anniversary, it's sure to attract lots of new and returning players. Elder Kais are always good and useful so try to grab any free ones you can get. In the Broly event you can recruit 5 different f2p characters. It's no ideal and it burns through our other resources such as awakening medals and zeni but we can save Kais by doing this. Summoning using Dragon Stones awards special coins that can be used to exchange them for certain units in Baba's Shop under the Treasure tab. Should i spend 50 stones in the multiple Kai pack to get the Special Attack to lvl 10? You can only challenge this event once a day during the 5th anniversary. Will I ever be able to Dokkan Awaken him? Oposed to climbing levels this events have a limited amout ot levels (usual 2 with 2 difficulties). In case of a F2P unit we can just farm more copies to raise their SA level. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down.". You must first unlock the Hidden Potential feature at rank 50 to make use of this orbs. The main way of obtaining new units is by summoning them using Dragon Stones. A new stage of Infinite Dragon Ball History (Level 5: Dragon Ball Super: Broly) will become available during the 5th anniversary.