For more information, contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission on 13 93 33. Pool owners seeking a pool safety certificate need to contact a Licensed Pool Safety Inspector to arrange an inspection. Find out your responsibilities, including how to get a pool safety certificate, if you are selling or leasing your property. Click HERE to view the Regulation. Does this need to be fenced? Elanora mother Kara Hamilton said it would not be worth the bother to fence her 13-month-old son Manny’s paddling pool. Would you dob in your neighbour for having an unfenced paddle pool? DISGRUNTLED neighbours are tipped to dob each other in over children’s unfenced wading pools when tough new swimming pool laws come into effect later this year. Will the fencing laws allow that? All new swimming pools need building development approval and must comply with the pool safety laws. However, works/alteration by my neighbour on their side of the fence means the fence is now non-complying with the Australia Standard. get building approval (particularly for the pool safety barriers), get a certificate from a licensed building certifier stating that your pool complies with relevant pool safety laws. The Pool Safety Register is a state-wide database that keeps a record of all the regulated pools in Queensland. I have a fish pond/ornamental pond. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. Do I need to erect a pool fence between the canal and the swimming pool? You will only be able to get an exemption if the local council believes that: If following the pool safety laws is physically impractical, you can apply to your local council for an exemption from part(s) of the pool safety laws related to pool fencing. Yes. I have a fish pond/ornamental pond. you live or will live in the property where the pool is located. The standard covers such things as the height and strength of barriers, mandatory non-climbable zones, gates and their latching requirements and preventing direct access from a building into a pool area. “I could say I’ve spent $8000 on my pool for fencing and you should do the same. After Hours Emergencies: (07) 4099 9444 here. The Gold Coast has 58,581 swimming pools, according to a department register. You can't fill it with more than 300mm of water. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Douglas Shire Council does not provide pool safety inspections. Local pool safety inspectors can be found in the Yellow Pages. Yes. Invalid postcode. Pool inspectors and industry leaders fear many families are ignorant of the new laws which have been rolling out for the past five years with little recent publicity.