Preston, thanks for your input. For this DIY, all you need is a wood dowel and a couple of decorative end pieces. A standalone shower can be tough to cover with a curtain, but this wire “rod” fixes that. DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod from Julie Blanner, 3 Secrets to How to Make a Meal Plan Work for Your Family. Cut the electrical conduit to length. It also helps the ceilings look taller and has a polished, chic finish. We’ve provided the tutorial link for each idea in the description. Once the primer is fully dry, paint each component with a few thin coats of your chosen spray paint. Add beach vibes to the living room with this quaint looking curtain rod repurposed from a scull. Powered by WordPress. Unfortunately, extra long curtain rods are incredibly expensive. 10 Fabulous Summer Wreaths For Your Front Door, How to Clean a Front Porch in 3 Easy Steps, How to Decorate Your Living Room for Spring, Perfect Farmhouse Style with Lambs Ear Wreaths. This DIY rod is perfect for large corner windows, and it’s easy on the budget! If you’re lucky enough to have a clawfoot tub, this is for you. Then spray each piece with a thin coat of spray primer. This bathroom needed all the help it could get, it’s small, no window and the ceiling is average height. Upcycled Coat Rack/Fence Curtain Rod Pin it An old piece of fence or a coatrack that you don’t use any longer is a great way to create your own DIY curtain rod. Use a nut and bolt to attach the two. For a customized rod, check out some great DIY ideas (plus, a few DIY shower curtain rods for even more inspiration). To put together the DIY curtain rod featured here you need two wood brackets, a long wood dowel, a saw, a drill, sandpaper, wood stain, warm gray chalk paint, dark wax and dowel caps (these are optional). This may be one of the most inventive and unique ideas, ever. Usually they are mounted above the window and they really can add elegance to your bedroom or living room. Curtain rods are must-have in every home, because without them we can’t hang our beautiful window curtains. If you ask us, one of the very best ways to give your bathroom a new lease on life when you start to get bored of the way it looks is to put on an exciting new shower curtain! This DIY is great for someone on a budget and who only wants their curtain to serve as decor. 2. All you need for this project is some piping, three mounts, and your favorite color of spray paint! She went a little extra with the piping (and it was a great move) and created a chic and expensive looking rod for hardly any cost. Any DIYer should always keep a can of gold spray paint on hand because it instantly styles up any piece. Bring color and yard decor to the home with the most eccentric curtain rod DIY known to man ever. If you love their style, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on some curtain rods, these DIY dupes are perfect. If you’re more about style than about affordability, creating a curtain rod that matches with chandelier makes more sense. All Rights Reserved. Put a fallen birch branch to good use with this easy curtain rod DIY that gets done before your morning coffee.