On one hand, I am glad that Bandai is changing things up for Global but I wish they would have put more thoughts into this. Digimon ReArise Skill Guide and Level Up Tips, Digimon ReArise Battle Park Guide, Tips, Strategy, State of Survival Guide : Tips, Guide, Weapons, Heroes, Tom and jerry chase Out Globally: Check out an overview of game - OP Mobile Gamer. His skill effects and passive is very situational and don't add much value to Piedmon himself. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites. Disclaimer: Everything is subject to change until the actual event/banner goes live. ____________________________________________________________________________________________. There is main two major skill. Daemon's banner is shared among 4 other troll rainbows as featured. I will just give a quick summary since these 2 don't really cut it anymore in terms of usefulness in PvP. Because Reroll helps you to get the best Digimon at starting of the game. imo he was the weakest dark master anyway, so it makes sense that he's the weakest here. However, unlike the S and A tier Ultimates, Pumpkin has no niche of his own and directly competes with Megas for a spot in your PvP team. Whether you use him or not depends if you already have a complete PvP team. As long as they keep bribing me with Rubies, I'll keep playing and not complain about Gatcha mechanics. Those AoE + low % Ailment won't be efective forever. Compared to Daemon, Machinedramon is even more of a joke. Gonna try nab Daemon. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If they gave me HeavyLeomon I'd shut up for the rest of the year. Edit:Tier List page in GamePress is now updated, Edit 2: Made changes to the Halloween event info now that more info is available. Possible Megas include Minervamon, HiAndromon, Ebemon, Ravemon, Boltmon, PrinceMamemon, MetalEtemon. Welcome! Digimon Links sucks, the moment I found out I need to gacha for event chips to even play an event, I am out. I just want all of them so I can have a Dark Masters team! Most of the players are using this method to level up Digimon in the game. You can also check our Best Stornegst Digimon List in Digimon ReArise. Obviously MetalGarurumon is worth to pull last week but he is nothing compared to Daemon, hence I am truly sorry if I made you spent more gems that you should. In the Digimon ReArise, each Digimon comes with default skill. On the other hand, this 'random huge spike' of powercreep just screws up the meta and I believe Global is not ready yet. He wasn't exactly the weakest dark master, he just has a very bad matchup against wargreymon. She is suppose to help revive dead allies but with her terrible stats. Without further ado, lets get to business !!! Eehhhh, PVP is already heavily RNG based with status effects being the priority anyways, and I feel like the lack of targetting means it will never really evolve pass that point without power creep making fishing for status too slow. How brutal is the balancing in this game? Well she is quite bad. A Subreddit for the Mobile game Digimon ReArise, talk anything regarding the game here! For those unlucky folk here like me, I'm sure that you all finally got the Digimon that you want, however you didn't get any of the meta unit. However, what happen when you make Daemon 'time travel' for 6 months and release him into Global's 3rd week of life? Here, our option is either to reroll, again (I'm on reroll #17 now), or go through the full step of the current summon to get WarGreymon. You get Halloween medals as well. IMO, he is one of the best well designed Digimon from the game even by today's JP standards. There is no Digimon right now that can even help you against enemy Daemon. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DigimonReArise community. He'll be in my team. King of Fighters ALLSTAR Game Review : Worth to Download? Get best Digimon ReArise Skill Guide. Your only ally is RNG and hope that you disable Daemon with a status effect before he went on and rekt your team. https://digimonrearise.boom-app.wiki/entry/digimon-158, https://gamepress.gg/digimon-rearise-global-tier-list-mega-digimon?fromnews. Make sure to check back for details on that! But you forgot him in the main pic. Piedmon would have been the star of the show and continues to bring a smooth power curve to Global but now we have to deal with Daemon instead. Just go to the training section and choose the option ” Skill level up “. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. American Dad! In this method, you need to merge the same Digimon with this evolutionary lineage, you can increase the skill level of the Digimon (base Digimon) you want to ig. By releasing Daemon so early, they essentially makes quite a number of upcoming Megas pale in comparison (such as ShineGreymon, Vikemon, Beelzemon etc). You almost had to pull for him just to be on equal terms with other players that has him. Maybe they won't. MetalSeadramon - Main skill inflict Freeze and Sub skill inflict Shock. 10000 likes + comments on Facebook (English & Chinese) + a Korean website for 500 digirubies which just ended too... A shame the 2 competitively aren't that great will honestly be saving for Chaosmon and Dukemon CM would have went for them if their rates where higher just to have them. Puppetmon - 4 targets Main Skill that can inflict Sleep. You definitely are the star of this sub! Just like other raids, you grind Bakemon/Phantomon and in addition to the usual CB medals and goodies. Weak Digimon. The only notable effects about him is a full AoE 30% PWR debuff which has its value if your enemies run full PWR team. However, since that plug-in has returned to the original, it does not need to be changed. I doubt I'd get them but for now, I've almost got all the Megas done. that should give you an idea of how powerful he is.Fortunately in rearise there can be multiple versions for the same digimon and while not that great either the machinedramon that will be released later is going to be better. https://gamepress.gg/digimon-rearise-guide-database. Hatching the Pumpkinmon eggs though are gonna be a pain. I totally forgot about marineangemon. Check out Our Reroll Tier list for Digimon ReArise. The Digimon will disappear if you make it a fusion material, so be very careful when choosing. He is going to be the centre of the PvP meta until the next Meta shifter comes. As part of the Dark Masters, they are featured in the Halloween banner as well. Sigh..... For some reason, Piedmon has better modifiers for his skills compared to other Megas with the same skill target count.