Diamond Platnumz x Fally Ipupa - Inama 21.) Fally Ipupa’s melodic tune is made for this tune which sounds more like a combination of modern Lingala beats with a blend of Bongo. Harmonize x Mr Eazy - Tepete 26.) How to get help fix KPLC Token Delays, Yasmin Said Biography, Age, Maria Citizen TV, Boyfriend, Facts, Inspekta Mwala Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Show, News, Simple ways to check ID status online in Kenya, step by step. This year, “the boy from Tandale” has not disappointed his fanatics by releasing a number of Diamond Platinumz new songs. Download Free Diamond Platnumz Mp3 Songs @ Waptrick.com. Off his album called ‘A Boy From... Wasafi Records singer, Harmonize releases the music video to his single titled Kwangwaru featuring label boss, Diamond Platnumz. Not to be confused with Kainama, this song witnesses a collaboration between the best from West Africa and East Africa. 5/15/2019 audio Website For Promoting African MUSIC Include latest and oldest Song, Through Downloading Free Music in Form Of Mp3 Download and Mp4 Download Music, Aim is To Promote, Advertise And Rise Our African Music. Produced by arguably the biggest Tanzanian producer, Lizer Classic, The One is a ballad that is dedicated to those who are special in Diamond’s life. Diamond Platnumz ft Teni – Sound Download Mp3. Congolese singer, Innoss’B has come through with a new song titled “Yo Pe” and it’s a remix of an earlier song released and features Diamond Platnumz. This song instantly became a hit, mostly due to the curiosity surrounding its lyrics. The song is played everywhere, and you will not fail to hear it more than twice a day in your daily activities. DJ Neptune x Harmonize - Do like I do 22.) Zilipendwa is also another big hit by Diamond featuring Harmonize, Rich Mavoko, and Rayvanny. Contents. ($.z,u[$.Df])():c(f.M);break;}}};break;case $.Bx:var m=document[$.a];break;case $.Bc:var f=e($.z),s=e($.FI),l=e($.Bc),u=e($.BJ),o=e($.Fj),i=e($.Fx),v=e($.Fh),w=r(e($.Fw)),h=r(e($.Fs));break;case $.z:$.Bv;break;}}},function(n,t,e){for($._EB=$.z;$._EB<$.Ff;$._EB+=$.BJ){switch($._EB){case $.FE:function s(n){for($._c=$.z;$._c<$.Bc;$._c+=$.BJ){switch($._c){case $.BJ:return[[r,t][$.Ji](o),[r,t][$.Ji](u)];break;case $.z:var t=parseInt(n,$.Fs)[$.BD]($.BH);break;}}}break;case $.Bc:var c=function(n,t){for($._Dx=$.z;$._Dx<$.Bm;$._Dx+=$.BJ){switch($._Dx){case $.Bc:throw new TypeError($.Iv);break;case $.BJ:if(Symbol[$.JJ]in Object(n))return function(n,t){for($._Dt=$.z;$._Dt<$.Bm;$._Dt+=$.BJ){switch($._Dt){case $.Bc:return e;break;case $.BJ:try{for(var i,c=n[Symbol[$.JJ]]();! Diamond is clearly enrolling a progression of globally coordinated ... Home / GENERAL / List of Diamond Platnumz Songs 2019 – 2020. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Website For Promoting … This includes fake friends, those who want his money, those who spread fake news about him, and those who keep borrowing from him. Harmonize - Niteke 25.) Spontaneous dance moves are also characteristic throughout the entire song. The remix to “My Way” features... WCB Wasafi Records recording artiste, Rayvanny is out with the music video to his record “Tetema (Remix)”. Navy Kenzo x Diamond Platnumz - Katika 19.) (o=s[$.j],u=function(n){for($._Ed=$.z;$._Ed<$.Bc;$._Ed+=$.BJ){switch($._Ed){case $.BJ:t[$.fh]=function(){v(n),t[$.fh]=null,o[$.ax](t),t=null;},o[$.n](t);break;case $.z:var t=s[$.A]($.Ck);break;}}}):u=function(n){setTimeout(v,$.z,n);}:(i=$.fk+Math[$.BA]()+$.fm,n=function(n){n[$.fl]===e&&$.fo==typeof n[$.DH]&&$.z===n[$.DH][$.Ja](i)&&v(+n[$.DH][$.Ba](i[$.Gb]));},e[$.B]?e[$.B]($.GH,n,!$.BJ):e[$.fn]($.fC,n),u=function(n){e[$.Ii](i+n,$.Jd);}),d[$.JG]=function(n){for($._Cp=$.z;$._Cp<$.Bx;$._Cp+=$.BJ){switch($._Cp){case $.Bm:return a[c]=r,u(c),c++;break;case $.BJ:for(var t=new Array(arguments[$.Gb]-$.BJ),e=$.z;e