This lookout provides you with a spectacular view, just a short stroll from Katoomba. So I sat on a rock to people-watch. The giant rock to the left in the picture is a popular cliff jumping spot but I didn’t realize that until after we got there. Reservations are required. Total climbing: 2390m, This walk is a lovely clifftop walk above the Jamison Valley, with extensive views out to Mt Solitary. Total climbing: 215m, This short walk takes you from the western end of Katoomba, initially following the cliff line, then following Pulpit Hill Road to the Explorers Tree. So I sat on a rock to people-watch. Most everyone else had a really hard time jumping off this cliff. Leura Forest and Kedumba Falls are both great places to sit and take a break along the journey. Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk. Total climbing: 302m, This classic walk takes you from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves via a historic horse route. The walk heads through the bush, on a well established track, out to Reids Plateau. Tours begin before dawn. Bats are the main attraction here, but not the only one. A well shaded walk with some pleasant rain forest areas along a well signposted track. As this walk starts and finishes at the Kiosk, it is can be a great place to grab some tucker before heading off on the walk, or for a coffee afterwards. This walk stays the night in Alum Creek Reserve before tackling the long hill up to Black Range Road. The first morning we went down there I didn’t feel like getting in the water. 78832. Leura Forest is a lovely picnic area, a great place to relax. (If you don’t follow these, you will go too far and come to a small waterfall.) Rocksprings, TX Known by daredevils and adrenaline junkies as a place to film their extreme stunts, it is also a great place to cool off and go for a swim on a hot summer day. Scientists estimate this colony consumes up to 30 tons of beetles and moths each night! The remaining (940m) has limited facilities (such as not all cliffs fenced). Starting at the Katoomba Kiosk, this walk visits Witches Leap, Juliets Balcony and Vanimans Lookout to loop back to the Kiosk. As the track get closer and closer to the cliffs, it becomes steeper and steeper. ( Log Out /  The walk travels mainly along well-maintained service tracks and explores Nellie’s Glen, Megalong Valley, Cox’s River, Black Range, and Jenolan. The briefness of this walk makes it a great way to finish your 6 Foot Track walk if you have come from Jenolan. There are optional side trips to lookouts, providing great views across the Megalong Valley. Access to Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area is only by guided tour. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Some 3 million bats emerge in a swirling mass from the Devil’s Sinkhole in search of food on warm nights. 3.8km of this walk follows a rough track, where fallen trees and other obstacles are likely and another 2.1km follows a clear and well formed track or trail. This walk has heritage interest and views, starting at the famous Explorers Tree and finishing with views of the cliffs from Nellie’s Glen lookout. Total climbing: 674m, This walk starts from Carrington Park and winds down into the valley below, to Leura Forest. We estimated it to be about 15-20 feet above the water. My perch was that shady rock to the right. The track climbs up steeply to the north through a gap in the cliffs (this gap is not really visible from below the cliffs). Once they jumped, the whole area erupted in cheers. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Here is a bit more details explaining grading looking at sections of the walk. They do it on Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss because it works. |  It then winds further north-east until coming to an intersection with Cliff Rd. The remaining (1km) follows a formed track, with some branches and other obstacles. Alexander suggests thinking of the kettle as nature’s giant blender. This is a great spot for lunch. Total climbing: 368m, This classic trail follows along the base of the cliffs from Leura to the Golden Stairs, passing many of the more popular sights of the Katoomba region. Starting near Carrington Park, on Cliff Drive, the walk descends steeply, passing the Jamieson Lookout, Fern Bower and Lila and Linda falls. Evening bat flight tours are Wednesdays through Sundays, May 1 through Oct. 31. In the park, there is a swimming area called The Devil’s Waterhole. Contact the Devil's Sinkhole Society at 830-683-BATS (2287) for tour reservations. Total climbing: 69m, This walk is a fantastic way to see Leura Forest. It was just a really positive energy. July average high temperature is 95 degrees. Please follow cliff jumping safety rules. Take some time to explore the forest before climbing back up the valley the way you came. There are great views across the Jamison valley and Leura Forest from the lookout. If it took someone longer than about 5-10 minutes to jump, everyone would start cheering for them and encouraging them. Total climbing: 52m, This walk explores the area around the wonderful Leura Cascades. January average low temperature is 35 degrees. My perch was that shady rock to the right. Veer left: From the intersection, this walk heads west along the bush track until coming to a lookout over the valley, which has great views to the south and south-west. These notes are now several years old, and the environment will have changed, This walk is only for people comfortable walking off track, dealing with cliff passes and steep terrain in remote areas. We offer morning tours on select days. Reids Plateau Picnic area has a few picnic tables, shelter, and a great view making a great spot for a picnic lunch. The walk takes in many additional lookouts along the way, each with its own unique view of the Blue Mountains. Contact the Park. Marvel at a bat flight at dusk. The Devil’s Hole Trail walk starts at the Int of Farnells Rd and Cliff Track (gps: -33.713807, 150.29254) Your transport options to Int of Farnells Rd and Cliff Track are by; Bus.