Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type: Villarini M, Pagiotti R, Dominici L, et al. (2017). SH-SY5Y      We have used 2 µm by 4 µm thin-film Cu-Mn-Ir spin-valve sensors and high Tc YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7-x dc SQUIDs to take magnetic images of test samples with current paths that meander between 1 and 5 metallization layers separated by 1 µm to 10 µm vertically. We present the first reported spectroscopy of this transition in two of the bosonic isotopes, 84Sr and 86Sr. breast cancer cell lines      The holomorphic gradient flow, a generalization of the Lefschetz thimble method, continuously deforms the original path integration domain to a complex manifold via an evolution dictated by a complex first order differential equation. Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type: The counterdiabatic approach introduced independently by Dermirplak and Rice [J. Phys. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: (2013). Kicked rotor (KR) is a prototypical chaotic classical model that exhibits linear energy growth with time. (2019). (2015). Such sources are important devices for the purposes of quantum networking, computation and metrology. A major advantage is that the resulting system is 2D in space, and the system incorporates self-consistent dynamic Shafranov shifts. Two-dimensional reconnection and Riemann simulations reveal that the exhaust develops large-amplitude striations resulting from electron-beam-driven ion cyclotron waves. T cells      This self-adjointness property is applied to develop an adjoint method for computing the derivatives of such functions with respect to perturbations of coil shapes or the plasma boundary. Kähkönen TE, Suominen MI, Mäki-Jouppila JHE, et al. Field: Toxicology, Cell Type: (2020). C32, COLO829      Finally, we study a continuum multi-mode theory and calculate the phonon Green's function using a diagrammatic perturbative expansion, showing that a decrease in the phonon diffusion constant is possible with increasing optical pump power. This dissertation describes research to coherently control quantum states of superconducting devices. We assume no knowledge of the system that produce the signals, and require only that the training data consist of finite time samples of the component signals. I use the charge and energy measurements to build instrument response functions, such as acceptance and response for the LAT, and measure cosmic-ray proton flux. Many of these approaches make use of nanoscale and mesoscale technologies. High levels of Kv3.1b expressed in presynaptic as well as postsynaptic regions of MNTB neurons that are responsive to high frequency sounds endow these neurons with the capacity to fire at high frequencies, whereas the lower levels of Kv3.1b expression in MNTB neurons that are responsive to low frequency sounds could increase the fidelity of timing of action potential firing at low frequencies (Kaczmarek et al. the topologically trivial near-zero-energy Andreev bound states. Introducing squeezed states of light into interferometers can increase the phase sensitivity of the device beyond the standard quantum limit (SQL). B, applying the Kv1 channel blocker α‐dendrotoxin (DTX) slows the action potential recorded in the axon collaterals and presynaptic boutons in the boxed region in A, but causes much less broadening of the action potential recorded from the neuronal soma. In Part I, a reduced set of MHD equations is derived, applicable to large aspect ratio tokamaks. Dissertation Title: Investigation of Tunneling in Superconductors in a Millikelvin Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Date and Time: Thursday, April 4, 1:00 pm, Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Christopher Lobb, Dr. Frederick WellstoodDr. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Focusing on weather forecasting as perhaps the most important example of such systems, we note that physics-based weather models have substantial error due to various factors including imperfect modeling of subgrid-scale dynamics and incomplete knowledge of physical processes. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: We study a simple few-mode theory and it can explain experimental data well. Human chondrocytes and mesenchymal stromal cells (SCP1 cells)      RDEBK, SCCIC1, SCCIC1Met, SCCRDEBMet, SCCT, SCCTMet      Neeland MR, Andorf S, Manohar M, et al. Legøy TA, Ghila L, Vethe H, et al. HCT116, MDA-MB-231, Mia-Paca2, U87MG      Pannem RR, Dorn C, Ahlqvist K, et al. In this work we present a maximum likelihood analysis framework developed to search and analyze signals in HAWC data of arbitrary timescales. fibroblasts      (2018). Fuenmayor J, Cervera L, Rigau C, Gòdia F (2018). We demonstrate how the high fidelity representation of the distribution function, combined with novel diagnostics, permits detailed analysis of the energization mechanisms in fundamental plasma processes such as collisionless shocks. Rabindra MohapatraDr. (2018). The first one is entanglement between an atomic qubit and the polarization degree of freedom of a pure single photon. Techniques for obtaining a clean MoS2 surface suitable for ultra-high vacuum STM were developed, and preliminary characterization of the single layer WS2 surface by STM and STS was carried out. Field: Drug testing, Cell Type: Fermi consists of two instruments, the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM; 8 keV- 40 MeV) and the Large Area Telescope (LAT; 20 MeV - >300 GeV). Dissertation Title: BOSE EINSTEIN CONDENSATES IN DYNAMICALLY CONTROLLED OPTICAL LATTICES, Date and Time: Thursday, August 8, 2:00 pm, Dissertation Committee Chair: Dr. Steven L. Rolston, Dr. Gretchen CampbellDr. Adiabatic invariants -- quantities that are preserved under the slow driving of a system's external parameters -- are important in classical mechanics, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. These Majorana zero modes can be found at the boundary of a topological superconductor. (2020). In this thesis, we begin by reviewing some of the most important Hamiltonian simulation algorithms that are applied in simulation of quantum field theories. In an attempt to tackle these massive issues, the research community is looking beyond typical storage concepts, chemistries, electrolytes, and geometries. Mohammad HafeziDr. THP-1 differentiated macrophages      (2020). Or filter the publication by pressing the button below: Hold down the 'Crtl' key and use the mouse to deselect items or select multiple items within a category. Ian AppelbaumDr. Dissertation Title: Building and Programming a Universal Ion Trap Quantum Computer, Date and Time: Thursday, March 22, 10:00 am, Dissertation Committee Chair: Prof. Christopher Monroe, Dr. Gretchen CampbellDr. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Liang HH, Huang CY, Chou CW, et al. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Brian SwingleDr. Edward OttDr. Beberok A, Rzepka Z, Respondek M, et al. Along the way, I developed a simpler formulation for calculating the Casimir-Lifshitz interaction in planar systems, which facilitated further theoretical study of the Casimir-Lifshitz torque. We start with a two-mode squeezed state created by the PIA and measure the mutual information shared by the correlated quadratures. We proposed a mechanism to achieve fast phase transition around critical temperature and thus the asymmetry generated from leptogenesis can survive till today. (2018). (2019). Macrophages      CC2565, KNS42, SC1800, SEBTA-003, SEBTA-023, SF188, UP-029      Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: To measure this bias, I introduce a generalizable optical-flow-based-analysis suite that can robustly and systematically quantify the spatiotemporal dynamics of actin in both model systems. 2009). I show that, as the resonator is tuned, the qubit-qubit dispersive shift ranged from an “off” value of 2χ = 0.1 MHz, allowing single qubit operations, to an “on” value of 2χ = 6 MHz, providing enough coupling to perform gates. (2008). Field: Tissue engineering, Cell Type: Ndreu A, Nikkola L, Ylikauppila H, et al. Radio galaxies, active galactic nuclei with misaligned relativistic jets and large diffuse extended lobe structures, are home to radiative processes which are still not well understood. All quantum solutions are shown to outperform their classical counterparts. Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type: Jurkat cells, WEHI‐S cells      We will also make a list of other transition metal minerals that are worthy of investigation based on our research experience. Kv1 channels and neural processing in vestibular calyx afferents. We trap atoms near the optical nanofiber surface, and characterize the trap in a non-destructive manner. (2020). Dosunmu Y, and Richard Owusu-Apenten (2017). Second, I analyze an experiment in which a BEC in a ring-shaped trap is stirred by a rotating barrier.