Yo. And all accounts of the internal situation at Civis confirm that clients and partners did in fact complain about him and his tweet to the company. This is a general issue about norms of discourse rather than a specific issue about one person’s tweets. After he saw his life’s work evaporate in a few days, Wadi reluctantly told me, he has struggled to sustain his belief in the American dream. Then, in line with Wasow’s predictions, Trump’s lawlessness in the brutality against protesters in Lafayette Square near the White House created a public opinion backlash against him. For most of his life, he had trouble making ends meet. So we’re really concern trolling to for the purposes of increasing democratic turnout. Many on the left have conceded that Shor got what seems to be a raw deal. Civis was founded on the principles of free speech and the pursuit of truth through objective scientific research, and that has not changed. And he’s given cover in this by senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus like James Clyburn who quickly put the kibosh on police defunding as a House Democratic priority. At the end of a long shift mapping underground utility lines, he was on his way home, his left hand casually hanging out the window of the white pickup truck issued to him by the San Diego Gas & Electric company. He finds that nonviolent activism was effective in shifting election results, particularly nonviolent activism that’s met with violent police repression. Look at the color of my skin.’”. (Emerson Collective, the majority owner of The Atlantic, is an investor in Civis Analytics.) These cases do not negate the good that can, and hopefully will, come from America’s newfound determination to root out racial injustice. And he shows that this is likely because nonviolent protests successfully get the protesters’ perspective on the media agenda, and that violent repression in particular generates sympathetic press coverage. And then I realized you can achieve your dreams. Two hours later, Cafferty got a call from his supervisor, who told him that somebody had seen Cafferty making a white-supremacist hand gesture, and had posted photographic evidence on Twitter. Jessica Morales Rocketto, currently civic engagement director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, argued that the problem with his tweet wasn’t that Wasow or his research is bad, but that “it is important to examine the point Shor was making in a larger sense.” In context, she said, his tweet “could be interpreted as intended to denigrate the work of the Movement for Black Lives and pin any election losses on Black lives.”. The group’s moderators described Shor’s tweet as “racist” and the criticism he got on Twitter for it as a “much deserved call in.” They also alleged that by arguing with his critics on Twitter, he had “encouraged harassment that led to death threats.” (The list moderators are Madeleine Leader, director of data initiatives at the Center for Popular Democracy and formerly of the DNC; Cristina Sinclair, a senior vice president at Clarity Campaigns; Rachel Hall, the deputy director of data initiatives at Planned Parenthood Action Fund; Herschel Pecker, a project coordinator at UNITE HERE; and Stefanie Hendrick, the director of Data Strategy and targeting at BerlinRosen. He speculates that the famous mass protests of the 1960s may have played a role. We want to hear what you think about this article. In late May, amid widespread protests over George Floyd’s murder, the 28-year-old data scientist tweeted out a study that found nonviolent demonstrations were more effective than “riots” at pushing public opinion and voter behavior leftward in 1968. Black political leaders ranging from Keisha Lance Bottoms and John Lewis to Ilhan Omar denounced looting and vandalism. That makes it easy to dismiss the whole thing as a tempest in a teapot or a weird one-off with no broader implications. But the fact is there was a widespread and somewhat influential push to argue that even discussing the possibility of a backlash was racist and wrong. But Wadi’s American dream came crashing down to Earth on June 4, when his 24-year-old daughter admitted to him that she had written a series of deeply racist and anti-Semitic posts on Twitter and Instagram starting when she was 14 years old until she was 18. Non-violent protests *increase* Dem vote, mainly by encouraging warm elite discourse and media coverage. On his father’s side, he has both Irish and Mexican ancestors. In late May, amid widespread protests over George Floyd’s murder, the 28-year-old data scientist tweeted out a study that found nonviolent demonstrations were more effective than “riots” at pushing public GFN and voter behavior leftward in 1968. Recognizing this, many protesters actively stepped in to try and halt vandalism. An activist had drawn public attention to these posts after stumbling across an especially noxious one. Of course, to be taken off an email list is no great tragedy, but the criticisms of the tweet are wrong on the merits. https://t.co/S8VZSuaz3G. Trump and Biden are within less than 1 percentage point in Georgia. Third, those of us who want to build a better society should defend the innocent because movements willing to sacrifice justice in the pursuit of noble goals have, again and again, built societies characterized by pervasive injustice. In late May when the blowup happened, YouGov polling shows that the demonstrations were widely seen — by Black Americans as well as whites — as significantly inflected by violence. “Where I came from, you have no right to dream,” Wadi told me. He told them he simply wasn’t interested in politics; as far as he remembered, he had not voted in a single election. In the Atlantic, Yascha Mounk reported that Shor appeared to have been fired … A few days ago, he spoke with a mental-health counselor for the first time in his life. This is an internal personnel matter, and out of respect for our employees and alumni, we won’t be commenting further.”. Shor signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents him from further discussing the situation. These rumors are incorrect and unsubstantiated. Under the circumstances, Shor was raising the exact right issue — sustained peaceful demonstrations could help the cause enormously, especially if met (as they in fact were) by an abusive state response, but sustained acts of violence and property destruction could hurt it. First, these incidents damage the lives of innocent people without achieving any noble purpose. “We won’t publicly discuss internal personnel matters out of respect for our employees and alumni,” Amanda Moss, Civis’s communications director, tells me. He said he explained to the people carrying out the investigation—all of them were white—that he had no earthly idea some racists had tried to appropriate the “okay” sign for their sinister purposes. But of larger importance is the criticism itself, which is wrong on the merits, and at least somewhat influential inside contemporary progressive politics. His landlord terminated the bakery’s lease. newsletter. I was saying, ‘Look at me. Read: It’s not callout culture. Something noteworthy — and oddly hopeful — about the 2020 election: People are ignoring Trump’s antics. He flashed what looked to Cafferty like an “okay” hand gesture and started cussing him out. By the end of the day, his colleagues had come by his house to pick up the company truck. admitted to Priya Sridhar, a local news reporter. David Shor, for example, was until recently a data analyst at a progressive consulting firm, Civis Analytics. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters@theatlantic.com. If a lot of Americans come to feel that those who supposedly oppose racism are willing to punish the innocent to look good in the public’s eyes, they could well grow cynical about the enterprise as a whole. Joe Biden, if he wins, doesn’t have many options to force out Trump. America is ignoring him. He came to Minneapolis from Palestine and started a business, Holy Land, a food and catering company that now employs nearly 200 people. ), I obtained a copy of this message, along with the subsequent debate. Indeed, though Shor has found a new job in progressive politics, one of the conditions of his employment is that he can’t reveal who’s hired him — lest his new employers face the same criticism Civis did. There is a genuine ongoing dialogue about whether claims made on behalf of racial justice should be subject to critical scrutiny. This was Shor’s sin: repeating Wasow’s findings that marching is good but looting and vandalism are counterproductive. The company that fired Shor was predominately white. What if Trump refuses to concede the election? When I pressed Civis for evidence that Shor had been, despite appearances, fired for wrongdoing unrelated to his tweet, the company asked me to publish a new statement. His mother is Latina. Second, such injustices are liable to provoke a political backlash. We conducted a good faith and thorough investigation that included gathering relevant information and multiple interviews, and took action in line with those values. The local press is full of articles lauding his achievements and his determination to give back to the community. Shor is a data scientist who works primarily on polling and public opinion. False claims, retweeted by the president, about the Michigan vote tabulation exploited a counting error that’s been resolved. An informed public is critical right now. It’s accountability. What we’ve learned from the vote count of the presidential race Wednesday. The work of framing social justice rhetoric in a way that is optimized for winning elections requires real work and data and experimentation and a willingness to adjust tactics to seize rather than squander the opportunity to mobilize a broad coalition. In the Atlantic, Yascha Mounk reported that Shor appeared to have been fired because of the tweet, which Civis denies, though the company will not elaborate. The important issue here is the underlying presumption that the tweet was racist. And then I realized beyond the sky is the limit.”. While we are not able to reveal the full circumstances surrounding our investigation, we stand by our decision and will not be commenting any further.”, As for Cafferty, his only desire, even now, is to get his job back. Unsure what to do, Cafferty copied the gesture the other driver kept making.