$98.99 $ 98. 800-245-5382 . And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Composed by select materials and perfected design, every stage of production requires an extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. After we receive the carcass, GAAA gets to work. As of now, everything in our catalogue is very affordable and cheap, even. Custom wooden steering wheels look great in vintage and classic cars. There is no more luxurious and comfortable blend of materials for a steering wheel cover other than wood & leather. Made in the USA. We are a new player in the international market. $5.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $5.00 with coupon. As we make a name for ourselves with the global public, our products will only go up in price because of the current price:quality ratio makes all purchases a steal! Shipping costs are: The prices vary, depending on a variety of factors. We will provide you with a quote once you get in touch and outline the project for us. We can further customise unique aspects of any unit. With every client and every order of customised wood, leather or specialised racing steering wheels, there is a difference in difficulty. You remove the dash from your vehicle and mail it to us. Thanks to our unique methods of production, manufacture and a direct approach, we can build all kinds of custom classic/vintage steering wheels or develop a futuristic-looking unit for you! 4.4 out of 5 stars 14. Custom Steering wheels affords a quality alternative method to replace repair and restore steering wheels back to original equipment and not detract from the resale value of the car itself. $39.99 $ 39. Here are some facts on us: High-level and affordable steering wheel customisation is a difficult service to find. Put together; our experience spans over a century. Trust us, and if you can think of it, we can custom-make it! Carefully remove it, wrap it in bubble wrap, Styrofoam or other protective materials and ship out the parcel to our location. Proceed with the payment at the same time. If you drive a BMW or a Merc that is. All of the wood and types of wood used in production were hand-picked depending on sturdiness, durability and aesthetics. We are a skilled crew of experts, custom-building hand-made steering wheels and dashboards for all vehicles, land, air, water, whatever. Aftermarket Steering Wheels,jdm steering wheel,aftermarket steering wheel,nardi steering wheel,vertex steering wheel,viilante steering wheel,grant steering wheels,steering wheel for sale,aftermarket steering wheel kit,nrg steering wheel,omp steering wheel There is a ton of room for improvisation. £360.00 . Anything not appearing as a factory original would detract from the value and originality of any car. In addition Custom Steering wheels   manufactures specific fitting shift boots, knobs and brake / handbrake units to match OEM factory specification. The duration of shipping and delivery rates vary depending on your location. Before shipping, however, get in touch with us to discuss your project. © 2019 Woodensteeringwheels.com All Rights Reserved, Steering wheel wood – Mercedes W140 W124 W126 W201 W202 W210 W463 (443), Steering wheel wood – Mercedes W140 W124 W126 W201 W202 W210 W463 R129 (506), Steering wheel wood – Mercedes W140 W124 W126 W201 W202 W210 W463 (499), Steering wheel restoration before/after gallery, Lithuania, Ukmergė, Dashboard restoration before/after gallery, Porsche wooden dashboard restoration before/after gallery, Lithuania, Wooden dashboard restoration before/after gallery, Lithuania, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia – approximately. TECHART sport steering wheels and steering wheel refinement A TECHART signature feature for your Porsche: the TECHART sport steering wheel. Since both wood and leather can be exposed and scarred by the test of time, how about sending your steering wheel for a rewrap or customisation? Once you and we settle on the terms, you can ship the original carcass of the steering wheel or a licensed unit from a different manufacturer for customisation. We can make it look brand new and add a few details to personalise it. As of today, making custom leather steering wheels for cars or other sorts of vehicles is one of our fortes. Our service model for customisation and recovering or repairing custom wood grain steering wheels require you to ship the unit to us. Thanks to over 100 years of crafting, we have refined and developed a sophisticated and methodical approach to get the best out of wood. Our premade products and restored pieces can be shipped world-wide. Once you and we settle on the terms, you can ship the original carcass of the steering wheel or a licensed unit from a different manufacturer for customisation. Finally, we would like to once again emphasise the endless spectrum of manufacturing possibilities. add to order. Lastly, we can use leather to turn a cheap plastic unit into a premium, Rolls-Royce level steering wheel. You contact us and we agree on a custom dashboard design. The leather we use is 100% genuine. Custom BMW and Mercedes-Benz wood & leather steering wheels at great prices! With regards to all of our products, whether it be steering wheel covers, billet steering wheels for cars, trucks or boat steering wheels, mixing wood and leather is always a good idea. Since our work is done mostly by hand, a custom dashboard would be a lovely addition to your car, truck, bus, jeep or other means of transport. It is quite a funny story of how we end up with the current choice of varnish for custom wood grain steering wheels and steering wheel customisation in general. Since we know and understand wood craftsmanship so well, even the most ambitious tasks can be completed without making any compromises. Everything from stitching to the texture has to be impeccable. These go together very well. It took a lot of time until we settled on a particular supplier. From refurbishment and customisation, up to varnishing and the choice of materials, GAAA does it all!Let that not discourage the fact that for an additional price we can make things your way! You get in touch with us with your idea of a repair, restoration, rewrap or possibly something entirely different. ), PS - IF YOU DON"T SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR CONTACT US DIRECTLY - OUR WEB SITE IS UNDER      CONTRUCTION, 7027 West Broward Blvd .