Using the same skill as the councillor job (1.5x), and having more than 18 skill points (x3.95) makes this more likely. Requesting a tier 2 weapon or armor requires king rank and costs 2.0 yearly income (min 150, max 500). Named Marauder, this exceptionally light weighted and well-crafted battle axe allows you to lay waste to your enemies without getting exhausted yourself. I heard you can give it to your heir. A legendary bow said to have been crafted out of the bones a mythical eagle. This means having any of the following traits: Requesting a tier 3 weapon or armor requires emperor rank and costs 3.5 yearly. Players can gift artifacts to other characters for an opinion bonus. A legendary ax rumored to have been wielded by God's messengers. ... add_artifact cursed_diamond. Artifacts can be stolen from religious leaders while in a monastic society. Engage in courtly intrigue, dynastic struggles, and holy warfare in mediæval Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, the steppes and Tibet. The councilor may have other outcomes that is not searching with a skill. Crafted to be long, yet sturdy, The Piercer will make short work of any enemy foolish enough to stand in your way. A new invisible letter can be written such as "W" for white, or "R" for red, or "P" to make it purple as it was originally (amongst other possibilities). A legendary mace said to be crafted out of the bones of giants. Having a medium or major rumor makes this more likely (x1.25 for medium, x1.5 for major). Artifacts can be stolen by sacking capital holdings (raiding). Diamond drives spouse insane RoI.231: Spouse RoI.232: Spouse killed by … Composed books are stacking, but some cannot be written by a character who already has a similar book or has made a similar book. Thanks a lot bud! Crusader Kings 2 Add_artifact Command. Siege and capture the barony of Caesarea (in county of Acre) during a Crusade without supernatural event. A large mace with spikes mounted on the head, named The Shatterer. The game will think you got rid of it and will thus not cause the diamond to be lost AT ALL during succession. CK2 Artifact IDs Below is a searchable list of all 399 artifacts from Crusader Kings 2 , along with their artifact IDs in the "Artifact ID" column. I mean I wouldn't care if my character got sick or hurt etc. You may be able to invite courtiers. AI characters will never get this through looting. You can use artifact IDs in … Artifacts can be stolen from religious leaders while in a monastic society. When searching using learning, being particularly learned helps passive gain (x1.4). Crusader Kings 2 Tutorial How to Play CK2 in Under 30 Minutes Guide! 2. A legendary blade said to be crafted with the fury of God. Starting with the "Compose a Book" decision, you may write about any field in which you have a related education or 10 skill. Can only happen once. 3. The Cursed Diamond has an artifact ID of cursed_diamond. This is an imprisonable offense. With either Monks and Mystics or Holy Fury: 1. These books are non-stacking (except the history book). Known simply as Eagle. Obtained by the Tier 4 West African Warrior Lodge decision, Create Fetish, Obtained by special events when leading a flank while in a warrior lodge and gained/upgraded in an event during the warrior lodge's Legendary Journey. Disagreeing will decrease progress by one point. Finding a key destroys the chest and grants 200 gold, 10 gold, or nothing. A heavy lance named The Impaler. Well almost everything. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Intrigue costs -50% plot power, -50% plot discovery. A legendary bow said to be infused with the souls of the dead. Scholarship costs -25% tech progress rate. The chance for smith_fail is lower when the smith has high stewardship (over 10) and the greedy , diligent , patient , genius , quick , or shrewd traits; the chance of smith_fail is lower also if you have an Armory. Diplomacy costs -15 general opinion. If your capital is sacked or sieged, your artifacts may be stolen unless you arrange to be in a different province when the holding is breached. This will only happen if the smith DOES get the smith_fail flag. Having less than 8 skill points increases it by x1.5 times. He will be incited to use the skill relevant to his councilor job (5x as likely) but this is not guaranteed. He will report in to you every 80 days until he finds the artifact, dies or lost his track completely. A legendary spear that is said to bleed like the Messiah it once pierced. A legendary scimitar said to be the embodiment of death. Councilors can hunt for artifacts. Martial cost 25% global levy. It's like necronomicon, no? There are several outcomes. Crusader Kings II has changed significantly since that time. When you finish the book, if multiple quality levels are possible, factors such as those listed below determine the likelihood of each quality level. Grand Fortress with Armory unique feature, through the Search for a Smith decision and choosing to use local smiths (second option). Figurine of [offmap_china.PrevRuler.GetFullName], [offmap_china.GetShortName] Arm Protector, [offmap_china.GetShortName] Bronze Sculpture, [offmap_china.GetShortName] Compendium of Medicine, [offmap_china.GetShortName] Treatise on Law, [offmap_china.Governor.GetFirstName]'s Chronicle of Economic Principle, 15 skill or lv4 education in relevant field, Three skills at least 20 or any lv4 education, Military Strategy, according to [Root.GetBestName], Lessons Taught Me By My Enemy, by [Root.GetTitledFirstName], Shoddy Recipe Collection, by [Root.GetTitledFirstName], The [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] Cookbook, by [Root.GetFirstName], Choice Passages, by [Root.GetTitledFirstName], Equine Maxims, in honor of [dedication_target.GetFirstName], Fifty Nuances of [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName], My Beloved [dedication_target.GetFirstName], To the Beautiful [dedication_target.GetFirstName], A [Root.Culture.GetName] Tale, or '[Root.GetFirstName] and [dedication_target.GetFirstName]', Ars Amatoria, or The Art of Love in [Root.Capital.Capital.GetName], The Hunchback of [Root.Capital.Capital.GetName], The Legendary [From.OriginalOwner.GetOnlyDynastyName] [From.OriginalOwner.GetWarriorRoleCap], The Virtues of [saintly_relative.GetFirstName], [pahlavi_creator.GetOnlyDynastyName] Crown, Gained by special event when leading a flank or on a Warrior Lodge Legendary Journey, Upgrade from Masterful Short-Sword when on a Warrior Lodge Legendary Journey, Upgrade to a skull artifact when on a Warrior Lodge Legendary Journey, Heart of a [GetRandomMythologicalCreature], Blood of a [GetRandomMythologicalCreature], Great Library with Poetry and Drama Collection, Great Library with Natural Science Collection, Great Library with Math and Philosophy Collection, Great Library with Architecture Collection, Great Library with any collection (discovered books have a chance to be forgeries), Germanic, Latin, Iberian, or Celtic cultural group. A legendary ax rumored to be infused by the very essence of night. ... Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams! As no character ID is specified after the artifact ID, this command would give the Cursed Diamond artifact to the characater you are playing as. Having less than 8 skill points increases by x2.5 times. Can only happen once. [1]. For the topic of religion, being a member of a monastic society is also sufficient. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 2.6. Rumors come in 3 flavors : minor, medium and major. These artifacts are indestructible and cannot be gifted. The weight alone will allow it to impale any lightly armored opponent during a charge. Artifacts are relics and other special objects. ... Crusader Kings II is an historical grand strategy video game for PC and Mac published by Paradox Interactive. With The Reaper's Due, it is possible to get a prosthetic hand or leg. He may also suggest to upgrade for a better rumor. but having the diamond disappear is just unfun and anticlimatic. A legendary blade said to be the very embodiment of Heaven's anger. Beware, if the councilor dies, is imprisoned, leaves of fired from the council, he cannot continue his search, all the progress points will be wiped. Terror in the countryside but the peasants are not to blame, Courtier that will save us from thug assassin. The councilor may ask for help. Siege and capture the barony of Jerusalem during a Crusade. Crusader Kings is a historical grand strategy / RPG video game series for PC, Mac & Linux developed & published by Paradox Interactive.