In Morocco poeple LIE about what their job is, because they don’t want the ‘evil eye’ on them. Čupavci are a sponge cake dipped in chocolate sauce and covered with coconut. saying grace: no (lol) “sarma” (stuffed cabbage): yes. Brrrrrr don’t you get cold? I am sorry to hear of your father’s passing, hugs to you all – keep his memories alive. We are Balkan people that’s what we do! Have you ever experienced any unusual ‘rules’ in a country you’ve visited or lived in? They have a saying “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær” which (loosely) translated means “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. These tasty treats are a European version of the famous Australian Lamingtons. Your husband’s family sounds like my Italian family…, I really enjoyed reading this post and I did have a good giggle. You would have thought I had just put a gun to his head. You see ALL of these things EVERYWHERE. These same people from BiH have a serious identity complex and think being Croatian is a ridiculous stereotype of turn of the century peasants who are fanatically Catholic and fascist. And I thought it was just him! I don’t see (for now) passing down this…tradition? . I remember being in an enclosed car on a 32C day in Zagreb with my second cousin, no AC (that will kill you too) – I was sweltering. BUT, when the body is freezing or STRESSED in any other way, it’s HARDER for it to fight off the viruses and bacteria on its own, so we more easily succumb to illness. oh, and I would add “čuvanje bubrega” or “taking care of kidneys”. The narrative is also of interest to us because it highlights the. I found this post/your site via the most unlikely search parameters, but I’m so happy to have discovered it! Stay up to date with the latest news, information, and special offers. Especially the Burek, the cheese strudel. @Ceebs – if you have “bura” in your living area, than you are for sure in a very traditional part of the country aka coastal area. They can be practiced by certain families but are rare in general population. All we seem to eat whenever I visit Dalmatia is fish/seafood, say Grace, and definitely my husband still insists that only farm animals drink water with their meal “do you want to be a pig drinking water” doesn’t make much sense though. God bless my grandmother’s soul, that part of my family died when she did. But certainly mine and as you can see from the comments and facebook post MANY others too. Prayer Before Meals (Catholic) Bless us Oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your very open thoughts. I understand your point of view as I am an expat as well and I have lived in different European countries, but please do not generalize the whole country based on few families. The fish will be strengthened to the point of revenge? Just as I’m about to say “wheeew… that breeze feels great!” someone cries “PROPUH” and the window are on lockdown and we sit in a 400 degree room safe and sound. imagine that kind of world hey, wouldn’t that be nice . I have never heard you shouldn’t drink water with fish, which is by the way an uncommon dish in Croatia. To conclude that the rest of the country is the same – is somehow strange – and somehow wrong. Ikr! Generally, the south would be more conservative. I live in Canada for 15 years now and I almost forgot some of these things. I might have, I honestly don’t remember! koji su rezultat poslušnosti pravom Bogu, kao i posljedice neposlušnosti. Dinner Time Prayer (German) Komm Herr Jesus. I have read anything like this before and was laughing the whole time. Can’t agree with any if the points above. grace (of God, Buddha, etc.) We blog about the best travel destinations in Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nth. They then drove us to the train station where we had lots of tearful good byes. Are you sure croatian adventure? Yes. Haha. Then there is a saying about the March sun being worse than a snake bite and the required story about a person that sat out in the warm sun of March and died from the exposure! I was told never to sit on stone (a convenient surface seeing as there’s so much if it around) or my ovaries would shrivel. I have never seen anyone doing prayers before meal during my whole life in Croatia, I would also find it very very weird because it means that the family is super-religious. The water you’re drinking is not salty enough for the fish in question and will ruin it in your stomach? Gingerbread Making from Northern Croatia began in the middle Ages, now you can make them at home with this Licitar recipe. It's a little awkward to ask, but we need your help. Apostles Creed. You have wet hair, which means you can’t leave the house if you’re within 50 meters of your Croatian Aunt, Uncle, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, neighbor – hell you can’t leave the house with wet hair if your Croatian dog is watching. The upshot is that houses can be stuffy and too hot and everyone in them gets sick!! I’ve so enjoyed your posts as a Canadian Croatian. It’s just a fact – nobody discusses it. You also took me right back to hearing Babi say “maybe draught” every time we sneezed as kids. It’s totally dangerous to your health – it’s not 35 degrees yet. Now I visit my family and friends once a year (and i am a guest of other people’s homes) and still never experienced any lunch prayer…. I read that too! They all think it’s weird when my Irish husband says it. Wear a scarf. I just love this tongue in cheek post. All I know is that you’ll risk your host slapping the water out of your hand, and muttering something about being sick. But the most funny thing is that people who know you don’t eat meat will almost regularly emphasize how there “is NO meat in that” when you can see it with your bare eyes, without much trying :). Croatian Culture: You Can’t Do, Eat Or Say That If You’re In Croatia. Oh, and they always say grace before meal. Yes, it will kill you. Families with communist past and “liberal” Croatians don´t pray before a meal, they don˙t pray at all. The act of declaring or bestowing favor; approval. This was the most entertaining and lest boring thing I have read in awhile. Wow..this was eye opening and I’m not sure I’d fare well in Croatia with the whole wind and wet hair thing and especially the no water after seafood. They are somewhat traditional, but not overly religious. LMFAO!!!!!!!!! After a few minutes I get irritated with it. I would not change a thing. Nope, kids have to suffer too – and probably more so. I’m almost 60 and mum 86, and have lived in Canada for almost my entire life. He opened the car door a couple of times at a set of lights to let a little air in. This post made me laugh! I am coming from Zagreb and never heard of half of the customs. Hahahaha..So funny, I was laughing reading this. It’s like a culture here… But not God and Saints… It’s perfectly OK if I send my dad to some places in front of him, he just smiles. Also, families are VERY individual, I think not only in Croatia, and I have had friends in Croatia with quite diverse backgrounds and lifestyle habits. Crazy winds and being forced to eat more food than I really need, are just two of the reasons I heart Croatia! After moving to the US it took many months if not years for them to realize there’s no such thing as Propuh…lol yes drafts may suck when it’s actually cold, but not in the dead of summer leaving the airport in a car with no A/C…haha. Listen closely. Also, sitting on the ground without a pillow – if, for some reason, you decide to do that, you better be careful that nobody sees you :). Not sure are you Croatian, but thank you, this is fun. Wearing them in restaurants etc. Guess you don’t live in Dalmatia. When I was younger & just left school I’d been dating my Croatian boyfriend for a couple of years, his mother & sister were beautiful people until you visited them at their house, I never knew until years later there real problem with me was I refused their food once (can’t even remember when it was). I have heard that before about the not washing daily. So, there must be something good behind not drinking a glass of water after a meal . If you wore them inside out, they warded off the evil eye. And my back had to always be covered “jer cu se prehladit” (catch a cold). ), a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection, a desirable state; "enjoy the blessings of peace"; "a spanking breeze is a boon to sailors", a short prayer of thanks before a meal; "their youngest son said grace", the formal act of approving; "he gave the project his blessing"; "his decision merited the approval of any sensible person". I had no idea Croatian culture was like this! I wear flip flops in the cold here too…it’s just my way of forcing the warm weather upon us! Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law. Some kind of divine or supernatural aid, or reward. That is something that is a touch odd to me, but if you live in a cold place – why not skip a day! best of luck. Even in the middle of Canadian winter, I refuse to wear a scarf! We had to take a bath/shower every night before bed, being clean in your bed is a must. My parents were excellent hosts. Gospodinov obogaćava a bez muke” (Priče Salamunove 10:22). (frowned upon, shop bought can never, ever be as good as homemade)! Oh my! So glad that you – as a Croat, can laugh. Click where it says  ’18 comments’ and you’ll see some hilarious responses, like the one where you have to take off you perfectly dry bikini in the middle of summer. In any case, when you take your shoes off the host should give you slippers or something. So I guess it evens out. Anyway, you can buy flipflops anywhere, even in drugstores like dm. The wet hair part had me cracking up. If you donate just $5.00, the price of your coffee, Catholic Online School could keep thriving. Definitelly a Croatian post hahah my grandma (baka, nona, kako god…) is always nagging about propuh and wet hair, AND I HAVE TO BLOW DRY IT EVEN IN THE SUMMER WHEN IT’S 1000°C OUTSIDE! Oops, meant to say “men do wash dishes here”, didn’t mean to imply it’s always men washing dishes round here, we’re not quite there yet. At Lunch, There Are A Few Cultural Things You Need To Remember…, Flip Flops, Jandals, Thongs, And All Open Toes Footwear Are Banned, Coronavirus Rules & COVID-19 Updates Croatia. I know you want three cabbage rolls, but if you take three, you’ll be forced to eat four – maybe even five. In CANADA! Macedonia, Romania, Russia and Serbia. i think the multiple helpings of food can be applied to Chinese mothers, too. No air blowing directly at you, you’ll get a death of cold. Shoes off? They are NOT one and the same. . From what I’ve gathered from Dr Oz, water after a meal slows down digestion. We were students at the time, so all of our money was going to paying for the inn. But I do suppose when I think about it, she’s more insistent with fish on the gradela. The evil eye is apparently everywhere (I just think it’s my mum, and that’s why I moved away, haha!). However if I dared walk in the house BOSA – barefoot – she would have a fit! Jehovu sva djela njegova, po svim mjestima vlade [ili vrhovne vlasti] njegove!” (Psalam 103:19-22). I never witnessed that. bura will. Maybe in some village, but urban area will shower twice a day don’t worry. I’m Croatian and I can confirm that it is obligatory to change your swimsuit (both male and female) immediately after getting out of water in order to protect your reproductive organs and avoid bladder infections. so did you? Now that you’ve got dry hair, you can meet your Croatian friends for lunch. Offering drinks, pre-meal snacks, a meal, a second helping, even third helping, cake, coffee, and then more drink to your guests is a must. To call all this to be national customs is simply a plain lie. We were staying at a nice traditional inn where the meals cost extra. PS: Fish… not common in Croatia? ..but church on Sunday is a must..and definitely NO manual work on Sunday. now I am big meat eater. It’s a surprise there are any Croatian left in the world! I could replay my own experiences in my head as I was reading this.