Jakov (500)4. A Goddess. /* 20000_names_bottom */ The most popular male Croatian names since 1900. 20 MOST POPULAR NAMES FOR GIRLS IN CROATIA 1. Post the name in the comment section, and we will be happy to include it. It is a diminutive for the name "Bozena". Roko (352)10. If you find that we didn’t include a Croatian Female name in this directory, please, contact us. Please read our Disclaimer. /* 20000_names_top */ Croatia is dominated by Roman Catholics and has diverse regional cultures and customs. Feminine form of Branimir, meaning peaceful world. The word ‘raj’ also forms part of the word for tomato, ‘rajčica’, the direct rendition from the Italian ‘pomodoro’, ‘apple of gold’, that spread across this part of Europe. Rita (318)10. this means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl. Design Copyrighted � 20000-names.com. Slavic tradition was strictly followed for naming in the ancient times, but that has changed with time. google_ad_height = 90; Visitors since Ivan has been the most common in Croatia since the 16th century Showing names from "Larisa" to "Milan". Ivan is the most popular name in Croatia with over 130,000 of them according to the last census. Mia (563) 2. It’s a name you’ll also see on street signs around Istria as it refers to war-time heroine Ruža Petrović, a Partisan tortured by Mussolini’s soldiers who then blinded her. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Italian form of Louis famous Abbreviation of names like Gian and Giovanni, alternative name for the Nordic god Freyr, Feminine variant of Charles meaning manly, Variant of Carmel - Fruitful orchard as Mount Carmel in Palestine, Protection Popular surname and place name, The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory Old name with many variants, Light Diminutive of Eleanora Famous bearer Leonora was the heroine of Beethovens opera Fidelio 1814, Variant of Laura or Lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory, Diminutive of Laura or Lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory, marjoram herb Also known as Marjoram Herb Sausage or. ‘Raj’ is the word for ‘paradise’ in Croatian, and so the popular boys’ name Rajko is imbued with idyllic connotations. A name given to girls who come into this world at sunrise, Zora means ‘Dawn’. The Largest Collections Of croatian Girl Names, Find The Beautiful,Rare,Stylish And Unique croatian Girl Names For Your New Born Baby google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7064226711837177"; Another girls’ name taken from nature, Sunčana means ‘Sunny’, as exemplified by the most famous Sunčana of recent times, writer Sunčana Škrinjarić. All rights reserved. Fran (326)15. Check it out! Politicians, footballers, rock stars – you’ll find many a Branimir in and around Croatia. Search our database of thousands of names, by selecting from a number of options. Ema (409) 3. Born in Zagreb in 1931, award-winning Škrinjarić also wrote verse and newspaper articles but is best known for her children’s books, some of which were made into full-length animation films. Complete croatian Baby Girl Names Collection . Lucija 4. DALIBORA, distant battle. BOŽENA, divine gift. In Slovenia, a Vesna was a specific female figure who would descend from her hilltop palace to bestow healthy crops on worthy farmers at winter’s end. Klara (218)20. Croatian Names From A to Z. Names here are derived from an age-old Slavic heritage or evoke the seasons or beautiful flowers. The following web pages can also be of an interest to those who simply want to know more about the meaning of their Croatian given name or surname. Noa (308)18. Coronavirus Croatia – record number of new Covid-19 cases across Croatia – 29 more fatalities, Coronavirus Dubrovnik – second highest number of new Covid-19 cases in Dubrovnik-Neretva County – 2 fatalities, Croatian health system can withstand Covid-19 pressures – states Prime Minister, Over 57,000 Covid-19 tests carried out in Croatia in last seven days, The most popular baby names in Croatia in 2019, 20 MOST POPULAR NAMES FOR GIRLS IN CROATIA, 20 MOST POPULAR NAMES FOR BOYS IN CROATIA, Good Riddance error produces creative new advertising campaign, Coronavirus Croatia – record number of n…, Coronavirus Dubrovnik – second highest n…, Croatian health system can withstand Cov…, Over 57,000 Covid-19 tests carried out i…, Advent in Zagreb all but cancelled due t…, The 'reception area' of Dubrovnik gets a…, From almost 3 million passengers to just…, Lockdowns and curfews have proved ineffe…. Just like in 2018, the most newborn girls were named Mia (563 of them) and the most boys (894) were named Luka. But what does it mean? Check out beautiful croatian Girl names starting with letter T . Leon (334)13. Croatian names are the names used by the people in Croatia and other Croatian communities over the world. Croatian form of Antonella, meaning worthy of praise. Eva (267)13. Josip (327)14. Boys are golden or fearless, girls roses or forget-me-nots, with a whole host of diminutives to accentuate adoration. Filip (323)16. Check it out! google_ad_width = 300; As we wrote, Croats tend to stick to traditional first names, which is reflected in the list of most popular Croatian names over the last hundred years. Found all across former Yugoslavia and the Slavic Balkans, the boys’ name Zlatan links back to the word for ‘gold’, ‘zlato’. Modernization has added to the list of popular names in Croatia, making them even more diverse. Rijeka hard-core rocker Damir Urban and bullish Olympic rower Damir Martin are typical examples of well-known modern-day Damirs. croatian Girl Names Alphbetically From A to Z With Meaning . Most Popular, Beautiful, Rare, … Croatian Baby Names. See also Slavic origin baby names for more information about the origin of Croatian names.. Below you will find our wide selection of Croatian boy names and Croatian girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. Meaning ‘forget-me-not’, as in the blue flower worn by medieval ladies to signify fidelity, ‘spomenak’ is the actual Croatian for word for the species called mysotis, a symbol of undying love. consulted, Privacy Perhaps Croatia’s most famous Zora is the Jewish writer and journalist Zora Dirnbach, a Holocaust survivor from Osijek. Even the given names list has … var __am_invisible=0; Web Dora (249)15. Luka (894)2. She has eyes the color of the Adriatic sea. Most Popular, Beautiful, Rare, Stylish, Top & Unique Girl Names Born In croatia . Online since 1999. Croatian,Czech,German,Hungarian,Slovak,Spanish, Referring to a Lady or a Mistress; a Goddess of beauty, Bulgarian,Croatian,Hebrew,Slavic,Slovene,Ukrainian, Variation of Alan, which means Little rock, Harmony, or Concord, Latin - Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name Martha, Croatian,Italian,Latin,Latvian,Portuguese,Spanish, Australian,Chamorro,Croatian,Estonian,French,German,Hawaiian,Hebrew,Irish,Italian,Spanish,Swiss,United States,Welsh, A feminine form of Peter; a stone or rock, Croatian,Egyptian,French,Frisian,Hebrew,Icelandic,Israeli,Italian,Japanese,Macedonian,Portuguese,Sicilian,Spanish. If you are looking for inspiration or feel curios, below is the list of the most popular baby names in Croatia in 2019, as made by the Ministry of Administration. It is found in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and has linguistic ties back to the Roman goddess of dawn, ‘Aurora’. The ultimate A-Z list of Croatian girl names, complete with name meanings and origins for all Croatian baby girl names. Popular baby names. If you are looking for inspiration or feel curios, below is the list of the most popular baby names in Croatia in 2019, as made by the Ministry of Administration.