A square tail is optimal for balance. Absolutely. Because Wavestorm is made with durable materials, you wont need user warrantee anyways. Wavestorm and BladeStorm are two very well known soft top surfboard brands. While Costco stocks several Wavestorm products, with some paddleboards costing more than $500, the $100 8-foot board accounts for 90 percent of sales. Epoxy and fiberglass cause more injury and are much more prone to damage. On a recent Saturday along the Los Angeles coast, from Venice Beach all the way up past Malibu, tens of thousands of surfers jostled for position on the small, clean waves the Pacific was churning out. Unlike traditional styles of fiberglass shortboards, a soft top foam swallow tail board is more buoyant and easier to control, while still offering a challenge for progressing surfing skills. This is also ideal for kids learning to surf, so there won’t be worry of injury. Wavestorm 42.5" Hypergon Bodyboard 2-Pack Strong EPS [expanded polystyrene] Core Cross-linked WBS-IXL ( Water Barrier Skin™- crosslink ) Graphic Top Deck Engineered Deck Contour and Nose Bulbs for Improved Grip Single 1x Fiberglass Stringer Suggested Weight Capacity:180 lbs. Still, Smith suggests there may be a silver lining if Wavestorm’s inexpensive boards lure more people into the sport. The internal materials are different, as well. Many beginners get their first board there. AGIT says this year it will sell more than 100,000 Wavestorm surfboards through Costco, the only retailer that carries them. It comes with everything you need so once you buy it you are ready to go! The beginner longboards are 7’ to 10’ and the high performance swallow tail shortboards range from 5’6” to 6’6”. damage resistant. It is loved and hated, scorned and adored. The hourly wave count of the experienced surfer is sure to increase. StormBlade comes in a variety of colors. That's because most surfboards don't come with a leash. Perfect for maintaining balance and foot placement while you are cruising down the line. More skilled surfers quickly became attracted to Wavestorm boards too however. But because Wavestorm uses soft foam to make their boards, protective rubber pads on the deck are not really needed. Wavestorm Classic is constructed with closed cell EPS foam that is watertight and will not waterlog or decay. The round nose is great for adding buoyancy to the board by increasing the surface area of the deck. “ I was looking for the best board to learn how to surf on and my friend told me about Wavestorm longboards. This board comes with a leash, which is really nice! That price, along with Costco… That price, along with Costco’s policy of issuing refunds to customers whose boards break (a hazard of inexpensive foam models), has had a ripple effect on the industry. Surfboards?! For smaller adults and kids, consider the 7’. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Goldwin's Ultimate Cold Weather Clothing Kit, The Best New Knives and EDC of November 2020, Now’s the Time to Invest in the Right Ski Gear, Solar Tech Makes These New Goggles One of a Kind, This Affordable New Sleeping Bag Cured My Insomnia, What You Need to Get into Backcountry Skiing, Under Armour's Sportsmask is Back in Stock—For Now. However, the industry consensus is that Wavestorm is now the leader, selling five times more boards annually than the largest surfboard brands. fantastic story about the Wavestorm Classic. Veteran Scott Mortensen tested his Wavestorm against Hawaii’s epic waves. The deck is nice and wide so you will be stable while learning to stand up. The EPS is then wrapped in cross link, high tech IXL water barrier skin that resists water and absorbs impact. Their longboards are a little more high performance as well, which can be a little hard to learn on. Zilinskas moved to California in the late 1990s to work for the toy company Wham-O, where he managed the popular Boogie Board brand. Wavestorm’s upward trajectory is an anomaly in a market that’s pretty much flatlined. Though this board is shorter, being offered in 5’6” and 6’6”, its thicker than the usual fiberglass short boards. Expertly shaped and designed with fun graphics, Wavestorm would be an ideal addition to your surfboard quiver. Traditional longboards are made with very hard fiberglass or epoxy resin. Wavestorm also has an 8’ longboard called the New Modern is also a great beginner board, as it has all the perfect qualities for learning as the Classic. By the time you finish reading this … Soft rails are designed not so much for turning power, but more for stability, so naturally Wavestorm designs its board with this rail type. The increase was primarily driven by continuous increase … Founded in 2004, Wavestorm has been the solution for beginner surfers everywhere. Wavestorm™ presents a completely fine-tuned and fun 9ft 6 stand up paddleboard with included adjustable paddle for beginning flat water and entry-level SUP surfing activity. The rings where the fins attached are also waterproof. The Wavestorm New Modern models take the crosslink water barrier top deck even further, using elastomer material that is U.V. Both made from similar materials, but Bladestorm is a little more expensive. What the actual weight limit is, we don’t know. As I have mentioned above, Wavestorm longboards are different from traditional longboards. VarialSurfboards.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.ca. The stripe design also comes with a dark blue, light blue, green, and white pattern with green fins. All Wavestorm boards come with soft plastic fins that are easy to install pop throughs. Wavestorm can be enjoyed by kids, adults, beginners and pros. Since its debut in 2007, Wavestorm has become the most popular surfboard in the U.S., with about half a million sold. 5. To veteran surfers, the Wavestorm is a welcome excuse to break the sometimes suffocating codes and ethics of surfing — a way to become a care-free kook again. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. It was a seamless transition into shortboarding.”. The story explains why the $100 hunk of foam has become such an improbable icon in the world of surfing. It’s the brainchild of Matt Zilinskas, a onetime hockey player from landlocked Waterloo, Ont., and John Yeh, a Taiwanese businessman. Not only are the longboards great for newbies and seasoned shredders alike, but Wavestorm now offers more high performance soft top shortboards. Entry-level soft boards typically sell for around $300, and hand-shaped long boards can go for upwards of $1,000. Why the Hell Are Outdoor Brands Selling Insulated Shorts? They probably own one.”. A few months later I tried the Swallow Tail and was not disappointed. Surf Technicians and Surf Hardware International are also experiencing growing demand for their soft boards. You can also purchase the classic in a blue and yellow stripe pattern with blue fins. It’s traditional longboard shape increases board surface area so it gains momentum easily.