It is important for your indoor dog to learn to stay away from other dogs unless you are with them all the time and you must be sure that your Corgis / Beagle /Hounds is house trained. More personality than any dog I’ve had. Of course, diet and grooming will also play a role in your crossbreed’s health. COAT: Similar to the physical characteristics of Beagles and Corgis, Beagi dogs have soft and smooth coat that can sometimes be thick but usually in short length. Your Basset Hound Beagle mix will likely be a heavy shedder, and he will require grooming at least two to three times a week in order to keep his skin and coat healthy. Let us know! The Corgi Basset Hound mix (also known as a Corgi Basset) is not a purebred dog. Although there is a general idea of what the mix will look like, long droopy ears, square muzzle, and … Male. These are adorable dogs, and maybe you’ve seen one or own one. Check their ears regularly and clean them out gently, then dry the to prevent water from settling into the canal, which can lead to ear infections. My sweet Starzy girl is hilarious. So, you can expect them to weigh between 10 to 20 pounds. The mix is affectionately called a Bagle Hound, and they grow to be anywhere between 33 and 55 pounds. For the healthiest and happiest puppy possible, you should always avoid puppy mills and pet stores. If you have the time and patience to train and love this unique mixed breed, then the Basset Hound Beagle mix might be the perfect new addition to your household! All dogs are susceptible to genetic health issues, and the Basset Hound Beagle mix could be susceptible to any of the genetic health issues of his purebred parent breeds. It can also be a combination of lemon and white. If you buy a puppy from a breeder then you will know that the dog has had some genetic diseases and the Corgi Basset Hound Mixes may even be prone to cancers, so it is better to choose a pup with no hereditary conditions. #glamourous #glam #corgi #corgisofinstagram #corgisofdenver #ruff #pamperedpup #corgilife #corgination #corgibasset #bassethound #bassetlove #bassetsofinstagram #bassetsofdenver #dogsofinstagram #dogsofdenver #thelife, A post shared by Ruby (@rubythecorgibasset) on Sep 27, 2018 at 11:28am PDT, #bearkushnercook wasn’t quite feeling his photo opp this morning... #corgibasset #corgisofinstagram #corgi, A post shared by Kim Kushner (@kimkushner) on Sep 3, 2018 at 7:00am PDT, A post shared by Sandie Dixon Watkins (@sandie73md) on Aug 26, 2018 at 7:22am PDT. They can either acquire more physical characteristics from the Beagle side or the Corgi side. Required fields are marked *. If you would like to dive deeper into the process of adopting a Basset Hound Beagle mix from a shelter, visit us here. One thing’s for sure: this crossbreed is one of the cutest breeds you’ll see! It includes joint and back problems, epilepsy, ear infection, and allergies. And since your Basset Hound Beagle mix must be on a leash during walks, you’ll want to take a look at the PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD. These are very loving and affectionate dogs. All dogs need exercise and a lot of it, especially when you have a small family to keep occupied. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It’s important to buy your dog from a reputable breeder because if it is a purebred then it will be registered and hence it will have an official history of its origin. The Corgi Basset Hound mix (also known as a Corgi Basset) is not a purebred dog. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow us : Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland Menu Skip to content The Basset Hound Beagle mix is a great choice for families who love the excitable qualities of the Beagle but want something a little more laid back, like the Basset Hound. Either way, most experts have found that positive reinforcement training methods work best with dogs. So that could be part of the reason. Parents: Cavalier King Charles x Beagle mix. You should also ask if the puppy has been spayed and if he has not then you should not get him. You can try the Downtown Pet Supply Dog Training Leash to help him out. Corgi Beagle mix breeds also encounter potential health risks over time. Sparky - Beagle Mix Puppy for Sale in Marshall, IN. Corgi Yellow Lab Mix Corgi Yorkie Mix is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn … He is one and a half but he is very aggressive at times,especially to children. Yes, it is true that there are a number of experts and dog lovers alike who disagree about the practice of crossbreeding. When you first get your indoor dog, you will need to do some training to teach it to respect the commands of the alpha male. She is about 40 pounds, long, biggish body and short legs. Beagi dogs have moderate shedding. It would be really nice to welcome such a beautiful breed into your family. They do need to be brushed about once a week in order to remove loose hairs and prevent too much shedding. These little pups are not used to having the master or all the dogs around so that it takes them time getting used to being the boss. Although there is a general idea of what the mix will look like, long droopy ears, square muzzle, and large skull, the details are really dependent as to what the genetics of the parents are and what specific traits they develop. A healthy diet of high quality dog food, specifically geared towards your dog’s age and weight, will help to maintain his overall health, as will proper grooming practices. The Tespo Dog Playpen would also be a great help if you want your Beagi play and have fun indoors without messing with your sofa and everything else in your house! He’s seven years old and he’s a rescue. However, they may not be as well-behaved as the breeder expected you to think. They love their owners and are very loyal to them. The Beagle can be prone to suffering from hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, luxating patella, dental issues, ear infections, and eye disorders. Although, it is also a common and natural behavior of dogs, Beagis might need all the patience you have. You should also buy a dog that is house trained. This means that you should not let your dog play with or in the garden with other dogs or children until he has learned to not do so. This means that if your Corgis / Beagle /Hounds are not used to being the leader, then they should stay in a room alone for a few days. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? My daughter has a beagle/basset. This is a crossbreed who does very well with children and in family settings and … They must know the basic obedience commands like sit, come, heel, down, etc., so that they will know how to behave in public. Be sure to lead with patience, positive reinforcement, and lots of love. It can also help minimize skin problems, bad odor, and itches. This mix has proved to be amazing for me and my daughters. They should learn to be around other dogs at a very early age. As much as we want to live them longer than they should, a Corgi Beagle mix or a Beagi has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They are both excellent trackers with amazing olfactory senses. This dog is very smart, sociable and may have a slight stubborn streak.