He refuses to let Amari touch him and insists that he doesn’t have dreams anymore. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. SuperSummary - Copper Sun SuperSummary publishes high quality study guides for contemporary works of literature. That night, Cato tells the captives that Dr. Hoskins doesn’t believe in slavery. Mr. Derby married her because she’s young and rich and came with land. It reads that Polly will serve Mr. Derby for 14 years. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. p. cm. I absolutely loved this book! When no one can produce the dead child, Clay searches the slave quarters and reveals the truth: the baby is not dead, and the baby is black. Polly, Teenie, and Mrs. Derby nurse her. After an especially bad night with Clay, Amari asks Teenie if she has herbs that could kill her. Later, a woman named Afi helps Amari get food and explains that they’ll be sold and sent into the sea—she and Amari are slaves. Though she owns slaves and believes that slavery is okay, she’s excited to be able to make her own decision for once and has one of her slaves hitch up a wagon for the runaways. 6 Iconic Fictional Villains (Who Were Actually Pretty Bad at Being Villains). They grab Tidbit and run wildly into the woods. Mr. Derby calls all the slaves to the courtyard and forces them to watch as he shoots the newborn infant in the head. When Amari is made a servant to Mr. Derby for a few hours, she messes up and gets brutally whipped. It is then that they decide, with Cato's help, that they are going to make their escape. Millions of books are just a click away on BN.com and through our FREE NOOK reading apps. Search all of SparkNotes Search. She expected to serve at the house and learn to be a lady—but instead, she’s stuck in a slave shack. From the height, he sees Besa coming their way. On the outskirts of the city, a woman named Inez feeds the runaways, assures them that they’re safe, and introduces them to Captain Menendez. When "pale strangers" enter, 15 year old, Amari's village, her entire tribe welcomes them. At the same time, Mr. Derby purchases the indenture of a seventeen-year-old girl named Polly, who has 14 years left on her service before she earns her freedom. This book is a very mature read and I would highly recommend it to avid readers. The slave is Besa, but his spirit is broken. Then one day all of that changed They meet many obstacles and even have Clay Derby find them, but they escape. Polly asks why Clay beats Noah—she doesn’t think that slaves need to be beaten, even if she doesn’t like them. The trio run until their legs tire, heading South toward a land known as Fort Mose, a Spanish colony in Florida where slaves can be freed. Polly is thrilled. Our, Amari is one of the novel’s protagonists; she’s a 15-year-old young woman from the, Polly is one of the novel’s protagonists; she’s a 15-year-old white. A terrified Amari is sold to Mr. Percival Derby as a birthday present for his eldest son, Clay. He then turns the gun on Noah, instantly killing him too. Teenie’s mother came from Africa; one day, as she comforts Amari, she tells her that as long as she remembers Africa and her parents, they’re never gone. Amari catches sight of Besa and cries, but Afi tells her to forget him. Copper Sun: Home; About the Author; Summary; Character Analysis; Analysis of Setting; By Sharon M. Draper When "pale strangers" enter, 15 year old, Amari's village, her entire tribe welcomes them. Polly runs to meet Noah and Dr. Hoskins on the road, but Dr. Hoskins refuses to turn around—and when he arrives, Mr. Derby realizes that his slaves and his wife are hiding something. One evening, Tidbit wails that Hushpuppy is gone. Through all their trials, the three children must trust and depend on each other to survive. Not long after, they reach the river and ride the horse across. A few days later, Clay reaches out and snatches Amari. Then, disaster strikes: the white men begin shooting and Ashanti warriors club down women and children. All the slave women band together in an attempt to hide the truth from Mr. Derby, claiming that the baby was stillborn and had to be quickly buried, but Mr. Derby demands to see the body. An hour from the plantation, Dr. Hoskins says that he’s ashamed. Meanwhile, Polly never loses sight of her dream of working in the house. Amari vows to never think of Clay and realizes that her baby holds the spirits of her mother, her father, Kwasi, and all her murdered villagers. Teachers and parents! While Mr. Derby purchases Amari, his son, Clay, arrives whipping a well-dressed slave named Noah. As Amari’s command of English grows, she learns that they’re heading for someplace called Carolina. Mother scolds Amari for being concerned about the visitors; she says it’s uncivilized to judge people on looks. Not long after, the travelers meet a boy named Nathan. The story opens with Kwasi (Amari’s younger brother) climbing a coconut tree to look a giraffe in the eye. Amari cannot believe their cruelty. Several weeks later, Mr. Derby bursts into the kitchen. Lord of the Flies William Golding. Besa approaches and greets Amari warmly but says he’s concerned—he saw men with light skin coming to the village.