to give you our top recommendations. There are lots of other designs in concrete fitting motorcycle security ground anchors on the market but they all have one thing in common, their security chain access eye/hole/tunnel's are situated above ground level leaving their most vulnerable point exposed. The 14mm alloy robust steel shackle lies flat and can be hidden when not in… They require you to dig a hole, sink the ground anchor and cover it in concrete. Best Budget Option. Motorbike security fanatics FD-MOTO have made ground screws UK bikers might recognise as the best ground anchors for their precious two-wheelers. In operation, simply lift the anti debris plate and raise the anchor post via its "T" handle (designed to save you getting your hands dirty). Suitable for heavy duty chains up to approx. The units below are "concrete-in" ground anchors (sometimes called embedded ground anchors). Buy Heavy Duty Fixings at Oxford Brute Force Ground Anchor. Best for Multiple Chains. The ground anchor is case hardened making it extremely difficult to cut through and remove unlawfully. The unit measures approx. If the shelter ever needs moving, the anchor can be unwound and both anchor and bracket can be used again, but the hole in the shelter will have to be redrilled. The heavy-duty hardened steel body is robust and would take a lot to cut through or break. If you use the best ground anchor, your choice of chain is then the weakest point. Concrete-in ground anchors are embedded into concrete in order to provide a higher level of security than many surface mount units. This is a seriously secure motorbike ground anchor that uses four expanding bolts to supercharge the anchor security. Heavy duty metal anchors are great for securing those heavy loads, they work on a variety of materials including concrete, brickwork and stone. 12 new & refurbished from £82.90. We’ve compared dimensions, weight, fixing type and cost Type: Ground Anchor. Piling Contractors Aarsleff Ground Engineering are a leading provider of Ground Engineering, Sheet Piling, Piling and Geotechnical solutions. HEAVY DUTY MOTORCYCLE GROUND ANCHOR 70mm BOX Y CONCRETE/CEMENT IN. Name. The ideal place to securely lock your motorcycle, quad-bike, trailer, boat or other valuable items. Heavy-Duty concrete-in ground anchor with rotating head section. The price and performance of this versatile unit makes it one of our top sellers! DIY Garden™ is a trademarked trading name of Harris Creative Ltd. Company number 08378454. its size and the fact its buried into concrete is backed up by the build quality and thickness of the eye loop. In operation, the security chain passes simply and easily through the rotating top link thus forming the anchor point. This anchor is exactly what you need, big, bulky and a secure once fitted. In stock and ready to ship. Commonly used for motorbike ground anchors, you could also secure a bicycle, trailer, mobility scooter, boat or caravan. £12.99 postage. 19mm link diameter (90mm overall width). Security experts MAMMOTH have made an excellent concrete-in ground anchor that should keep your motorbike or mobility scooter secure from even the most determined thieves. Suitable for use with heavy duty chains up to a maximum diameter of approximately 50 mm. The unit incorporates a heavy duty fold down top link which will accommodate the most heavy duty chain. Manufactured from welded heavy gauge 60mm steel box section & plate, this unit comes as standard in a red powder coat paint finish and is designed to concrete into to the ground. Many of our concrete-in ground anchor models conveniently sit flush with the ground when not in use and therefore don’t present a trip hazard. The appropriate anchors are the Erdanker 50x680ED for very hard ground and the Erdanker 50x800 or 50x900 for most ground conditions. However we also offer a range of tried and tested alternative types including; surface mount or bolt down ground anchors & wall anchor points. The concrete-in ground anchors require a bit more preparation work and are either posts which can sink flush into the ground or they’re a fabricated structure buried in the ground with two holes to feed your chain in and out of. MOTORCYCLE SECURITY ANCHOR,16-19mm Chains. They supply you with everything you need to secure this motorbike ground anchor to your garage floor or driveway concrete: this includes our favourite feature- the tops of the chunky bolts are topped with ball bearings to stop would-be thieves from drilling them out- it’s a genius feature that makes this the best ground anchor for ultimate security. This ground spike is held in place by chunky expanding bolts and has increased anchor security with greased tamper-proof bearings.